Heads of Druze community urge Druze officers, soldiers to leave Nationality Law dispute outside IDF

Heads of the Druze community in Israel, including spiritual leader Sheikh Mowafak Tarif, urged on Tuesday the community to leave political disputes over the Nationality Law outside the IDF.


“Members of the Druze community serve and will continue to serve in the IDF with heads held high, with determination and out of a sense of obligation to their homeland," a statement said.


The statement was issued following the announcement the same day by a Druze IDF officer stating that he intends to resign from the army in protest against the Nationality Law.


“The disputes regarding the Nationality Law must be left in the appropriate framework and outside the army and military service,” the Druze heads’ statement continued, warning caution not to “blur the lines between the two. We will continue to campaign to fix the law so that it provides equal rights and citizenship.”



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