Shifrin next to his car

Israeli car stoned on east J'lem back road

Israeli forced to pull out hand gun as car is attacked by 2 assailants passing near Mt. of Olives on way home; 'I looked death in the eye,' he recounts.

A resident of the West Bank settlement of Kfar Adumim was forced to draw his personal firearm on Sunday, after his car was pelted with rocks in east Jerusalem. "I looked death in the eye," said Shifrin, whose car's back windshield was shattered during the incident. Police are now investigating the case.



Gabi Shifrin, 35, recounted heading home from work Sunday, with the incident taking place as he was passing through the Mount of Olives area, wherer the narrow east Jerusalem roads are known to lead to traffic jams, which in turn create an opportunity for assailants to attack Israeli vehicles.


Gabi Shifrin's car was attacked with stones in east Jerusalem
Gabi Shifrin's car was attacked with stones in east Jerusalem


"Like every other work day, I turned Waze on and started driving from Jerusalem to Kfar Adumim. This time, I took HaOfel Road near the Mount of Olives and the roads are really narrow there. A traffic jam started forming on one of the curves and I felt a loud bang. I turned my head to the right and saw a young man with a pile of rocks by his side, throwing rocks at me. I lifted my gun from the seat next to me. When he saw it, he threw the remaining rocks and disappeared down one of the alleyways," recounted Shifrin.


Before he had a chance to turn around, Shifrin's car was hit with another rock. "I felt another huge bang, this time behind me. I cocked my weapon, turned around and saw another boy throwing large rocks at me. The back windshield burst and he, too, disappeared. It was at that moment that I realized I only had a few seconds. A pathway cleared and I zoomed out of there," he said.


The car's back windshield completely shattered
The car's back windshield completely shattered


Shifrin shared the thoughts that went through his head just then. "You feel as if you're fighting for you very life. I saw a lynch about to come and looked death in the eye. It was horrifying," he said.


After making his escape, Shifrin quickly made his way to a police station to report the incident. On Monday morning, he came in again to provide a detailed account of the events at the Ma'ale Adumim station.


"A complaint was registered and an investigation is underway. The matter is being handled by the Jerusalem District police," a spokesperson for the Israel Police commented.


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