UN chief: Syria fighting worsened after truce

The UN secretary-general says attacks on the Damascus suburbs of eastern Ghouta have intensified since the adoption of a UN resolution demanding a cease-fire, with Syrian government forces driving rebels from more than 60 percent of the area.


Antonio Guterres said Monday that the eastern Ghouta enclave is "now split into three separate pockets."


Guterres was briefing the Security Council on implementation of the resolution 15 days after its unanimous adoption. It demanded a cease-fire without delay for at least 30 days to deliver desperately needed humanitarian aid and evacuate the wounded and critically ill.


He noted that the Syrian conflict enters its eighth year on Thursday, saying "there has been no cessation of hostilities" and the "humanitarian and human rights situation is becoming more desperate by the day."


Guterres said only one aid convoy has entered eastern Ghouta—making two separate deliveries—and "to our knowledge not one critically sick or wounded person has yet been evacuated."


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