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Police suspect killer mother attempted to harm son before
Investigators look into prior incident which went unreported, say mother threw child out of window. Child's father question on suspicion of failing to prevent crime, accessory after the fact

The police investigation into the drowning of four-year-old Alon Borisov continued Saturday, as the child's father, Ilan Yehuda, was questioned on suspicion of failing to prevent a criminal act.


Alon Borisov was allegedly drowned by his mother, 42-year-old Olga Borisov from Rishon Lezion, on Thursday night. The police are also looking into the possibility that the mother had tried to harm her son several months ago. The mother is suspected of throwing her child out of the window while the two were in Russia. The son is believed to have suffered numerous injuries as a result of the incident.


The police have also summoned the husband's two brothers for questioning, saying that since they were probably aware of the previous case of abuse, they were persons of interest in the current investigation.


The police further asked the court to keep Yehuda in custody in order to prevent him form trying to obstruct the investigation; but since his brothers have already been questioned, it was decided to release him to house arrest. Yehuda was prohibited from contacting his wife's family and ordered to surrender his passport.


In addition to Yehuda being investigated for failing to prevent a criminal act, the police also suspect him of being an accessory after the fact, since he did not report his wife's actions to authorities.


Attorney Avi Cohen, Yehuda's lawyer, said Saturday that "the police understood that my client's arrest was needless and that they had no reason to keep him in custody. And since we had already scheduled an appeals hearing on his arrest for later Saturday evening, they decided to spare the need for a court ordered release."


The Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court ruled Friday that Olga Borisov will remain in custody and ordered her to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.



First published: 30.08.08, 16:44
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