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Australian schools facing pandemic of institutionalized antisemitism
Much has been said and written about rising antisemitism in Europe and the ...
Emily Schrader (23:38 , 05.26.23 )
Photo: EPA
U.S. launches first-ever national strategy to combat antisemitism and 'other forms of hate'
Washington on Thursday unveiled a strategy for combating antisemitism, the ...
I24NEWS (00:02 , 05.26.23 )
Photo: B Photography & Designs
Jewish online fitness guru says doesn't require approval to follow religion
Can one be a religious Orthodox Jewish woman in the U.S., an hour away from any ...
Yaniv Pohoryles (23:57 , 05.25.23 )
Photo: AP
Protests planned for Roger Waters concert in Frankfurt
The Jewish community in Frankfurt, Germany was preparing to protest the ...
Ynet (23:45 , 05.25.23 ) 
Left to the ravages of time: Delving into the Portuguese Inquisition archives
On April 1st, 1582, the Inquisition burned my aunt Genebra da Fonseca to ...
Jon Feder (15:58 , 05.25.23 ) 
Antisemites use anti-Israel bias to target Jewish UK students
Like most Western countries today, the United Kingdom is facing an unprecedented ...
Emily Schrader (14:26 , 05.24.23 )
Warsaw University honors memory of Jewish victims of Polish antisemitism
For the first time, a Polish University has honored the memory of Jewish ...
Itamar Eichner (14:13 , 05.24.23 )
Photo: Plastics, KKL-JNF Archives
How did they celebrate Shavuot in pre-state Israel?
Ahead of the holiday of Shavuot, Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael – Jewish National Fund ...
Dennis Bihler (15:28 , 05.23.23 )
Photo: Public relations
Michael Siegal elected next president of Maccabi World Union
Industrialist and activist Michael Siegal has been elected president of the ...
Dennis Bihler (12:44 , 05.23.23 )
Photo: JRNU
Light unto the nations: How Kherson's synagogue became a massive outreach center
The city of Kherson, Ukraine hasn't known peace since the Russian invasion ...
Edward Doks (12:17 , 05.23.23 ) 
Photo: JCC Chabad Kyiv
Kyiv's Jewish community elders return home after months at Polish shelter
For over half a year, about 200 elderly people from the Jewish community in Kyiv ...
Gilad Meiri (16:04 , 05.22.23 )
Photo: Courtesy of Paul Dahan
Spanish, Morrocan and Jewish? The curious case of Tangier's Jewish community
Can one be Spanish, Moroccan and Jewish at the same time while living under ...
Yaniv Pohoryles (15:22 , 05.22.23 )
Photo: Shai Levene/The Media Line
Colombian descendants of crypto-Jews rediscover their roots
About 300 Jews belong to the Jewish community in Bello, a small city in ...
The Media Line (18:41 , 05.19.23 )
Photo: Foreign Ministry
Rare Nazi documents exhibited in Poland archive
A Nazi document marked top secret revealing the life of Jews and their ...
Itamar Eichner (23:29 , 05.18.23 )
Photo: Alex Kolomoisky
How a Torah dedicated in India came to Israel
In 1898, Amam, the daughter of Salih Sassoon from India's Jewish community, ...
Gilad Cohen (20:55 , 05.18.23 )
Photo: Courtesy
'It's a business, but also Chesed': Couple helps autistic Jewish people find love
In two weeks, Jeremy Hamburgh and Ilana Frank will stand under the chuppah and ...
Nitzi Yakov (13:27 , 05.18.23 )
Photo: Nefesh B'Nefesh
Daughter of Nazi death camp liberator fulfills her dream and makes Aliyah at 72
Drey Chaya Hochstein from Florida made Aliyah on Wednesday, fulfilling her ...
Itamar Eichner (12:58 , 05.18.23 )
Photo: Shutterstock
Will AI help spread antisemitism? Most Americans believe so
Three-quarters of Americans are very concerned about the potential harm that ...
Itamar Eichner (08:13 , 05.18.23 )
Photo: Oz Moalem
Codex Sasson sells for over $38 million
Codex Sassoon, the oldest Hebrew Bible known to that has been preserved ...
Ynet (23:43 , 05.17.23 ) 
Photo: AP
Biden speaks out against 'antisemitic bile' during Jewish American Heritage Month celebration
President Joe Biden marked Jewish American Heritage Month on Tuesday by ...
Associated Press (09:11 , 05.17.23 )
Photo: Antique Arena
Yellow star, Zyklon B canister among items for sale in New York auction
A can of Zyklon B gas used by the Nazis to murder Jews in the gas chambers, ...
Daniel Edelson, New York (08:34 , 05.17.23 )
Photos: Reuters
Elon Musk tweets against George Soros - and antisemitism on Twitter soars
The phrase "The Jews" (The Jews) jumped up the list of trending topics on ...
Itamar Eichner (17:36 , 05.16.23 )
Photo: Wade Vandervort, /AFP via Getty Images
Republican Jewish Coalition favors continued Ukraine assistance
The Republican Jewish Coalition is calling on Congress to maintain defense ...
Ron Kampeas / JTA (11:38 , 05.16.23 )
Photo: Jonathan Zindel
Diaspora minister says 48% rise in violent antisemitic incidents since 2022
The Diaspora Affairs Ministry revealed on Monday, that antisemitic incidents ...
