Vienna knife attacker had radical Islamist sympathies, Austria says

VIENNA - The man who stabbed a soldier outside the residence of the Iranian ambassador to Austria sympathised with radical Islamist ideology but it is too early to say what his motive was, the Interior Ministry said on Tuesday.


The 26-year-old attacker in Sunday's stabbing was an Austrian of Egyptian origin. He was shot dead by the soldier who was stationed outside the residence in a Vienna suburb. The soldier was injured but not seriously.


The attacker's home was searched and his online activity was being reviewed, Director General of Public Security Michaela Kardeis told a joint news conference with Interior Minister Herbert Kickl.


"All that can be established is that he clearly had sympathy for political Islam," Kardeis said, later making clear that she was referring to forms of radical Islamism.


First published: 03.13.18, 13:37