Olga Borisov with her son Alon
Photo reproduction: Yariv Katz
Olga Borisov
Photo: Avi Mualem
State indicts Olga Borisov for murder of 4-year-old son
Prosecution files murder charges against Borisov, ask she be remanded. 'Defendant's actions prove she is a dangerous, unpredictable woman, who poses a danger to those around her,' says State
The State Prosecutor's Office filled an indictment against Olga Borisov, 42 from Rishon Lezion on Thursday, for the murder of her four-year-old son, Alon.


According to the indictment filed with the Tel Aviv District Court by attorney Iris Ramati, on the 28th of August, at around 1 am, Borisov took her son Alon, who was sleeping at the time, to a Bat-Yam beach.


She then walked into the water, submerged the child and allowed him to drown.


The police asked Borisov be remanded to custody, citing that three months prior to the incident, Alon was diagnosed with developmental and behavioral problem. It was recommended that he would be placed at a special needs class. Based on this diagnosis, the police alleged further, Borisov decided to end her son's life.


According to the prosecution, the mother confessed to the act and there are several witnesses who saw her leaving the water.


The police further stated that "the horrible and vicious crime carried out by Borisov towards her only child was a premeditated act, which indicates that she is a dangerous, unpredictable woman, who poses a danger to those around her."


'ADD a burden'

According to Borisov's attorney, Tali Gottlieb, a mental health assessment has found Olga fit to stand trial. Borisov's mental state during the actual crime, however, remains undetermined.


Borisov's husband, Ilan Yehuda, had previously said that "she doesn't deserve everything she's being put through. She was lonely and depressed and God only knows how many pills she took. She was in a place that she didn't want to be in...  I'm not going to leave her, I know she was good".


During her interrogation, Borisov told the police that her son had suffered from Attention Deficit Disorder, and that she planned to drown him a few days before she committed the act, because he was a burden to her.


Borisov's request to attend Alon's funeral was denied, as the court declared she should "mourn in custody". The police, noted the court, "should not be tasked with escorting the mother to the funeral." There were also some concerns that family members would try to harm Borisov during the funeral.  


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