El-Sana: Arab MKs' visit to Libya historically 'natural'

MK Talab el-Sana (United Arab List-Ta'al), referring to the visit by several Arab Knesset members to Libya this week, said in a Knesset address that he wishes to thank the Libyan leader for the visit. Historically, he said, there is nothing more natural than Arabs visiting Libya, which shares the same nation, same culture, same history and same language.


"Israel's enemy is Israel itself," he said. "As (Libyan leader Muammar) Gaddafi said during the visit, they have no problem with Jews but only with Zionism. Perhaps you'll learn and understand some time; you're not the brightest in the world." (Amnon Meranda)


פרסום ראשון: 04.27.10, 16:51