New Israeli naval rocket launcher
Photo: IMI
Watch: new Israeli naval launcher: '8 concomitant rockets to a range of 150 kilometers'
The Stingray, a new rocket launcher by Israel Military Industries, can operate from drilling rigs and battleships and ignores terrain conditions to allow maximum accuracy.

IMI Systems is currently exhibiting at the Maritime Defense Exhibition & Conference in Singapore the Stingray—a rocket launcher for the naval arena that will be able to operate from battleships and drilling rigs, and is intended for offensive activities of the naval force alongside multi-arm operations.



The Stingray


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The launcher was sold to two foreign customers but has yet to be purchased by the IDF.


The rocket launcher will allow hitting coastal targets as well as land-based targets at distances of dozens of kilometers without exposing the forces on land to the enemy and without bringing the ship into the range of land-to-sea missiles.


(Photo: IMI)
(Photo: IMI)


The system was based on existent elements of land launchers, and it was especially modified for maritime use, including taking into account rocking, wave splashes, salinity and strong vibrations, without harming the accuracy of its hits.


The Stingray includes an advanced firing system that measures and calculates the parameters required for a precise hit, including location, speed, acceleration, direction and more. "The shore attack capabilities, for example, for IMI's EXTRA missiles, are accurate, with a range of 150 kilometers at a precision of 10 meters (CEP), and can carry a weight of about 120 kg," IMI Systems said.


"Each Stingray system launcher includes two cases with four EXTRA missiles in each and a total of eight missiles per system pointing in two different directions."


Installing the system on the vessel is simple and there is no need for complex mechanical equipment. "The installation, operation and maintenance of the system is simple and user-friendly and can be done quickly and easily," the company said.


(Translated and edited by N. Elias)


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