Moshe Cohen
Police fire officer who assaulted Arab truck driver
Despite the officer's having announced his intention to resign, the Israel Police announce that Moshe Cohen’s behavior is causing them to terminate his employment.

The Israel Police announced on Thursday that it was firing the officer who was filmed beating a Palestinian truck driver, despite his already having begun the resignation process.



Footage of the incident


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At a disciplinary hearing held at the beginning of the month, 34-year-old Moshe Cohen took responsibility for having attacked Mazen Shawiqi, who had struck the riot police officer’s private vehicle with his truck and driven off. Shawiqi contended that he had been aware of the cameras and presumed that the car owner would contact him to request restitution.


Image of the attack
Image of the attack


An indictment filed against Cohen accuses him of a series of violent offenses.


In a statement announcing that Cohen would be fired rather than permitted to resign, the police explained, “This exceptional case is not only inconsistent with the values and orders of the police, but also harms tens of thousands of policemen and policewomen who work night and night for the safety and integrity of the citizens of the State of Israel.”


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