UN condemns North Korea rights violations and nuke spending

UNITED NATIONS - The UN General Assembly is condemning North Korea's "systematic, widespread and gross violations of human rights" and condemning its diversion of resources into pursing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles over the welfare of its people.


The assembly resolution noted "with concern" that over 10 million North Koreans are estimated to be undernourished and that the country has "an unacceptably high prevalence of chronic and acute malnutrition."


The resolution was adopted by consensus Monday, but with countries including Russia, China, Cuba and Venezuela disassociating themselves from it. Many expressed opposition to resolutions singling out specific countries and said the Geneva-based Human Rights Council should deal with rights issues.


North Korean Ambassador Kim Song said his country "categorically rejects" the resolution, calling it "a product of (a) political plot and hostile forces."


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