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Suspected hate crime in Sweden
After receiving anti-Semitic threats—such as “we are following you”, “you dirty ...
Itamar Eichner (16:29 , 10.18.18 )
Photo: AP
Israeli caught urinating in Auschwitz fined $1,350
A 19-year-old Israeli who was caught last March urinating near the Auschwitz ...
Itamar Eichner (22:06 , 10.16.18 )
Photo: Business Gazeta
Bomb targets Russian Jewish community leader
An explosive envelope sent to the president of the Jewish community of Tatarstan ...
Itamar Eichner (12:26 , 10.16.18 )
Photo: Hashomrim
Haredi man attacked while walking to NYC synagogue
Lipa Schwartz, an American ultra-Orthodox Jew, was attacked in New York City on ...
Itamar Eichner (14:47 , 10.15.18 ) 
Photo: AFP
Famous Nazi hunter couple receives top French honors
France's most famous Nazi hunters, Serge Klarsfeld and his German wife Beate, ...
AFP (19:54 , 10.13.18 )
Photo: AP
Outcry as Jews create own group in German far-right party
Jewish members of the far-right Alternative for Germany party, or AfD, have met ...
Associated Press (22:33 , 10.07.18 )
'Free Gaza' sprayed on sukkah at Manhattan park
A public sukkah at the Carl Schurz Park on Manhattan's Upper East Side was ...
Ittai Shickman (12:49 , 10.02.18 )
Photo: Reuters
Jews celebrate Simchat Torah holiday, ending festive period
Jewish men and women danced on Monday with scrolls of the Torah, celebrating the ...
Reuters (10:05 , 10.02.18 ) 
Photo: AP
Germany arrests 7 suspected far-right extremists
German police have arrested seven men on suspicion of forming a "far-right ...
Associated Press, AFP, Ynet (16:17 , 10.01.18 ) 
Photo: EPA
Tens of thousands gather at Western Wall for priestly blessings
Tens of thousands of worshippers gathered at the Western Wall plaza in Jerusalem ...
Reuters (20:44 , 09.26.18 )
Photo: Reuters
Pope warns Lithuanians against rebirth of anti-Semitism
Pope Francis warned Sunday against historic revisionism and any rebirth of ...
Associated Press (11:31 , 09.24.18 )
Photo: Meir Bulka
Prominent Polish rabbi's grave desecrated in Poland
Unidentified vandals desecrated the grave of a the prominent 19th and 20th ...
Itamar Eichner (09:24 , 09.23.18 )
Jews erect Sukkot in preparation for holiday
Israeli Jews began preparations on Thursday for the festival of Sukkot by ...
Reuters (15:28 , 09.22.18 )
Photo: Youtube
Polish police looking for man who threw stone into synagogue
Polish police are looking for a man who threw a stone into a synagogue in Gdansk ...
Associated Press (17:17 , 09.20.18 ) 
Photo: AP
UK PM vows to defend Jews and Israel, in dig at Labour's Corbyn
UK Prime Minister Theresa May pledged on Monday to protect British Jewish ...
Reuters (08:47 , 09.18.18 )
Photo: AFP
Jewish collector's descendant gets Nazi-looted Renoir back
The granddaughter of a Jewish art collector whose paintings were stolen by the ...
Associated Press (21:45 , 09.14.18 )
Photo: Reuters
Former Sex and City star accused of anti-Semitism
A former "Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon, who is running for governor of ...
Associated Press (23:29 , 09.11.18 )
Photo: EPA
As Rosh Hashanah begins, Jewish world population on the up
The number of Jews around the world stands at 14.7 million on the eve of the ...
Ynet (23:37 , 09.09.18 )
Photo: AP
German Jewish group condemns 'strongly rooted' extremism
Germany's Central Council of Jews says the attack on a kosher restaurant in ...
Associated Press, AFP and Ynet (17:01 , 09.09.18 )
Anti-Israel signs pop up all over London
Pro-Palestinian activists recently posted anti-Israeli adverts on bus stops ...
