Photo: Gil Yochanan
Extreme right-wing activist Baruch Marzel
Photo: Gil Yochanan

Kahane supporters praise Gaza killings as 'holy'

Supporters of assassinated rabbi Meir Kahane hold ceremony to commemorate killed rabbi, say 'holy canon' fired shells at family in Beit Hanoun in which 18 Palestinians died on Wednesday

Kahane supporters take credit for compromise on gay pride parade: Some 200 right-wing activists gathered in Jerusalem on Thursday evening for a commemoration of rabbi Meir Kahane who was killed 16 years ago.


Activists linked his memorial to the gay pride parade and praised Yishai Schlissel, who stabbed a man at the gay pride parade in Jerusalem last year and was sentenced to 12 years in jail.


"Thanks to him today large protests exist today and we saw how they (gay groups) are retreating more and more. That's what rabbi Kahane taught us – self-sacrifice," right-wing activist Noam Fderman said.


Right-wing activists commemorating Kahane (Photo: Gil Yochanan)


Federman said: "The abomination parade, that's not the first time it is taking place, suddenly this year there is a wave of protest that wasn't. The public is awakening. I asked myself what happened this year. The answer: Self-sacrifice. A year ago, one Jew, Yishai Schlissel of Kiryat Sefer stood up. No one heard of him. He stabbed the homosexuals."


Right-wing activist Baruch Marzel spoke of the killings in Beit Hanun: "After so many cannons, we see today that one cannon managed to hit, the holly cannon, and all rush to apologize."


He continued: "If you would have listened to rabbi Kahane this wouldn't have happened to you, leave!"


Speaking of the gay pride parade he said: "Thank God we scored big wins …Sometimes people wonder what's happening, how they have power to protest. The story of this parade is the story of rabbi Kahane. For years we were alone against this abomination which entered Jerusalem. This year, thank God, the whole country went noisy and stormy."


He vowed to protest against holding the gay pride parade in Tel Aviv, saying the city is also "part of the Land of Israel."


"We need to expel them completely out of Jerusalem, what do fags have to do with Jerusalem? These left-wingers, these proxies, to hell with them. This is a group which decided that any trace of Judaism should be eliminated, and therefore our biggest fight is against the High Court of Justice."


Right-wing activist and president of the "State of Judea", Michael Benhorin said: "We vowed to bring justice to Jerusalem and to save its good name. Those who supported the abomination parade are Durit Beinish and Meni Mazuz, who are preventing Jews from praying on the Temple Mount."


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