Tapas at Andalucia

Five great kosher restaurants in Jerusalem

From tapas to traditional, the wide range of eateries in the holy city is giving Tel Aviv a run for its money as the de facto culinary capital of Israel

Tel Aviv may be Israel’s culinary capital, but Jerusalem is no longer far behind, especially when it comes to kosher restaurants.



Below are five popular kosher establishments, all but one in the city center, listed in alphabetical order.


Tapas at Andalucia (Photo: Buzzy Gordon)
Tapas at Andalucia (Photo: Buzzy Gordon)

Most have quite extensive menus, and each one serves a wide range of beverages, from alcohol (specialty cocktails, wine and beer) to soft drinks.


All possess official kashrut certificates, and are closed on the Sabbath. Finally, there is at least one that serves dairy meals.



Andalucia Cocktail and Tapas Bar

Ambiance: The cleverly designed interior of this Jerusalem stone building has intimate nooks and crannies that evoke a Spanish courtyard. Al fresco seating is in Kikar Hamusika Square, which features live music most hours of the evening.


Menu: The alcohol and the food here share practically equal billing here. some 30 cocktails are listed, in six categories: Specialty, Classics, Fruity, Sour, Bubbly and Boozy.


The tapas menu comprises three sections: Vegetables, Sea and Land. There are also daily specials, and a new dessert menu.


Recommended: Chicory salad, chicken pastilla, sirloin tataki.


Hours: Sun.-Wed, 19.00-01.00; Thurs. 20.00-02.00; Sat. 21.00-02.00.


Price ranges: Cocktails, NIS 52; Tapas, 32-71.


Andalucia Cocktail and Tapas Bar. Kikar Hamusika, Jerusalem. Tel. (02) 626-6306




Ambiance: A two-story Jerusalem stone building that formerly housed a fine dining restaurant, with ample al fresco seating on a pedestrian street lined with other eateries.

Deli delight at Harvey's (Photo: Courtesy)
Deli delight at Harvey's (Photo: Courtesy)


Menu: The seven categories are Starters, Salads (including one soup), Smoked Meats (and chicken, as well as the new cedar-smoked salmon), Hand Crafted Sandwiches, Side Dishes, From the Grill (steaks) and Desserts (including two pies and two that are chocolate-centric). There is a section of beers on the food menu


Recommended: Smoked brisket au jus (plain or in a sandwich); smoked meat, mushroom and barley soup; chicken salad with pineapple; cole slaw; onion rings; the Tex-Mex Chicken Club


Hours: Sunday-Thursday, 12.00-23.00.


Price ranges: Starters, NIS 37-56; Sandwiches, NIS 58-84; Steaks, NIS 148-295.


Harvey’s. Kosher. Shimon ben Shetah St. 7, Jerusalem. Tel. (02) 624-6444



Kadosh Café and Patisserie

Ambiance: Kadosh has become a Jerusalem institution, and it is invariably crowded. The interior -- which is dominated by the baked goods display case that spills over into trays on the coffee counter -- features dark furnishings leather banquettes, while the outdoor seating has all the atmosphere of a French sidewalk café.


Kadosh's famous cruffin, right (Photo: Buzzy Gordon)
Kadosh's famous cruffin, right (Photo: Buzzy Gordon)


Menu: The food menu extends over three full pages, plus an entire page devoted to patisserie. First is Breakfast, which is served all day, and includes the full Israeli monty as well as classic brunch dishes; two Sandwich sections, toasted and specialty; Salads; Kadosh’s Indulgences, including bruschettas and the soup of the day; and Karen’s Dishes, named after the owner and predominantly pastas.


Dessert here equals the bakery, complete with its three sections: Pastries and Sweets, Savory Pastries, and Cookies and More.


Moreover, Kadosh has a greater variety of beverages than most places, including frozen cocktails, draft and bottled beer, fresh squeezed natural juices and smoothies.


Recommended: The unique “cruffiin,” a croissant-muffin hybrid filled with chocolate or pineapple cream, and the open-face macaroon topped with pistachio creme patisserie and fresh fruit.


Hours: Sun.-Wed., 07.00-23.00; Thurs., 07.00-00.00; Friday, 07.00 until 2.5 hours before the Sabbath. Weekend specials served on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


Price ranges: Sandwiches, NIS 34-46; Salads, NIS 42-58; Indulgences, NIS 39-48; Karen’ Dishes, NIS 52-79. Business lunches are served Sunday through Thursday, until 17.00.


Café Kadosh. Shlomzion Hamalka St. 6, Jerusalem. Tel. (02) 625-4210



Kinor Bakikar

Ambiance: A spacious upscale restaurant with handsome dark furnishings, and a bar with a marble top. Like Andalucia, its al fresco section is also in Kikar Hamusika.

A fish feast at Kinor (Photo: Courtesy)
A fish feast at Kinor (Photo: Courtesy)


Menu: The food menu -- which is tilted heavily towards carnivores -- is quite straightforward: Appetizers and Main Courses. The dessert menu is explained by the wait staff.


Recommended: Liver pâté with port jelly, lamb cutlets


Hours: Sun.-Thurs. 12.00-15.00; 18.00-23.00.


Price ranges: Appetizers, NIS 24-69; Main Courses, NIS 69-182.


Kinor Bakikar. Kikar Hamusika, Jerusalem. Tel. (02) 994-4902.




Ambiance: Medita is now the flagship restaurant of Chef Moti Ohana, who formerly helmed HaHatzer. The restaurant, now located in an urban shopping center, is distinguished by a modern interpretation of Middle Eastern motifs, and features a large marble bar, as well as a spacious separate room for private events.

Sea bream knaffeh at Medita (Photo: Asaf Karela)
Sea bream knaffeh at Medita (Photo: Asaf Karela)


Menu: The menu sections are Appetizers, Main Courses, and an appendix titled The Butcher, itemizing steaks that are priced by the weight. There is a separate dessert menu.


Recommended: Mezze platter; Sea bream knaffeh; Mixed grill on a wooden board

(lamb chops, entrecôte, etc.).


Hours: Sunday-Thursday, 12.00-23.00.


Price ranges: Appetizers, NIS 52-72; Main Courses, NIS 72-160. Tasting Menu, NIS 250 per person. There are discounted business lunches.


Medita. Derekh Hevron 101, Jerusalem. Tel. (053) 793-3340



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