Sudanese community in Tel Aviv

Sudanese community in Tel Aviv celebrates Bashir's fall

Some 7,000 Sudan nationals took to the streets of Neve Shaanan - known for its large population of African migrants and asylum seekers - sharing their excitement over possibility of going back home after Sudanese autocratic president was ousted by the military

Sudanese community in Israel celebrated on the streets of Tel Aviv as the news about the ouster of Sudan’s longtime autocratic president broke early Thursday.



Earlier on Thursday, tens of thousands of Sudanese marched toward the center of the capital Khartoum, cheering, singing and dancing in celebration as two senior officials said the military had forced President Omar al-Bashir to step down after 30 years in power.


Sudanese community in Tel Aviv    (צילום: שמוליק דודפור)

Sudanese community in Tel Aviv   (צילום: שמוליק דודפור)


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The streets of Tel Aviv’s southern neighborhood, Neve Shaanan - known for having a large African migrants and asylum seekers population - filled up with Sudan nationals (currently estimated to be around 7,000) all of whom struggled to contain their excitement.


Moussa, 40, who came to Israel a decade ago on his own, leaving his parents and family behind, said the Sudanese community all over the world has been extremely active over the recent months on social media, trying to make the dream of a revolution in the country possible.


Sudanese community in Tel Aviv
Sudanese community in Tel Aviv


"We made phone calls and posted updates on social media. I hope to go back and see my mother soon," Moussa said. "We are going to wait a little bit in order to make sure that the tyrannical regime has fallen.”


"We are very happy … today Sudan is reborn. We have suffered so much because of the dictator Bashir, and today after 30 years the people said 'enough is enough.’ We thank all those who made the revolution possible. The community in Israel supports our friends in Sudan and those in refugee camps in Darfur," the 40-year-old added.


Sudanese national in Tel Aviv
Sudanese national in Tel Aviv


Another Sudanese national living in Tel Aviv, Majed Omar Nurian, also spoke of his excitement. "Today we feel that now we will be fine in Sudan, we will return to our families with our children and we’ll be happy there,” he said.


"I'm very pleased that there's going to be a change," said another Sudanese man living in Tel Aviv. “Bashir, Sudan’s great dictator, has destroyed the country and killed many people. Thank God he’s been ousted. It’s not clear what will happen, but it will certainly be better."


Sudanese defense minister has announced the military has overthrown and arrested President Omar al-Bashir and has taken charge of the country for the next two years following nearly four months of protests against his rule.


Sudan's military following announcement about a coup (Photo: EPA)
Sudan's military following announcement about a coup (Photo: EPA)


Awad Mohammed Ibn Ouf appeared on state TV, in military fatigues, following an earlier announcement of an "important statement" coming from the army on Thursday. Ibn Ouf says after the two years, "free and fair elections" will take place.


He says a state of emergency has been imposed for the next three months and that the military has also suspended the constitution, closed borders and the country's airspace. A transitional military council will lead the country for two years, Ouf also said the government and the presidency have been dissolved, and imposed a night curfew.


Associated Press contributed to this report


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