Photo: Shahar Goldstein
Eurovision Village at opening night (Photo: Shahar Goldstein)
Photo: Shahar Goldstein

Eurovision weekend in the big city

All you need to know about the parties, major events and alcohol that will rock Tel-Aviv this Eurovision finale weekend

Village goers



"Eat" the Eurovision Village operating at Charles Clore Park on the Tel-Aviv's seaside (adjacent to the food court) is the biggest ever built and is one of the biggest successes of the Eurovision. Tens of thousands of party goers visited the village in the past week and of course watched the first Semi-Final live. The second Semi-Final is also to be Televised here and so is the big finale. DJs from Tel-Aviv's nightlife play their music at the park, bars are open, artist's exhibitions, a tourist information center and more. Tel-Aviv's "White-Night" (all night long) celebrations will be launched from here. Let the party begin.


Eurovision Village at Charles Clore Park (Photo: Reuters)
Eurovision Village at Charles Clore Park (Photo: Reuters)


Eating in this city

Tourists who come to Tel-Aviv do not need to be convinced that they are going to eat the tastiest food in the world. With all due respect to glamorous competitions, most come for the food, the alcohol and the vibe. All those are waiting for them at Charles Clore Park in Eat Tel-Aviv, the major traditional culinary festival that will wrap up on Sunday. Until then, chefs like Haim Cohen, Shaul Ben-Aderet, Raz Rahav, Moshe Aviv and others will serve their dishes — all at a maximum price of 35 NIS, along with free entrances to live events.


"White-Night" Celebrations last year (Photo: Motti Kimchi)
"White-Night" Celebrations last year (Photo: Motti Kimchi)


The Orange Party  

Tomorrow at Tel-Aviv's Banana Beach from 13:00 until the start of Shabbat there will a formal Eurovision and Aprol Spritz Drink Beach Party. At the peak of the event a special amphibious vehicle will emerge from the sea into the Party Arena and will also turn into a large alcohol bar.


Marrakesh Express

The Park in Jaffa will kick off the "White-Night" celebrations to a groovy Mediterranean Arena hosting different musical bands that will play oriental music – of Moroccan and Andalusian origin, Avihu Pinchasov Rhythm Club will play Aris San (Greek), along with French Chansons and classical Arab Music.


An excellent opportunity to show Eurovision Tourists our spectacular musical diversity, including a Hafla (the Arab word for party) which will lead celebrators to the main treat: the best of Abba, from the official Swedish Gesture Band. In Jaffa's Kedumim Square Israeli Opera Soloists will sing Eurovision classics starting 21:00.


Izhar Cohen live

On 14:0,0 on Friday Izhar Cohen the first Israeli Winner of the Eurovision with his song A-Ba-Ni-Bi will perform free of charge at Dizengoff Center. Cohen will sing his major hits, including the song for which he won the 1978 Eurovision.


 Izhar Cohen appearing in the Eurovision Village (Photo: Motti Kimchi)
Izhar Cohen appearing in the Eurovision Village (Photo: Motti Kimchi)

Major numbers at the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange

An evening dedicated to the best to the Eurovision's major numbers will be held as part of the "White-Night" celebrations at the Lobby of the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange at Ahuzat Beit St, 2. Leading the performances will be Douze Points Band conducted by Alon Nadal featuring the best Eurovision Songs of all times in French, Spanish, English and Hebrew, beginning at 20:30. Saturday evening from 22:00, the Eurovision Final will be displayed live on a big screen; entrance is free of charge but capacity is limited.


Honoring the greatest divas

At Tel-Aviv's Port during Thursday's "White-Night" there will a performance honoring the greatest Eurovision Divas, including songs and duets of the greatest female singers of the competition, drag performances and at the end the Semi-Final on a big screen. DJ Michal Amdursky will close the night. From 20:00 until 1:00.


Everything by pedals

By Lilit Wagner

Eurovision Tourists know that bicycles are the ultimate solution for anyone not relying on public transport. So, CAR2GO has put more bicycles into service and Ahuzat Hof Cark Parks has designated parking spaces in the vicinity of the Expo Tel-Aviv where the competition is to be held. There is a discount available and for every ten rides you get two free of charge.


