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Photo: Courtesy
Why did Italian Jews of old marry before Pesach?
An ancient scripture discovered in Florence, Italy, uncovered an old Jewish ...
Kobi Nachshoni (09:16 , 06.22.19 )
Photo: Reuters
Specter of anti-Semitism weighs heavy on American Jews
Early one morning earlier this month, photos of American neo-Nazis with shaven ...
Attila Somfalvi (18:23 , 06.21.19 )
Jewish Woman hurt Tuesday in suspected anti-Semitic incident in Paris
A 79-Year-old Jewish woman was hit by a metal ball as she exited a synagogue in ...
(22:21 , 06.20.19 )
Photo: Shem Olam
Online campaign urges Poles to unearth seized Jewish property in Poland
An online campaign making news in Poland calls on Polish citizens help locate ...
Itamar Eichner (13:00 , 06.19.19 )
Photo: AP
Patriots' Kraft to receive warm welcome in Israel
Israel is rolling out the red carpet for New England Patriots owner Robert ...
Associated Press (23:40 , 06.14.19 )
Photo: AFP
Holocaust Museum digitizing letters from Anne Frank's father
YARMOUTH, Mass. -- Ryan Cooper was a 20-something Californian unsure of his ...
Associated Press (23:04 , 06.13.19 )
Photo: AP
Jewish death row inmate appeals sentence, citing anti-Semitic judge
A Jewish American condemned to death for the murder of a police officer 19 years ...
Ynet, Associated Press (20:36 , 06.13.19 )
On Anne Frank's 90th birthday, her friends meet students
For Jacqueline van Maarsen, attending Anne Frank's 13th birthday party in 1942 ...
Associated Press (18:26 , 06.12.19 )
Photo: AP
France smashes neo-Nazi cell over plot to attack Jews, Muslims
French police discovered and apprehended members of a neo-Nazi cell accused of ...
AFP (17:51 , 06.11.19 )
YouTube reversal bans Holocaust hoaxers, stops pay for borderline creators
SAN FRANCISCO - YouTube said on Wednesday it would remove videos that deny ...
Reuters (12:11 , 06.06.19 )
Greece gets its first-ever Jewish mayor
A 65-year-old doctor is believed to be the first Jewish person elected mayor in ...
Ahiya Raved, AP (20:05 , 06.04.19 )
Photo: Daniel Maman
The rabbis who think they’re above God
Every once in a while, a story involving rabbis committing inappropriate acts ...
Hen Artzi-Sror (20:08 , 06.03.19 )
Istanbul Airport gets a synagogue
Two new Jewish prayer rooms were inaugurated at Istanbul's new international ...
Itamar Eichner (22:04 , 06.02.19 )
Photo: EPA
Germany urges people to wear kippa in solidarity with Jewish community
The German government has called on people to wear the Jewish kippa ahead of an ...
AFP (11:18 , 05.28.19 )
German paper prints DIY kippot in face of anti-Semitism fears
Germany's Bild newspaper on Monday included a cutout kippa in its daily edition, ...
Daniel Bettini, Itamar Eichner (20:46 , 05.27.19 )
Ambassador: Israel-UK alliance strong despite rise of anti-Semitism
Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom Mark Regev spent years as Prime ...
The Media Line (23:51 , 05.24.19 )
Author Judith Kerr, who chronicled family's flight from Nazis in beloved children's book, dies at 95
Judith Kerr, the author of "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit," has died at the age ...
Reuters (13:45 , 05.23.19 )
Photo: Nathan Roi
Inspired by her parents’ sacrifice
Thirty-five years ago, Vered Achihon made an exhausting journey. Along with her ...
Koby Lieberman (11:28 , 05.23.19 )
Photo: ZAKA volunteers at Belarus mass grave
Remains of Holocaust victims laid to rest in Belarus
Remains of more than 1,000 Holocaust victims were laid to rest on Wednesday in a ...
Associated Press, Itamar Eichner (21:34 , 05.22.19 )
Photo: AP
BDS activists crash Israeli literary event in Germany
Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) activists interrupted a ...
Itamar Eichner (12:27 , 05.22.19 )
Photo: Getty Images
Germany to hand Israel thousands of Kafka confidant's papers
over to Israel some 5,000 documents kept by a confidant of Franz Kafka, a trove ...
Associated Press (16:56 , 05.21.19 )
Photo: Eli Etkin
Slaughter, circumcision bans put European Jews on defensive
A dark shadow hung over the biannual convention of the Conference of European ...
Roi Rubinstein (22:43 , 05.20.19 )
Al Jazeera suspends journalists over video insinuating Jews lied about Holocaust
Qatari state-funded broadcaster Al Jazeera suspended two journalists on Sunday ...
