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Stephen Miller
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American Jews turn on Trump's senior advisor

Stephen Miller, who was believed to be the mastermind behind the American president's immigration policy of separating families, has recently caught the ire of members of the Jewish community in the US who have vowed to distance themselves from him.

A senior advisor to US President Donald Trump recently encountered a barrage of abusive remarks at a Mexican restaurant he was dining in. Other restaurant customers called Miller, who appeared unfaced by the abuse, a “fascist” and a “racist” among other things.



The incident comes at a time when the images of children being separated from their parents are filling up the screens and causing outrage among the general public in the US.


The policy of separating immigrant families was the advisor’s flagship program, and currently he’s living the dream. The same dream he’s had since he was a teenager in California: to preserve the superiority of the white population in the US and minimize the legal immigration to the country.


 (Photo: Reuters)
(Photo: Reuters)


Jane Eisner, editor-in-chief of liberal Jewish magazine Forward, wrote about Miller in an article “Jews should disown Stephen Miller over Trump’s family separation disgrace."


In the article she emphasized that the Jewish community in America must distance itself from Miller because his worldview "is nasty and unforgiving, devoid of hope, optimism and generosity, and so at odds with Jewish values and experiences that it’s hard to fathom this guy really had a bar mitzvah."


“Stephen really enjoyed seeing the images coming from the border. He’s from the Waffen SS,” said a source familiar with Miller on a personal level.


Miller is one of the few Trump advisors who’s been there from the start—the other two being Ivanka and Jared Kushner. He’s always in Trump’s ear and he almost always gets his way.


A smear campaign happening against Miller isn’t surprising since most of American Jews living in the US are liberal. They are not overly impressed by his gestures towards Israel or by Ivanka’s visit to the Western Wall.


The Jewish community especially dislikes Trump’s use of expressions, which are associated with the Nazis, such as “infest”—a word which usually refers to either rats or cockroaches and was popular with Nazis.


For now, the ire of the Jewish community is directed towards Miller, the man who they believe is behind all of this.


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