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Netanyahu and Putin
Photo: EPA
Netanyahu: Israel coordinating with Russia to stop arms transfers to Hezbollah
In an interview with Russian-language news channel in Israel, Netanyahu confirms that the IDF is coordinating activities with the Russian army so as to avoid clashes between the two countries.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims that Israeli efforts to stop weapons transfers from Iran and Syria to Hezbollah are conducted in coordination with Russia so as to avoid a clash between the two countries.



Netanyahu made his comments during an interview with Israeli Russian-language news channel, Israel Plus.


Netanyahu (L) and Putin (R) (Photo: EPA) (Photo: EPA)
Netanyahu (L) and Putin (R) (Photo: EPA)


According to Netanyahu, during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the issue of the Syrian Civil War was discussed.


An explosion at the Damascus airport

An explosion at the Damascus airport


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"I flew to Moscow and told him the following: 'We are working in Syria to prevent the transfer of very dangerous weapons by Iran via Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon, and I will continue to order the IDF to act against these transfers,'" said Netanyahu.


"I told Putin there are two options: Either we coordinate between our two armies so that there are no clashes, or we clash. I told him I'd rather we coordinated to avoid a collision and he agreed. Every few months we have to tighten the screws and we are working to prevent a clash between our armies."


Alleged Israeli attack on weapons cache
Alleged Israeli attack on weapons cache


Netanyahu added, "The important point is to prevent a clash and we have succeeded thus far. The second thing is to prevent Iranian military buildup in Syria. Let's imagine that Iran will succeed in obtaining a seaport on the Mediterranean in Syria, imagine Iranian submarines sailing here along our shipping routes. I told Putin 'I don't think it's good for your interests either.'"


Later in the interview, Netanyahu denied reports that he was rebuked by Putin for comments made by Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman that Assad was behind a recent chemical attack in Syria.


Photo: EPA (Photo: EPA)
Photo: EPA


"Definitely not, he said he is asking for an international investigation into the issue," noted Netanyahu. "I said I am not referring to investigations at the moment and that any attack against us using chemical weapons, whether by Assad's Syrian Army or rebels, we will respond to with all our might."


According to Netanyahu, there has been great change in the attitude of the countries of the region to Israel and its status.


"If in the past they saw us as an enemy, today they see Israel as a strong ally in the struggle," said Netanyahu. "There is a struggle against radical Islam and both its factions, led by Shi'ite Iran and by Sunni ISIS. These countries understand today that Israel is a huge force for security and exports, and this creates different possibilities in our region."


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