US Supreme Court backs push to remove Ten Commandments monument


WASHINGTON - The US Supreme Court on Monday sided with a lower court that ordered a New Mexico city to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the lawn outside City Hall.


Civil liberties advocates behind the case called the decision involving the city of Bloomfield a victory for the separation of church and state.


ACLU of New Mexico Executive Director Peter Simonson said it sends a "strong message that the government should not be in the business of picking and choosing which sets of religious beliefs enjoy special favor in the community."


However, David Cortman, a senior counsel and vice president of US litigation with Alliance Defending Freedom, said the outcome did nothing to resolve confusion in lower courts involving such monuments.


"Americans shouldn't be forced to censor religion's role in history simply to appease someone who is offended by it or who has a political agenda to remove all traces of religion from the public square," said Cortman, whose group represented the city of Bloomfield.



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