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Photo: JTA
American rabbi fights Jewish stereotypes via China’s version of TikTok
With two degrees in Asian studies and 15 years of his life spent living and ...
JTA/Jordyn Haime (18:01 , 08.04.22 )
Photo: B'nai Brith Canada
Canada says Jews most-targeted religious minority for hate crimes in 2021
Canada’s 380,000 Jews were the most targeted religious minority for hate crimes ...
David Lazarus/JTA (21:57 , 08.03.22 )
Photo: Auschwitz Museum
A precious ring and a penknife found in Auschwitz during preservation efforts
A gold ring wiPhoto: Auschwitz Museum th a precious stone was found during ...
Itamar Eichner (20:47 , 08.03.22 )
Photo: Courtesy/JTA
Jewish superhero Liberty fights antisemites in new comics anthology
Daniel Kalban is a 33-year-old law firm assistant who lives in Flatbush, ...
Jacob Henry / JTA (10:15 , 08.03.22 )
Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
Haredi IDF paratroopers welcome first homegrown commander
IDF Captain Moti Kaminstein has quite a unique life story, and now he can add ...
Korin Elbaz Alush (21:36 , 08.02.22 )
Photo: Via Gettyimages
Jewish buyer snags Hitler’s watch for $1.1M
The Maryland auction house that faced fierce criticism last week for auctioning ...
Philissa Cramer/JTA (09:35 , 08.02.22 )
Photo: Chabad Odesa
Jewish Ukrainian orphaned children find refuge in Chabad house
The Chabad orphanage in the Ukrainian city of Odesa - which relocated to Berlin ...
Itamar Eichner (22:41 , 08.01.22 )
Photo: Screenshot
Israeli woman abused by Haredi passengers over sitting in front seat on bus
A young Israeli woman was accosted by Haredi passengers on a public bus for ...
Tali Farkash, Alexandra Lukash, Kobi (14:11 , 08.01.22 ) 
Photo: AP / Michal Dyjuk
Jewish volunteers bond with Ukrainian kids at summer camp
A five-year-old girl's drawing at a summer camp in Poland's capital caught the ...
Associated Press (08:42 , 07.31.22 )
Photo: Yairv Katz
Russian Jews sidestep Jewish Agency to immigrate to Israel
Often in moments of crisis, people will find a way to get the help they need. ...
The Media Line (19:14 , 07.30.22 )
Photo: Alexander Historical Auctions
Jewish leaders call on U.S. auction house to drop sale of Nazi paraphernalia
Jewish leaders called Thursday on a U.S. auction house to abandon the sale of a ...
Itamar Eichner (22:14 , 07.28.22 )
Photo: David I. Klein
In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jews are barred from political positions of power
Thousands of people gathered outside the gates of the Office of the High ...
David I. Klein/JTA (18:57 , 07.28.22 )
Photo: AP
Zelensky reportedly strips 3 Jewish oligarchs of citizenship
Three powerful and prominent Jews in Ukraine appear to have had their ...
Cnaan Liphshiz/JTA (17:01 , 07.28.22 )
Photo: Auschwitz Memorial
Calls for preservation as chilling Auschwitz monument gives way to elements
A chilling monument in the former Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau is slowly ...
Itamar Eichner (13:33 , 07.27.22 )
Photo: JTA
Auburn University men’s basketball team to embark on Israel trip
The Auburn University men’s basketball team will travel to Israel this weekend ...
Jacob Gurvis/JTA (10:13 , 07.27.22 )
Photo: AP
Feds investigate USC student’s complaint of anti-Semitism
The U.S. Department of Education will investigate the University of Southern ...
Associated Press (22:13 , 07.26.22 )
Photo: AFP
Hungarian Jewish group seeks meeting with PM Orban on 'mixed race' remark
A leading Hungarian Jewish group, citing tragic memories, said on Monday that ...
Reuters (21:04 , 07.25.22 )
Russia detains liberal politician for not reporting Israeli citizenship
Russian authorities detained on Monday a liberal politician who recently ...
Itamar Eichner, Associated Press (20:11 , 07.25.22 )
Photo: Cnaan Liphshiz
How Russia’s war is undoing 30 years of Jewish community building in Ukraine
At this city’s only regularly functioning synagogue, nine men and five women ...
Cnaan Liphshiz/JTA (13:01 , 07.21.22 )
Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
IDF chief pays tribute to Morocco’s Jewish community
Israeli army Chief of Staff General Aviv Kochavi visited the Jewish community in ...
i24NEWS (09:22 , 07.21.22 )
Photo: Cobb County, Georgia
Georgia pauses replacement of school symbol resembling Nazi insignia
The rollout of a new logo for an Atlanta area elementary school has been paused ...
Associated Press (20:48 , 07.20.22 )
Photo: AFP
U.S. rabbi reviving Jewish roots in her family’s Italian town
From a rustic, tiny synagogue she fashioned from her family’s ancestral home in ...
Associated Press (13:35 , 07.20.22 )
Photo: AFP
Over 80% of Olim who arrived in Israel since outset of Ukraine war intend to stay
A poll conducted by Israel’s Aliyah and Integration Ministry revealed on Tuesday ...
i24NEWS (09:25 , 07.20.22 )
Photo: Yariv Katz
U.S. rabbi and convicted sex offender denied Israeli citizenship
Israel’s Interior Ministry denied the immigration request of a rabbi from the ...
i24NEWS (20:20 , 07.19.22 )
Jewish summer camps in Ukraine open their doors despite ongoing war
Chabad and local rabbis have been running summer camps for Jewish children ...