Itamar Eichner (08:19 , 05.16.23 )
Photo: Via Facebook
When fame meets faith: Rabbi's memorable encounter with Noa Kirel
Just before Noa Kirel returned to Israel after an iconic performance at the ...
Ynet (22:10 , 05.15.23 )
Photo: AP
2 charged in Austria with playing Hitler speeches on train intercom
Two people were charged in Austria for allegedly playing speeches by Adolf ...
Associated Press (14:04 , 05.15.23 )
Photo: Christie's auction house
Jewelry with Nazi ties breaks sales records at auction
Jewelry belonging to an Austrian billionaire with ties to the Nazi regime ...
Ynet (12:45 , 05.15.23 )
Adidas to sell off Yeezy shoes, donate proceeds to those ‘hurt by Kanye’s statements’
The sportswear giant Adidas announced it would sell off its remaining inventory ...
Andrew Lapin/JTA (09:51 , 05.15.23 )
Photo: National Library
Preserving history: National Library unveils surviving artifacts from Nazi book burnings on 90th anniversary
On the evening of May 10, 1933, a large procession of German students marched to ...
Korin Elbaz-Alush (18:00 , 05.14.23 )
Photo: JRCC
96-y/o circumcised - 'Now I truly feel like a real free man'
According to Jewish belief, the profit Abraham was circumcised at the age of ...
Itamar Eichner (23:47 , 05.11.23 ) 

More Jewish World
Under attack: White supremacists lead antisemitic charge in U.S.
Emily Schrader (12:17 , 05.09.23 )
Eight children in four births: 'It’s as exciting as first time'
Alexandra Lukash (16:24 , 05.08.23 ) 
Top Jewish philanthropist believes Israeli government will fall in a matter of months
Daniel Edelson, New York (13:36 , 05.08.23 )
Dutch police arrest soccer fans over antisemitic chants
Itamar Eichner (23:41 , 05.07.23 )
World's oldest journalist reflects on Jewish community's greatest struggles
Emily Schrader (21:39 , 05.07.23 )
Between Ukraine and Russia, Transnistria's Jews stay on the fence on war
Edward Doks, Tiraspol (23:32 , 05.06.23 )
Divine diet: What does halacha say about eating meat?
Itzchak Tessler (09:00 , 05.06.23 )
'They respect us and we respect them': Saudi Arabia's first Chabad center prospers
Ynet (08:48 , 05.05.23 )
British rabbis praise King Charles before attending coronation
Einav Schiff, London; Itamar Eichner (03:55 , 05.05.23 ) 
Indian Jews caught in tribal cross-fire
Itamar Eichner (22:05 , 05.04.23 ) 
NY rabbis sign statement against AI calling it 'abomination'
Daniel Edelson, New York (20:37 , 05.04.23 )
1 in 5 Americans has family member, friend who doesn't like Jews
Itamar Eichner (20:28 , 05.04.23 )
Honoring the past, building for the future: Porto's Jewish community inaugurates new cemetery
Itamar Eichner (21:21 , 05.02.23 )
Miep Gies: More than just Anne Frank's guardian angel
ILTV (12:13 , 05.02.23 ) 
Barbra Streisand awarded 10th anniversary Genesis Prize
Ran Boker (09:48 , 05.02.23 )
Descendant of slaves who became Orthodox rabbi: 'People always looked at me different'
Itzchak Tessler (18:32 , 05.01.23 )
'They called me Anne Frank,' says Bruna so she moved to Israel
Yaniv Pohoryles (11:44 , 05.01.23 )
A glimpse into the mysterious Jewish community of Afghanistan
YItzhak Tesler (08:15 , 05.01.23 )
La Colonie Scolaire: How French activists saved Jewish children
I24NEWS (20:38 , 04.30.23 )
Official NYC data: ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods hardest hit by COVID, life expectancy drops for first time
Daniel Edelson, New York (17:58 , 04.30.23 )
Yad Vashem, academics, institutions, condemn Poland attack on Holocaust historian
Dinah Spritzer/JTA (10:12 , 04.30.23 )
'God didn't hear us': Holocaust survivor shares story with her granddaughter
Shmuel Munitz‎ (20:35 , 04.29.23 ) 
The dream is gone: Argentina's vanishing Jewish gauchos
Itzchak Tessler (09:02 , 04.29.23 )
Half of Israeli expatriates never intend to come back, survey shows
Itamar Eichner (12:12 , 04.27.23 )
Man steals, burns Israel flags outside Jewish day school in Montreal
Itamar Eichner (11:10 , 04.27.23 )
Antisemitism is threat to democracy, US hate envoy says
Marcy Oster (09:58 , 04.27.23 )
Let's talk tachles: What do Olim truly think of Israel?
Nitzi Yakov (16:05 , 04.26.23 )
Israeli ulpana student crowned International Bible Contest winner
Tamar Trabelsi Hadad (14:12 , 04.26.23 ) 
Holocaust survivor does not forget: 'Even in Brooklyn they called me a dirty Jew'
Shmuel Munitz (09:21 , 04.23.23 ) 
Threads of tradition: Unraveling the history of Ionnina's Romaniote Jews
Dr. Yoel Rappel (13:54 , 04.22.23 )
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