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42 days in prison for soldiers who beat a Palestinian detainee
Three soldiers were sentenced to prison after beating a Palestinian detainee who was cuffed and blindfolded; the three, who were also filmed beating the Palestinian during the arrest in Hebron about six months ago, 'made a misjudgment regarding the extent of the force required.'
The military court in Qastina sentenced Wednesday three IDF soldiers to 42 days in prison. The three were convicted of violation of authority, after having beaten a Palestinian detainee in Hebron who was suspected of terrorist activity six months ago.



The footage shows the three soldiers forcefully arresting the terrorist, after he resisted, tore off the handcuffs and attacked the company commander.


IDF soldiers beating Palestinian detainee


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Despite the posting of the video, the Military Police Corps opened a criminal investigation against the soldiers last month on suspicion of ill-treatment, in light of the testimony of another soldier in the company according to which the three continued to physically assault the detainee even later, during the jeep ride, after he was under their full control.


IDF soldiers (Illustration Photo: AFP) (Photo: AFP)
IDF soldiers (Illustration Photo: AFP)


The interrogation revealed that the force they used against the detainee in the military vehicle was excessive, including shouting at him and humiliating him. The commander of the force in the jeep was the one who later testified about the behavior of his subordinates after he ordered them to stop their actions.



This testimony was accompanied by additional evidence and further testimonies that reinforced the suspicions against the soldiers. According to the prosecution, the soldiers' violence was tainted by a moral flaw. On the other hand, the soldiers' defense claimed the terrorist was terrifying, using tremendous force, and that the soldiers' response throughout the operation was intended to restrain him.


The military court stated: "This is not a matter of violence for its own sake, nor of spontaneous eruption. It was a misjudgment regarding the extent of the force required (for the situation)."


The conviction does not carry a criminal record, and it also was decided to take into account their considerable contribution, in volunteering within the community. It was also decided to demote the soldiers to the rank of corporal.


(Translated and edited by N. Elias)


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