Roadside explosion in Cairo kills Egyptian policeman
CAIRO -- An Egyptian policeman was killed and four wounded by a roadside explosive near the Cairo suburb of Maadi on Sunday, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.


"At around 12:45 a.m. on June 18 as a vehicle belonging to the Central Security Forces transported a group of officers and conscripts an improvised explosive device planted on the roadside went off," the ministry said.


"This led to the martyrdom of First Lieutenant Ali Abdelkhaliq and the injury of four others, an officer and three conscripts, who have been taken to hospital for treatment."


A recently emerged Egyptian militant group claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement published on its Telegram messaging account late on Sunday.


The Hasm movement, which has claimed several attacks in Cairo in recent months, said today's attack is to "emphasize that the central security forces targeted today have received a part of the punishment for what they have committed."