Katz says Israel is part of U.S.-led coalition to protect trade routs in Persian Gulf

Foreign Minister Israel Katz said Tuesday he recently met with a "high ranking persona" from the United Arab Emirates to improve ties between Israel and Arab states, and that Israel is part of the U.S.-led coalition to protect trade routes in the Persian Gulf.


Katz told a ministers' meeting that the two reached "substantial agreements," adding that he was working toward "transparent normalization and signed agreements" with Gulf states. He added: "We do not have a conflict with them."


Katz further said that it is an Israeli interest to stop Iranian entrenchment in the region and strengthen Israel's relationship with Gulf countries.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has often boasted of improving ties with Arab states that share Israel's concerns about Iran. Katz visited the UAE for a U.N. conference earlier this year. The Israeli Foreign Ministry said he met with a senior UAE official there. Netanyahu visited Oman last year


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