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Terrorist returns to Israel after 34 years, immediately jailed
Parole board determines Yusuf Abu al-Hir, released in a 1983 prisoner exchange deal, will serve out the rest of his original 15 life sentences punishment after violating the terms of his release.
A special parole board has determined that Yusuf Abu al-Hir, a convicted terrorist who was released as part of a 1983 prisoner exchange deal and expelled from Israel, will serve out the rest of his sentence after violating the terms of his release by trying to return to Israel illegally.



Abu al-Hir, originally from Acre, was jailed in 1969 for a series of security offenses. He was found guilty of planting explosives in various places and facilities, causing the death of two people and wounding many others. A military court sentenced him to 15 life sentences plus 20 years in prison and another 10 years, set to be served concurrently.


In 1983 Abu al-Hir was released as part of the first Jibril Agreement, when Israel released 4,765 security prisoners in exchange for six Nahal soldiers captured during the First Lebanon War.


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Photo: Shutterstock


One of the conditions for the deal was that the released prisoners would have to leave Israel, never to return.


Abu al-Hir, who lived in Greece after his deportation, inquired from time to time whether he would be allowed to return, petitioning both the Israeli High Court of Justice and the Interior Ministry, but was warned he would be jailed if he returned to Israel.


Despite these warnings, the convicted terrorist arrived in Israel on a flight from Athens on May 25, and was immediately arrested at Ben-Gurion International Airport.


Abu al-Hir's lawyers tried to argue their client's probation period had ended as 34 years have passed since his release, but the parole board rejected that claim.


In its decision, the parole board noted that Abu al-Hir "agreed to the terms of his released, as demonstrated by the fact he left the country for many years, knowing this departure was part of the conditions for his freedom. When the he chose to return to Israel, he violated his freedom knowingly and of his own accord. Therefore, he can only blame himself."


(Translated & edited by Lior Mor)


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