Palestinian terror chief in Lebanon camp says he's moved to Syria

SIDON, Lebanon – A prominent Palestinian terrorist whose followers have fought other factions in a refugee camp in Lebanon has travelled to Syria, he said, removing one of the main combatants in one of Lebanon's most volatile settlements.


A statement by Bilal Badr, who led a hard-line Sunni Islamist faction against mainstream Palestinian groups in the Ain el-Hilweh refugee camp at Sidon, did not say when or how he had travelled to Syria.


The rebellion against President Bashar al-Assad has drawn militant Sunnis from across the region. After fighting in Ain el-Hilweh in August, Palestinian groups urged wanted security suspects to leave the camp.


Badr's statement addressed his supporters "from the land of jihad and glory, from Assad's lair in Syria, to which we migrated to support the religion of God."


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