Anti-Holocaust day demonstration
Photo: Reuters

Neturei Karta: Zionism Jewish nation’s true Holocaust

Son of Arafat cabinet member says during rally 'Holocaust a God-given decree used by Zionists to attain reparations'

A demonstration against nationalizing Holocaust Remembrance Day was held in Jerusalem on Thursday by ultra-Orthodox group Neturei Karta. Israel Meir Hirsch, son of Moshe Hirsch, who served as an honorary member of deceased Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat’s cabinet for Jewish Affairs, participated in the event. 


According to Hirsch, the demonstration was aimed at "showing that Zionism is the Jewish nation’s true Holocaust. The Jewish nation endured many massacres and murders throughout its 2000 year exile, and the Holocaust, a God-given decree, was of the body and not of the soul,” said Hirsch.


“We can’t comprehend god-given decrees, it is not our business. However, it is clear that the real Holocaust is that Zionism took a nation and assimilated it to the gentile nations in the State of Israel,” he added.


When asked if he views the demonstration as offensive, he said, “this is a sensitive subject to the Israelis, not due to the Holocaust, but because the facts prove and speak for themselves these days.


"Zionists used the Holocaust in order to attain reparations, the Holocaust doesn’t interest them. They use the topic of the Holocaust cynically by exploiting it as a tool with which to establish a country and receive money, but nothing more than that.”


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