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IDF weapons
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IDF investigates theft of 30 weapons from southern base
One week after IDF issues new directive permitting soldiers to shoot at the legs of thieves stealing weapons from the IDF, southern base containing Givati soldiers awakens to discover the theft of thirty weapons from weapons storage warehouse.
The Israel Police and the IDF launched an investigation Sunday morning after thirty guns were were reported stolen from the weapons storage warehouse in a southern IDF base currently being occupied by the Givati combat brigade.



Following the discovery, Commander of the Southern Command Maj. Gen. Eyal Zamir appointed a commission of inquiry headed by Col. Itai Brin to investigate the matter while the IDF Police also opened an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the theft.


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Photo: Shutterstock


The discovery that the weapons had gone missing was made in the morning hours. Indicating that the theft took place seemingly during the night.


Among other things, authorities are also seeking to establish whether the thieves were assisted by soldiers serving on the base.


Three years ago, an incident occurred in which soldiers who had extended their service in the Givati brigade were involved in the theft of military equipment from the IDF for criminals in the south.


Last week, a new directive came into force stating that IDF soldiers will be permitted to shoot at the legs at thieves who attempt to steal weapons from IDF bases and training grounds.


Until the inauguration of the new policy, soldiers were forbidden from firing at thieves even if they are caught red-handed.


In the vast majority of cases up to this point, the thieves prevailed because they used SUVs and ATVs to make their escapes.


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