Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
Iranian launcher in Syria
Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
Report: US to lead a new plan to push Iran out of Syria
According to an NBC report, President Trump is expected to introduce a strategy which will include imposing economic sanction on Iran, its allies and proxies as well as stopping aid to areas in Syria with Iranian or Russian presence; US official adds Syrian President Assad will remain in power according to the plan.

The US administration has decided to lead a new strategic plan, which focuses on driving the Iranian forces out of the embattled Syria, while using economic pressure on the Islamic republic and its allies, NBC news reported on Monday.



According to the report, the plan will entail the investment of diplomatic efforts as well as imposing sanctions on Iranian and Russian companies that are involved in rehabilitating the war-torn country.


In addition, the US will prevent reconstruction aid from entering areas in Syria with Iranian and Russian presence.


Iranian launcher in Syria  (Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
Iranian launcher in Syria (Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)


However, US President Donald Trump's strategy will not involve direct contact of the American army with Iranian troops or the Islamic Republic's proxies, since that would violate the American authorization for applying military force in Syria, according to the five US officials involved in the plan.


Nevertheless, the US army is allowed to conduct self-defense actions, striking Iranian troops if it recognizes a threat.


American strike in Syria  (Photo: AP)
American strike in Syria (Photo: AP)


A US official said that since 2017, Trump's strategy in Syria aimed to achieve four goals: defeating Islamic State group (ISIS), deter Syrian President Bashar Assad from using chemical weapons, and create a political change in Damascus by restraining Iran's influence in Syria while guaranteeing the withdrawal of Iran's proxies from the country, so they would not pose a threat to the region.


According to the new strategy, Assad does not necessarily have to be overthrown. However, the US administration stresses the Syrian government cannot maintain close ties with Iran and must prosecute those who committed crimes against humanity, according to the five people familiar with the plan.


Meanwhile, the US Treasury Department announced it is imposing new sanction on Iranian banks as well as steel, investments and construction companies.


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