The victims' injuries

Jewish men attack 3 Arabs at the beach, calling them 'dogs'

Three men from the northern city of Shfaram file a police report after being attacked by a group of young Jews at the beach. 'They told us: You are Arab dogs, do not stay here. We asked them to stop— but they went on'; Police arrest a suspect.

Three men in their 30's from the northern city of Shfaram filed a police report on Thursday claiming they were attacked at the Kiryat Haim beach on Monday. They said the attack was nationalistically. Police arrested a suspect on Saturday morning.



The complainants, a doctor and a nurse, 28, and a friend, 20, said they were sitting on the beach when "a few young Jews passed by and asked us if we were Arabs."


Then, they said, the group left the place, only to return 10 minutes later. "They returned with equipment, beat us. We have bruises all over our bodies."

The victims' injuries
The victims' injuries

The two also claimed that the assailants cursed at them and yelled: "You are Arab dogs, do not stay here."


"We did not hurt anyone," the complainants told Ynet. "They just decided to hit us without cause. They almost killed us. We asked them to stop but they continued. Only after other people arrived at the scene, they were removed. We hope the police find them."


"We've seen a lot of reports about nationalistic attacks in the past. We did not expect this to happen to us, certainly we didn't expect to experience one of the toughest and most severe attacks. Unfortunately, despite the various condemnations against racism, it persists— who will be next?" the men added.



At the end of a long and intensive investigation, the Israel Police arrested a 23-year-old resident of Kiryat Haim on suspicion of attacking the three men. 


An initial statement made by the police following the inicident says, "A report was filed regarding a violent attack, and immediately upon its receipt we opened an investigation into the incident. The Israel Police considers any demonstration of violence and acts of bullying against any citizen very severely. Incidents of violence that are brought to our attention are handled professionally and with care in order to bring to justice all those involved. "


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