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Gilad Shalit returns home

Gilad Shalit
IDF Staff-Sergeant Gilad Shalit was abducted on 25 June 2006 by Gaza-based terror groups. He was held in Hamas captivity for nearly five and a half years and denied Red Cross visitation. In October 2011, after prolonged negotiations, Shalit was released in exchange for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners. More…
Gilad Shalit (Photo: AP)
Gilad Shalit – A Childhood in Snapshots
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Yair Lapid
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Ariana Melamed
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Ron Ben-Yishai
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Robi Damelin
No doubt, the Arabs won
Yigal Walt  
An Israeli day of victory
Miki Goldwasser
Waiting for my grandson
Zvi Shalit
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Giora Inbar
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Yoram Schweitzer
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Adi Mintz
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Shimon Shiffer
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Kobi Kimchi
Shalit and Iran connection
Alex Fishman
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Ron Ben-Yishai
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Full coverage
Gilad Shalit reunites with his family
The Shalit deal through foreign eyes
Gili Gurel
Behind the scenes of the Shalit deal
Ron Ben-Yishai
Cabinet approves Shalit deal
Attila Somfalvi
'No red lines crossed in Shalit deal'
Aviel Magnezi
'Outline of Shalit deal stands despite Hamas
Attila Somfalvi
'Shalit deal detrimental to peace'
Ynet Reporters
'Shalit deal proves State doesn’t abandon
Tomer Velmer
Ahmadinejad: Shalit deal a great victory
Dudi Cohen
'Hezbollah instructed Hamas on Shalit talks'
Elior Levy
477 prisoners handed over to Red Cross
Ynet reporters  
Bereaved families petition High Court against
Yair Altman
Shin Bet chief: Shalit deal - best possible
Yoav Zitun
Ex-Mossad chief slams Shalit deal
Yair Altman
Fatah: Prisoners list makes no sense
Elior Levy
Terrorists among inmates to be freed in Shalit
Raanan Ben-Zur
Tzohar: Settlement homes in return for Shalit
Was Iran involved in Shalit deal negotiations?
Watch first and last appearance of Shalit in
Hagai Einav

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'At night I whisper – Gilad, come home'
Aviva Shalit
The hope-despair continuum
Anat Meidan

  • Gilad Shalit returns to Israel
  • Shalits to High Court: Don't change deal
  • Shalit family prepares for Gilad's return
  • Last appearance of Shalit in October 2009 video

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