Itamar Eichner (20:08 , 07.19.22 )
Photo: Courtesy
A 100-year-old Cleveland Jewish doctor officially the world’s oldest practicing physician
The day after his 100th birthday on July 10, Dr. Howard Tucker headed downtown ...
JTA/Krisen Mott (13:44 , 07.19.22 )
Photo: JTA
Antisemitism scandal roils international art exhibition in Germany
The director of a major international art exhibition has resigned after a work ...
Toby Axelrod/JTA (20:33 , 07.18.22 )
Photo: Alex Kolomoisky
Rabbis refuse to recognize hundreds of conversions conducted in Israel
Rabbis refuse to recognize conversion to Judaism of hundreds of people who ...
Kobi Nachshoni (14:19 , 07.18.22 )
Photo: AFP
Macron decries antisemitism on 80th anniversary of Jewish deportations
French President Emmanuel Macron warned against antisemitism and historical ...
i24NEWS (08:43 , 07.18.22 )
Photo: Courtesy of Besht Kinder
Ukrainian army appoints chief rabbi to assist troops and boost morale
In the past few months, Rabbi Hillel Cohen has been running all over war-torn ...
Edward Doks (21:09 , 07.17.22 )

More Jewish World
Macron to mark 80th anniversary of WWII round-up of Jews in France
AFP (13:02 , 07.17.22 )
After terror wave, Haredi men take up arms to protect their communities
Kobi Nachshoni (18:55 , 07.15.22 )
Half of Holocaust-related posts on Telegram deny or distort facts, UN says
Reuters (23:03 , 07.14.22 )
Jewish group asks Iceland to act on pro-Palestine website
Associated Press (21:53 , 07.14.22 )
Jewish Agency urges security for non-Orthodox worship at Western Wall
i24NEWS (13:07 , 07.14.22 )
Chilean Jews outraged after booze vendor uses antisemitic meme in ad
Itamar Eichner (22:24 , 07.13.22 )
Holocaust survivors to meet Biden at Yad Vashem
Hadar Gil-Ad (17:54 , 07.13.22 )
Ukrainian soldiers undergo brit milah as war rekindles Jewish spark
Edward Doks (12:12 , 07.11.22 )
Harassment at a Western Wall bar mitzvah renews fight over prayer spaces
Andrew Lapin/JTA (10:24 , 07.10.22 )
U.S. envoy discusses hostility towards Jews with Saudi officials
Reuters (22:47 , 07.07.22 )
Moscow chief rabbi ousted after refusing to back Russian invasion
Itamar Eichner (20:52 , 07.07.22 )
Ukrainian envoy warns Uman unsafe for pilgrims
Itamar Eichner, Kobi Nachshoni (20:07 , 07.07.22 )
Jewish Ukrainian war survivor recovers in Israel
Alexandra Lukash (20:42 , 07.06.22 )
Fourth of July mass shooter sized up local Chabad
i24NEWS, Reuters (08:53 , 07.06.22 )
Judges dismiss Jewish couple’s suit alleging adoption bias
Associated Press (23:29 , 07.05.22 )
Moscow imposes curbs on Jewish Agency operations, official says
Sivan Hilaie (18:56 , 07.05.22 )
Dutch review government art collection for possible Nazi plunder
Reuters (20:32 , 07.04.22 )
Once a church, once a mosque: the riveting story of Tirat Carmel's ancient synagogue
Lior El-Hai (23:04 , 07.03.22 )
Jewish group's Kyiv home has become a safe haven during wartime
Michelle Cohen/JTA (21:30 , 07.03.22 )
Black Jewish leader works to boost community, inclusiveness
Associated Press (16:50 , 07.03.22 )
Ultra-Orthodox vandalize prayer books protesting liberal Jews at Western Wall
Kobi Nachshoni (21:24 , 06.30.22 ) 
Pro-Palestine mapping website raises alarm in Jewish groups
Associated Press (20:58 , 06.29.22 )
With help of NYC synagogue, young Ukrainian Jewish couple set to marry in Israel
JTA/Julia Gergely (15:05 , 06.29.22 )
Former Nazi camp guard, 101, gets five-year jail sentence
AFP (15:09 , 06.28.22 )
Ex-NYC mayor de Blasio rejects support of pro-Israel lobby in Congress race
JTA/Jacob Henry (11:33 , 06.28.22 )
American Jews gear up for wave of post-Roe activism
JTA/Ron Kampeas (23:53 , 06.27.22 )
Only third of young Jewish Americans care if progeny also Jewish, study finds
Itamar Eichner (20:24 , 06.27.22 )
Jewish community cries antisemitism amid Portugal criminal probe
Cnaan Liphshiz/JTA (22:18 , 06.26.22 )
Australian state outlaws public displays of Nazi swastikas
Associated Press (12:37 , 06.22.22 )
Ukraine's only mohel returns to warzone on a Jewish mission
Itamar Eichner (12:02 , 06.22.22 )
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