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IDF battles Qassams with informants

Army has distributed leaflets around Gaza with a telephone number for residents to call and report on Qassam launchers

The IDF has distributed leaflets throughout the Gaza Strip with a telephone number for residents to call and inform on the names and location of Qassam rocket launchers.


While the army has used this technique with the Palestinian population in the past, it has never been used to recruit informants.


This move signals an attempt by the IDF to increase its cooperation and publicity efforts with parts of the population not involved in terrorism and violence towards Israel.


Under the heading, "An Announcement to all Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip," the leaflet reads, "the IDF will continue to operate against terror organizations until a complete halt of all terror attacks is achieved."


"In order to ensure your safety, stay away from the areas where the rockets are launched! You fully understand the damage caused by the rockets due to the proximity of your homes, which the irresponsible terrorists carry out despite endangering your safety."


"Now, every resident can protect himself and his family from harm caused by rocket launchers. Don't hesitate! Dial 054-6912273 to prevent rocket fire and handle over information regarding the activities of those perpetrators.Information received will be useful to maintain your safety, as well as for your family and friends."


"For your safety, call from a place where no one can recognize you."


Air strikes continue


Ynet attempted to call the telephone number listed and was greeted with an unfriendly, stern message - "You have reached the IDF's answering machine, please leave a message after the tone, thank-you."


However, Ynet was unable to leave a message, as the voicemail was full.


Perhaps it is filled with Palestinians messages? Probably not. Activists in northern Gaza have already informed Ynet that "local residents will not endanger themselves by cooperating."


Meanwhile, the IDF continued Saturday with a series of military attacks, including an IAF strike at several Qassam launching sites. No injuries were reported.  


Ali Waked contributed to the report


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