Sakhnin shooting
Mother and daughter wounded in Umm al-Fahm shooting
The shootings in the Arab sector only seem to occur more frequently, as two separate incidents in one night cause the wounding of a 2-year-old girl and her mother, as well as the severe property damage of a private business.

The surge of violence in Arab sector continues as two shooting incidents took place Thursday night, in one of which a mother and her child were wounded.



Unknown assailants drove up and opened fire on the mother and her child while they were in the back yard of their home in Umm al-Fahm. The two-year-old girl was moderately wounded from a gunshot wound in her upper body while her mother, in her 40s, was lightly wounded.


The shooting in Sakhnin


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The toddler was brought to a local clinic in the city, where an MDA team gave her medical treatment and evacuated her to the Emek Medical Center in Afula.


Police say the woman's second child, another young girl, was luckily inside the house when the shooting took place, and was not injured. The hospital stated that the wounded toddler is stable and should make a full recovery following a surgery. The mother was quickly released from the hospital, needing only basic medical care.


Sa'id Jabarin, a local resident, said that residents are "tired of the shootings."


"Unfortunately, the criminals are still walking freely and shooting at people without any hesitation or fear," he added. "Every day there's a new incident, and it's more severe. Now the shooting is even affecting innocent children. The Arab sector is in peril—these shootings can affect any one of us."


In the city of Sakhnin, security cameras documented a shooting incident in the city center.


The shooting in Sakhnin
The shooting in Sakhnin


The video shows several masked men driving up to a local private business and opening fire at it with automatic rifles. There were no casualties but property was damaged.


It was only ten days ago that a protester was shot dead by a civilian security guard during violent riots that broke out in Kafr Qasim over the wave of murders in the city.


Just a week before that, five people were murdered in various shootings and stabbings in Arab cities and towns.


The police said that the investigation into Thursday's shooting is underway, and that the ongoing investigations into the multiple murders in the Arab sector "are continuing under a gag order."


(Translated & edited by Lior Mor)


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