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Soldier indicted for rape on a base
According to the indictment, the soldier told his victim, a female soldier, to 'get dressed, I told you I was a pervert' after he raped her on a bus for medical personnel.
An indictment was served in a military court in Jaffa Wednesday against an IDF soldier, who serves in the command of a large regional division, of raping a female soldier.



According to the evidence collected in the investigation conducted by the military Criminal Investigations Division (CID) and according to the plaintiff’s complaint, the two met on a base a month ago, exchanged numbers and agreed to meet during an evening in the platoon to which the male soldier was attached.


The two entered a bus parked on the base for military medical personnel and watched a movie together on the defendant’s telephone while they were hugging, when he kissed her without her resisting.


Shortly after, the plaintiff told the soldier she did not want to go any further, telling him that “it is not appropriate.” After the soldier stopped and the two began talking, he then proceeded to stroke her neck when she expressed again her preference that he stop.


Illustration photo (Photo: Shutterstock)
Illustration photo (Photo: Shutterstock)


According to the indictment, when the soldier began touching her in her private parts of her body, she resisted both verbally and physically. At that point, he pushed her forcefully, lay her on the bed on the bus and proceeded to rape her.


The plaintiff suffered pain after the assault and burst into tears, the indictment describes, as the soldier told her to “get dressed. I told you I was a pervert.”


Two weeks later, the soldier sent his victim a WhatsApp message saying “I am sorry” and “Don’t do me like that.”


When he was informed that the CID were onto him, he erased the memory on his cellphone in an effort to cover his tracks.


The Jaffa military court extended his arrest and agreed keep a gag order on the publication of his identity.


In a statement by the soldier’s representatives, it was said that he “rejects the indictments against him and claims that everything was consensual.


“We are sure that the soldier’s innocence will be proved in court. The soldier is the son of a normal family and he performed a sexual act according to the consensual desire of his and the female soldier and he stopped immediately after she said that she wanted to stop.”


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