AFP (11:32 , 05.20.19 )
Photo: Reuters
Poland says Holocaust restitution would equate to 'Hitler's victory'
Poland’s prime minister on Sunday said the demand for the Polish government to ...
Itamar Eichner (21:15 , 05.19.19 )
Denmark police arrest suspect in brutal stabbing of Jewish woman in Sweden
Danish police on Wednesday arrested a man suspected of carrying out a brutal ...
Ynet (11:56 , 05.15.19 )
Photo: AFP
Denied graves by Nazis, resistance fighters finally buried
Executed for standing up against Adolf Hitler's dictatorship and then denied ...
Associated Press (16:54 , 05.14.19 )
Photo: AFP
New edition of Anne Frank diary 'brings the reader closer to her'
A new edition of the diaries of Jewish teenager Anne Frank, based more closely ...
Reuters (21:55 , 05.13.19 )
Polish graphic novel tells Holocaust survivors' tales
A Polish artist has brought the horrors of the Holocaust to life in a graphic ...
Reuters (19:32 , 05.13.19 )
A helping hand in times of trouble
Think of Chabad and you will probably think of Chabad outreach - its religious ...
Ynet (12:55 , 05.13.19 )
Photo: Reuters
Poland nixes Israeli delegation visit in row over Holocaust compensation
Poland has canceled the visit of a delegation of Israeli officials from the ...
Itamar Eichner (10:56 , 05.13.19 )

More Jewish World
Pittsburgh Jewish community seeks public grants for security
Associated Press (10:33 , 05.08.19 )
'Lying under a pile of bodies, I swore I will survive'
Goel Beno (13:20 , 05.03.19 )
German students: Holocaust present in our schools
Adir Yanko (21:59 , 05.02.19 )
New lists shed light on Kastner train passengers
Itai Vilnai (20:15 , 05.02.19 )
Holocaust survey exposes gaps in Austrians' knowledge
Associated Press (09:43 , 05.02.19 )
Anti-Semitism, people are no longer ashamed to show it
Itamar Eichner and Roi Rubinstein (07:55 , 05.02.19 )
Israel preserves Holocaust survivors' memorabilia for future
Associated Press (20:08 , 05.01.19 )
Anti-Semitic attacks spike worldwide, killing most Jews in decades
Associated Press (12:41 , 05.01.19 )
LA judge rules Holocaust survivor isn't rightful owner of Nazi-looted painting
Associated Press (11:13 , 05.01.19 )
Near historic levels of anti-Semitism in US reported by Jewish group
Ynet (11:06 , 05.01.19 )
'If a teenage girl would have had Instagram during the Holocaust'
Raz Shechnik (09:51 , 04.30.19 )
Polish church condemns beating of Jewish effigy in Poland
Associated Press (21:58 , 04.22.19 )
Israeli migration hotspot Berlin sees spike in anti-Semitic attacks
Itamar Eichner (12:43 , 04.22.19 )
US ambassador accused of offending Poland with Passover tweet
Associated Press (22:28 , 04.21.19 ) 
Morocco is a trove of Jewish history if you know where to go
Associated Press (23:40 , 04.20.19 )
This Seder night is different from all other Seder nights
Israel Moskowitz (21:49 , 04.19.19 )
VIDEO: Israelis mindful of feeding the needy at Passover
The Media Line (11:56 , 04.19.19 )
One third of Americans do not believe six million Jews were murdered in Holocaust
Itamar Eichner (10:58 , 04.14.19 )
Victims of Pittsburgh synagogue massacre honored in Capitol
Associated Press (23:14 , 04.10.19 )
Scottish 'Holocaust heroine' who saved Jewish girls lauded in book
Thomson Reuters Foundation (10:01 , 04.06.19 )
Conversion rows and broken Western Wall promises: How Israel is alienating US Jewry
Kobi Nachshoni, Kim Legziel (00:34 , 04.06.19 )
As pope visits Morocco, tiny Jewish community looks on with quiet pride
Reuters (22:21 , 03.31.19 )
German train car arrives in New York for Auschwitz exhibit
Associated Press (20:18 , 03.31.19 )
Palestinian-born Berliner leads efforts to rebuild synagogue
Associated Press (09:56 , 03.29.19 )
German family to give $11M after hearing extent of Nazi past
Associated Press (22:55 , 03.24.19 )
World ORT and Pope Francis sign new deal to extend Scholas World Youth Encounter
World ORT (22:55 , 03.24.19 )
Supreme Court won’t intervene in oldest US synagogue dispute
Associated Press (14:07 , 03.23.19 )
A rare moment of Purim sweetness in the Warsaw ghetto
Itamar Eichner (10:44 , 03.22.19 )
Holocaust denier offering tours of Nazi death camps
Itamar Eichner (16:21 , 03.21.19 )
The two-planet solution
Bruce Stockler (22:32 , 03.20.19 )
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