Hezbollah's drone strike on ISIS forces

Hezbollah drones attack ISIS positions on the Lebanese border

Shiite terror organization conducting large-scale operation with Syrian army against ISIS on border with Lebanon, using drones to bomb ISIS targets; according to organization, UAVs attacked positions and fortifications and recorded direct hits; video footage of attack was released by Al-Mayadeen network.

On Monday afternoon, Hezbollah released a video documentation of its drone attacks against ISIS targets as part of its operation on the Syrian-Lebanese border.



According to the Shiite terrorist organization, the UAVs attacked positions and fortifications of members of the Sunni terrorist organization and recorded direct hits.


Hezbollah drone strike on ISIS targets

Hezbollah drone strike on ISIS targets


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A video of the strike was released on Monday afternoon by the Al-Mayadeen network.


This is not the first time that Hezbollah has been documented using drones to attack in Syria. The organization has in the past released similar documentation of its drone attack in the Aleppo area.


In recent years there has been talk of Hezbollah's attempt to upgrade its UAV capabilities. According to estimates, Hezbollah has hundreds of UAVs.


ISIS is being attacked on both sides of the Syrian-Lebanese border by Hezbollah, the Syrian army and the Lebanese armed forces. The operation of the Lebanese army on the Syrian border, which began Sunday, is the largest the army has conducted against ISIS in the region.


The Lebanese army's offensive against ISIS (Photo: AP) (Photo: AP)
The Lebanese army's offensive against ISIS (Photo: AP)

On Sunday, Lebanese soldiers renewed fire on IS group positions on the country's eastern border with Syria after capturing a third of the territory held by jihadists in the area.


The Lebanese army also suffered its first casualties, when an armored vehicle hit a landmine, killing three of its occupants.


Lebanese military spokesman Col. Fadi Boueid said the blast that killed the three soldiers also critically wounded a fourth, and that troops were able to destroy a vehicle and a motorcycle driven by IS suicide attackers before they could hit their targets.


Boueid added that 15 militants were killed on Sunday as a result of fighting and bombardment.


Syrian tanks attacking ISIS targets (Photo: Reuters) (Photo: Reuters)
Syrian tanks attacking ISIS targets (Photo: Reuters)


On the other side of the border, Hezbollah and the soldiers of the Assad-controlled Syrian army are fighting against ISIS forces, as Hezbollah promised to "remove the terror threat from the borders of our country" and to fight "shoulder to shoulder" with the Syrian army.


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in a speech on Sunday that he receives assistance from Iran and its proxies, such as Hezbollah.


"Hezbollah fighters protected the land of Syria like any Syrian fighter defending his homeland," he said. "Iran supported us from day one, provided us with equipment, weapons, military advisers and political support.


"Russia defended Syria in the Security Council and supported the Syrian army. It sent out its forces and sacrificed soldiers. The support of our allies has helped the Syrian state stand firm. In the chapters of history, it will be written about the assistance provided by Russia and (Vladimir) Putin, Iran and (Ali) Khamenei, and Hezbollah and (Hassan) Nasrallah."


Two tanks, one with a Hezbollah flag (L) and one with a Lebanese flag
Two tanks, one with a Hezbollah flag (L) and one with a Lebanese flag


Meanwhile, the head of the Arab media department at the IDF Spokesperson's Office, Major Avichai Adre'i, published a picture in which two tanks, one with a Lebanese flag and one with a Hezbollah flag, were seen participating in operations against ISIS on the Syrian-Lebanese border.


"(There is) a question that comes to all who are watching this picture: What is the meaning of two flags in one campaign?" he noted. "Does the Lebanese army not wage a national war against terrorism under the Lebanese flag? If Hizbullah claims to be Lebanese, is not it more logical to fight under the banner of its homeland? Or is it fighting under a different banner?"


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