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The British teen after her arrest
Photo: AFP

British teen indicted for perjury over rape case

Remand of 19-year-old who falsely accused Israeli teens of assault is extended by eight days as her lawyer slams distribution of videos of her having sex as 'criminal offence far more severe than what my client is facing'

A Cyprus court indicted Tuesday a 19-year-old British teen for perjury and offending public sensibilities, after she admitted to falsely accusing 12 Israeli teens of gang-raping her in the Cypriot resort town of Ayia Napa on July 17.



The teen's remand was extended by eight days; the maximum sentence for the charges she is facing is a year of incarceration, with or without an added fine.


The British teen after her arrest (Photo: AP)
The British teen after her arrest (Photo: AP)


"We have to wait until we get all the evidence, and after that we'll take a decision," said the teen's lawyer. "Videos of her are now online, and I want to draw your attention that distributing these videos is a criminal offence far more severe than what my client is facing, and that raises questions about who published these videos."


The hearing on the teens' indictment was postponed on Monday, after her attorney arrived late to the island.


Throughout the court discussion the teen remained silent. Her family accompanied her but refused to answer questions from the press.


The case began to unfold late Saturday evening when the main investigator, Marius Christiano, arrived at the hotel the British teenager was staying with her family.


The British teen after her arrest (Photo: AP)
The British teen after her arrest (Photo: AP)


He confronted the UK teen with all the DNA evidence as well videos of her having seemingly consensual sexual intercourse with the accused men. The young woman struggled to provide credible answers and eventually confessed to have fabricated the story about assault and arrested early Sunday.


"Everything was consensual,” the woman apparently said to the investigator. “I went into their room because I meant to have sex with them," she said, adding that she wanted “revenge” after one of the Israelis told her to leave after she’d refused to have sex with him.


The teen said she met up with some of her friends after she left the room. "I told them I had been raped and they took me to the local clinic where we called the police. I told them I had been raped. The police came and arrested all the Israelis.”


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