You can also take a guided bicycle tour along the beach, starting from the Port of Tel-Aviv and tour historical sites along the way, accompanied by explanations by guides of the HetzUmatara NGO. The price for the tour is 50 NIS and the money is donated to promoting bicycle travel for children at-risk. For details and registration, there are public information booths at Tel-Aviv Port Market or Email at


Bicycles for rent on Tel-Aviv's Beach (Photo: MoBike)  (צילום: Mobike)
Bicycles for rent on Tel-Aviv's Beach (Photo: MoBike)


The Finale on the balcony

The elegant Norman Hotel will display on a large screen on the balcony of the hotel the Eurovision Final. Cocktails will be offered at 39 NIS as well as local dishes and Japanese Pickles free of charge. For reservations: or phone 03-5435444. The address of the hotel is Nachmani St. 25, Tel-Aviv.


Wine Festival

Leading up to the finale, Golan Heights Winery will hold a unique welcoming of the Sabbath at Rozette Café in Jaffa on Friday beginning at 17:00. The Winery will also distribute maps - TLV WINE MAP - with recommended restaurants along Tel Aviv's shores. You can also purchase To Go wine cups along with wine from Golan Heights Winery at a price of 10 NIS at any Wine and More wine chain of stores.


Food tours in a special cab

A new project that perfectly coincides with the Eurovision is underway the result of the cooperation between culinary guide "Go-Mio" and the "Ortra" Touring Company. Eurovision Tourists can stop a special cab which offers a tasting tour of the best flavors of Tel-Aviv. The tour was designed by David Kichka a culinary artist and guided by a team especially trained with 12 tasting stops. In order to register contact:



Tourists visiting Tel-Aviv will be happy to taste the local cuisine, eating at the homes of a novice local cook. Especially for the Eurovision EATWITH Enterprise is holding a weekend of meals with the theme being special meals for the contest. Maya a baker and chef Jonathan will be among those who will host tourists in their gallery style home.


Another Eurovision Party will be held at "Hagai's Garden" who after years of trying to open bars and restaurants began entertaining people in his delightful urban style garden in the Shapira Quarter. Prices vary from 270 to 348 NIS. For further information email:


Remixes and chasers

Bar Barolle in HaYarkon St. is continuing the Eurovision Gesture into the weekend, with songs from all Eurovision Contests, including remixes of all the major hits. The bar will surprise you with various cocktails based on alcohol from the competing countries.


Records at the port

The art arena is made of stainless glass wall featuring a huge record library with every record cover representing a song that won the Eurovision. Every time a cover is taken of the wall, the loudspeakers at arena play the song. Near the carousel at Tel-Aviv's Port until the end of festivities.


The champions cocktail

The Aria Restaurant lead by the chef Guy Gamzo is celebrating the Eurovision featuring three cocktails especially made for the contest using Martini Bianco, Grey Goos Pear and Jean and more to be served until the final at the restaurant and on the bar's floor.


Trance party at the Brown Hotel

The Brown Hotel Chain in Tel Aviv is celebrating the Eurovision Final in a wild party on the fifth-floor patio of the Lighthouse Hotel. The party will begin at 21:00 and will include showing the final on a big screen, a bar featuring a variety of drinks and snacks (for sale) and DJ Ami Yehezkel playing at the dancing party which will last until 4:00 with. Entrance is free; Ben Yehuda St 3, Tel-Aviv.


The Lighthouse Hotel where a trance party will be held tonight (Photo: Max Moron)
The Lighthouse Hotel where a trance party will be held tonight (Photo: Max Moron)

A postcard and a song

By Iris Lipshitz Klieger

The postcard service is offering Eurovision followers a postcard kit and an envelope as a souvenir that includes a bundle of stamps decorated by photos of Tel-Aviv's beaches and the official logo of the Eurovision, envelopes and a special mail stamp for every phase of the competition at Israeli Mail Website.


Where are the toilets

Where are the toilets in this big city? P-pass app locates businesses that offer their toilets for free. The app saves the tourists time in looking for a toilet and the embarrassment in asking to use the toilet in places where they are not customers.

The app is available on the app store.


The big retreat

Anyone wishing to escape the big fuss in Tel-Aviv can enjoy a weekend at the Nea Hotel at the pastoral village of Shavei Tzion. There is a special discount for the Eurovision this weekend with the second night at half price, second drink free of charge throughout the weekend and a big screen showing the Eurovision Final. Prices start at 1,850 NIS for two nights.


Running for the final

Holmes Place Fitness clubs opens its in Tel-Aviv free of charge for the delegations coming to Israel (need to show Eurovision Tag). The chain says that every day in the past week, hundreds of delegation members have entered Tel-Aviv's Branches trying, despite the tight schedule, to stay fit and calm their nerves. Spinning is their favorite activity. Want to join them? You can buy one-tine entrance for the Eurovision Weekend at every Holmes Place branch.


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