Photo: Oren Hazan
Trump and Hazan

MK Hazan grabs Trump for a selfie

US President was reportedly reluctant to shake hands at his welcome ceremony, but that didn't stop MK Oren Hazan from pulling the president in for a selfie, only for his phone to malfunction, making the president wait for it to unfreeze.

During the welcome ceremony for US President Donald Trump, MK Oren Hazan grabbed the President and took a selfie.



Hazan nudged himself into the line of Israeli dignitaries greeting Trump upon his arrival at the airport in Tel Aviv. After shaking Trump's hand, Hazan said, "I wish I could take a selfie with you." Trump responded "What?" but an undeterred Hazan took out his phone and posed alongside an unamused Trump.

Netanyahu is not amused (Photo: GPO) (Photo: GPO)
Netanyahu is not amused (Photo: GPO)


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attempted to push aside Hazan's hand to prevent the selfie, but to no avail.


In an interview with Ynet, minutes after the selfie was taken, Hazan said, "I told Trump that people call me the 'Israeli Trump,' I told him how exited I am and that I was a fan from the very beginning, telling him that 'the world needs more of us.' Then I just added 'what do you say, can I take a selfie? And he said 'sure.'



"Netanyahu didn't really like the idea," Hazan admitted, "but the president waited and the embarrassing thing is that my phone got stuck. I got a bit audacious, insisted, turned the phone off and on. He was super patient, waited until I got the camera working. We took the picture and—let me tell you—for me—and I think also for him—it was a historical moment."


MK Oren Hazan grabs Trump for a selfie (Credit: GPO)    (Credit: GPO)

MK Oren Hazan grabs Trump for a selfie (Credit: GPO)


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The young MK was not bothered by bending the rules. "Rules are important and they are in place, but sometimes there are places where, to do something bigger, you need to step outside the lines a bit, think outside the box.


"There's a reason the public in Israel is tired of politicians and leaders who stick to the politically correct, who are square and set in their ways. This is a new generation, a different generation, a generation that knows how to create bonds and friendships and ties in a different way. This is what it was about today and I'm glad I got the opportunity."


(Translated & edited by Lior Mor)


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