Ynet (12:44 , 09.09.18 )
Photo: AFP
Neo-Nazis attack kosher restaurant in Germany
German media reported Saturday that German authorities are investigating an ...
AFP, Ynet (10:11 , 09.09.18 ) 
Photo: AP
Ukrainian city remembers Jews on Holocaust anniversary
LVIV, Ukraine — The Ukrainian city of Lviv, once a major center of Jewish life ...
Associated Press (20:53 , 09.02.18 )
Former chief rabbi warns of 'existential threat' to UK Jews
Britain's former chief rabbi has warned that Jewish people are thinking about ...
Associated Press (17:11 , 09.02.18 )
Russia's chief rabbi paid secret visit to Tehran
The chief rabbi of Russia made a secret visit to Tehran almost half a year ago ...
Itamar Eichner (09:41 , 09.02.18 )
Photo: AP
Hack causes major apps to show anti-Semitic name
Technology users got a surprise Thursday morning when their social and lifestyle ...
Associated Press (21:28 , 08.31.18 )
Anne & Frank Bakery owner considers name change
The owner of the recently opened Anne & Frank Bakery in Amsterdam has said he is ...
Ynet (20:29 , 08.28.18 )
Report: Swedish cities use public money to fund anti-Semitism
Sweden's municipalities and government are directly and indirectly funding ...
Itamar Eichner (15:17 , 08.28.18 )
Photo: Wikimedia
WJC launches anti neo-Nazi campaign in Sweden
The World Jewish Congress (WJC) launched a campaign Thursday seeking to outlaw ...
Itamar Eichner (11:21 , 08.24.18 ) 
Ukraine renovates 19th century synagogue where Begin was married
An edifice of a 19th century Ukrainian synagogue, known as the largest synagogue ...
Tali Farkash (15:15 , 08.21.18 )
Photo: my9
'People turn to me, broken: What's happening to our Israel?’
It has been a long time since we've found American-Jewish voices so critical of ...
Carrie Rubinstein (10:32 , 08.11.18 )

More Jewish World
Poland obtains archive of diplomats' efforts to rescue Jews
Associated Press (13:53 , 08.07.18 )
Amazon removes Nazi-themed items after complaints
Associated Press (10:19 , 08.06.18 )
Romania probes anti-Semitic graffiti on Elie Wiesel's house
Associated Press (19:24 , 08.04.18 )
Jewish teens enlisted to fight anti-Semitism in Germany
Associated Press (17:10 , 08.03.18 )
UK Jewish leader urges apology over Labour anti-Semitism
Associated Press (19:55 , 08.02.18 )
Corbyn ally says rabbis 'make up duff information' on anti-Semitism
Ynet (17:46 , 08.01.18 )
House Speaker Paul Ryan uncovers Jewish roots
Associated Press (14:16 , 08.01.18 )
UK Jewish activist warns 'stampede' of Jews would leave if Corbyn rules
Attila Somfalvi and Alexandra Lukash (20:28 , 07.30.18 ) 
Swastika, Nazi flags and Iron Crosses graffiti at Indiana synagogue
Amir Bogen, New York (13:00 , 07.30.18 )
UK Jewish newspapers: Labour leader Corbyn poses 'existential threat'
Reuters (15:14 , 07.26.18 ) 
Polish couple uncovers Jewish gravestones in their barn
Eli Senyor (12:16 , 07.23.18 ) 
In Austria, kosher meat only for 'registered Jews'
Itay Mashiach (15:29 , 07.21.18 )
Finding the Jews of Montenegro: One man’s mission
The Media Line (11:12 , 07.21.18 )
Tisha B'Av fast to begin day late due to Shabbat
Elisha Ben Kimon (20:01 , 07.20.18 )
Hungary soccer team, Jewish leaders remember heroic coach
Associated Press (22:33 , 07.14.18 )
Martin Luther letter critical of Jews is up for auction
Associated Press (17:41 , 07.11.18 )
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