Photo: Israel Police
Police rescue kidnap victim; arrest all 6 suspects
After being alerted to a kidnapping and ransom situation, police forces identify and locate the victim before moving in and arresting all 6 suspects, while rescuing the hostage.
A 42-year-old resident of Zarzir was kidnapped Friday by six young men from Kafr Kana, who demanded a ransom of thousands of shekels from the victim's family for his release.



The suspects took the victim to a wheat field where they proceeded to beat him before police descended upon the scene and arrested the suspects.


Victim at the scene (Photo: Israel Police) (Photo: Israel Police)
Victim at the scene (Photo: Israel Police)


The saga began when one of the suspects from Kafr Kana picked up the victim from his home in Zarzir on the pretense of going on a trip.

Upon entering the vehicle, the victim was surprised by two other suspects who informed him that another vehicle with backup would be following them and assist should he resist.


The suspects then proceeded to threaten the victim with physical violence if he did not give them several thousand shekels.


Upon learning that the victim did not have the ransom the kidnappers demanded, the suspects drove the victim to a wheat field near the Beit Rimon junction where he was bound, beaten and burned with charcoals.


Photo: Israel Police (Photo: Israel Police)
Photo: Israel Police


After the ordeal, the suspects called the victim's family and demanded the same ransom.


Upon receiving the phone call, the victim's brother went straight to police who managed to trace the phone call, identify the victim's location and quietly seal off the area before the suspects could move the victim or escape.


With a helicopter and dozens of officers, police moved in and arrested all six suspects after a short chase.


The suspects were brought to the Nazareth District Court Saturday night where police requested their remand be extended.


Responding to criticism of a perceived lack of significant action in the Arab sector against violence, police issued a statement saying, "The quick arrest of all suspects using all available resources shows that everyone is equal before the Israel Police, who will operate in all sectors to eradicate violence and bring perpetrators to justice."


(Translated and edited by Fred Goldberg)


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