Photo: Motti Kimchi
Moshe Kahlon
Photo: Motti Kimchi
Kahlon: ‘I don’t know when elections will be held’
The finance minister addresses the crisis with the prime minister saying that ‘something serious has happened here between partners…nearly all of the people of Israel found themselves in a catastrophe of elections.’
Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon was interviewed by the Haifa Radio on Monday and addressed the political crisis with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "Until the last crisis, I would have told you that the elections will be held on November 19, the legal deadline," Kahlon said. "After the last crisis, I no longer know what to say."



"Nearly all of Israel has found itself in a catastrophe of elections because of the IPBC," Kahlon added. He stressed that "if every such crisis can lead to elections, then I couldn’t possibly tell you the date of the elections. I think something terrible has happened here among partners, but apparently these are our lives."


Netanyahu and Kahlon (Photo: Amit Shaabi)
Netanyahu and Kahlon (Photo: Amit Shaabi)


Earlier, the government ministers were distributed the wording of the law born of the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation's (IPBC) compromise between Netanyahu and Kahlon. According to the proposed law, a new corporation will be established, which will expropriate any dealings with news from the existing corporation. The news corporation will begin operating on May 15 (15 days later than the last date set).


Employees of the news division of the original corporation (IBA) will be transferred under their existing terms to the new news corporation. This was one of Kahlon's main demands—to prevent layoffs. Unmanned standards will be given to employees of the Broadcasting Authority who will join the news corporation.


The IPBC CEO Eldad Koblenz, the chairman of the IPBC, Gil Omer, and the IPBC elected news manager, Baruch Shai will not be transferring to the new corporation.


At the same time, earlier this week, the IPBC penned a letter to the attorney general, stating that they would petition the High Court of Justice if their arguments were not accepted, and wrote that "on the prime minister's behalf, the pressure has increased in recent months."


(Translated and edited by N. Elias)


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