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WATCH: Bus passenger torments driver, steals money
Passenger demands his money back after purchasing a bus ticket; when he is refused, he assaults the driver, then returns moments later to continue his verbal abuse before snatching money from the cash box.

Police are currently searching for a man who was caught on camera tormenting a bus driver and stealing money from the bus cash box.



After a recording of the incident spread on social networks, police issued an appeal to members of the public, requesting assistance in catching the suspect.


The suspect yelling at the driver
The suspect yelling at the driver


"He hurt me and risked the passengers safety in the bus, as it all happened while I was driving," the bus driver Halil Azbarga told Ynet.


The incident happened on Sunday noon, when the suspect boarded a bus in Yehud and purchased a ticket. A few minutes later, he told the demanded from the driver that he be refunded.


After the driver explained to him that there is no way for him to do so, the suspect began attacking him in front of the stunned passengers, before approaching him again shortly after and continuing a verbal onslaught, promising that "in the end you will get annoyed."


According to the driver he did try to give the man his money back, but was prevented from doing so due to technical restraints. 


"I tried giving him his money back, but the bus ticket system wouldn't let me because it only actively keeps track of the last several few purchases, and several people had already purchased tickets after he did. I explained that to him and he got mad and attacked me."


Passenger assault bus driver


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Several passengers intervened in the incident and pulled the suspect away from the driver.


Azbarga, who says that he has encountered violent passengers in the past, turned on a dashboard camera to document the incident, fearing that the suspect might attack him again.


"I was sure that he would return, so I turned on a camera so he could later be tracked and, if need be, sued or arrested. It was scary because he distracted me while driving and risked the safety of the passengers," said Azbarga.


Azbarga filed a complaint with the police after the incident.


(Translated & edited by Lior Mor)


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