Israeli positions from Hezbollah's viewpoint

Hezbollah briefs media on Israel-Lebanon border

Delegation of journalists receive a military briefing from a Hezbollah officer on the Lebanese-Israeli border; reporters told of ‘Israeli settlements built on Palestinian ruins and pure land,’ while also learning about apparent Israeli military reinforcements and the deployment of ‘espionage systems’ on the border; ‘Israel went from an offensive to a defensive doctrine.’

Hezbollah recently held a tour for members of the press on the Israeli-Lebanese border, during which the terror group told a delegation of Lebanese journalists of how Israel deployed troops and attacked Lebanon and its apparent espionage against Beirut.



Led by a senior officials in the militia, the guide provided a detailed descriptions of IDF positions, and pointed to alleged locations of espionage systems, claiming that Israel had beefed up its defensive capacity on the border.


Hezbollah officer gives journalists a briefing

Hezbollah officer gives journalists a briefing


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“They went from an offensive doctrine to one of defense,” the tour guide is heard saying in the video in which Israeli military and civilian vehicles can be seen from the Lebanese side of the fence.


Hezbollah official tells reporters 'Israel built settlments on Palestinian ruins.'
Hezbollah official tells reporters 'Israel built settlments on Palestinian ruins.'


The initiative came at the behest of one of the officers of the group who arranged a briefing for the media in the Ayta ash Shab village in southern Lebanon.


“We are now situated in the south of the village opposite Palestinian territory which the Zionist enemy occupied,” the guide told the journalists.


In his opening remarks, he outlined the subjects which would be covered.


Israeli private bus seen by Hezbollah from Lebanon
Israeli private bus seen by Hezbollah from Lebanon


“We will briefly explain here the geographical reality on the holy ground, the Israeli enemy’s deployment and the defensive steps that the enemy recently took—the reinforcement of engineer work, fortifications, barriers and the deployment of espionage systems.”


The tour guide then goes on to explain how Israel defiled the land with the construction of settlements.


"The Israeli enemy built a large number of settlements on the ruins of the Palestinians and on the pure land," he said. "As you can see, there are military outposts here that are affiliated with the Western Brigade—Brigade 300—which is subordinate to the Northern Command, which recently appointed as its commander, Major General Yoel Strick."


Apparently seeking to demonstrate his familiarity with the fabric of the IDF, the officer then elaborated for the reporters on the composition of the Northern Command’s two divisions.


Israeli positions viewed from Lebanon
Israeli positions viewed from Lebanon


“The division of the Galilee has a western brigade and an eastern brigade, and what lies ahead is the western brigade," he explained, before detailing the alleged order of IDF forces, and the alleged location of the "largest espionage system."


The officer then goes on to document the group’s narrative of history and the establishment of the State of Israel.


"We see the Palestinian cities that the enemy has defiled since 1948," he told the reporters. Pointing to an IDF military base, he said: "Behind it is the Hanita settlement (Kibbutz), which was built by the Haganah brigades even before 1948. They started building it in 1932."



Shortly after, the official pointed out defensive positions which he said the IDF recently erected in the area.


"The enemy assumes, and I do not agree, that the resistance will penetrate these points into its communities. As you can see, this is the settlement of Shlomi and other settlements like Hanita,” he continued.


Israeli military vehicle on the border
Israeli military vehicle on the border


“The enemy has taken a number of measures. For the past year, he has begun to build fortifications, obstacles, and extensive means of defense that seem to stop people from moving toward it."


Behind one fortification in sight, he tells them, "there is a hole in the mountain. This slope was a green one year ago, but for the past year the enemy has been working to rake it 1,600 across  meters and its height ranges from 7 to 15 meters. The goal is to prevent any infantry from advancing toward its positions and settlements."


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