Route 4 blocked
Photo: Yehudit Nachmanovich
Ultra-Orthodox demonstration leads to blocking of Route 4
600 ultra-Orthodox demonstrate near Hadarim Prison following the arrest of an ultra-Orthodox suspected of incitement against IDF draft and assaulting a police officer; the demonstration blocked traffic in both directions; 13 demonstrators were arrested.
Route 4 in the Hadarim Prison area was blocked Thursday evening in both directions due to a demonstration by Haredim. During the protest, the police arrested 13 demonstrators, and an hour later, the road was cleared and traffic returned to normal.



Traffic jam on route 4 following ultra-Orthodox protest


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Some 600 ultra-Orthodox demonstrators arrived at the prison to protest the arrest of an ultra-Orthodox man suspected of assaulting a police officer. According to suspicions, he attacked the policeman who was about to arrest him after the ultra-Orthodox man incited against IDF draft.


Route 4 (Photo: Yehudit Nachmanovich)
Route 4 (Photo: Yehudit Nachmanovich)


(Photo: Shmulik Miller)
(Photo: Shmulik Miller)


Many buses arrived at the Sharon Prison compound, which also houses Hadarim Prison. The demonstration, which took place without a permit, was initially conducted quietly, but later, the protesters went down to the road and blocked it. A police force from the Sharon area and the traffic department cleared them and re-opened the road to traffic.


(Translated and edited by N. Elias)


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