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prisoner exchange

A nation mourns
Israel bows its head, grieves for fallen sons Eldad Regev, Ehud Goldwasser, last fatalities of Second Lebanon War
Lighting memorial candles for Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser (Photo: AP)
'People of values, not prices'
Emotional day winds down as Goldwasser, Regev families return home to mourn in private after bidding tearful farewells at funerals
Soldier carrying Israeli flag at Eldad Regev's funeral (Photo: Hagai Aharon)
The speech we won’t hear
Ron Ben-Yishai drafts the post-exchange speech that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert won’t be delivering to the Israeli public
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (Photo: AFP)
  Kidnapping's reenactment
Hizbullah’s ultimate victory
David Harris
Do it for the troops
Hezi Shai
The right move for Israel
Uri Misgav
Lies and more lies
Ronen Bergman
Hizbullah won again
Roee Nahmias
There’s no other deal
Yair Lapid
Something went wrong
Eitan Haber
Our shameless leaders
Alex Fishman
Prisoner swap immoral
Israel Hasson
Bring back the sons
Miki Goldwasser
Look her in the eyes
Shimon Shiffer
A deal we have to make
Sima Kadmon
Close deal with Hizbullah
Ariela Ringel-Hoffman
Another setback for Nasrallah
Shimon Shiffer
Israel's dilemma
Nahum Barnea
Time for new rules
Roee Nahmias
Not worth the price
David Bedein
Nasrallah holds the cards again
Roee Nahmias

Full coverage
Palestinians congratulate Kuntar's family
Ali Waked (13:57 , 07.16.08 ) 
Haran’s brother: I feel defeated and humiliated
Roi Mandel (12:34 , 07.16.08 )
Hizbullah builds 'triumphal arch' near border
Roee Nahmias (00:19 , 07.15.08 )
Cabinet authorizes prisoner exchange deal
Attila Somfalvi (17:30 , 07.15.08 ) 
Captive's father: Killers must pay
Ahiya Raved (14:35 , 07.15.08 )
Israel readies for prisoners' swap
Roee Nahmias (09:55 , 07.14.08 ) 
Paper: Captives will be returned next week
Roee Nahmias (11:31 , 07.01.08 )
Olmert listens to Karnit, and weeps
Roni Sofer (01:52 , 06.30.08 ) 
Emotional, captives' families welcome deal
Ronen Medzini (18:12 , 06.29.08 )
IDF chief: No delay in KIA process
Roni Sofer (14:35 , 06.25.08 )
'Captives' status irrelevant'
Roee Nahmias (13:05 , 06.25.08 )
Families: Declaring captives KIA postponed
Ahiya Raved (09:00 , 06.25.08 )
Karnit Goldwasser threatens to petition High
Roni Sofer (20:05 , 06.24.08 )
Barak: Declaring captives KIA won't delay deal
Hanan Greenberg (11:13 , 06.24.08 )
Hizbullah backtracks in negotiations
Roni Sofer (18:21 , 06.22.08 )
Shas debates Karnit Goldwasser's status
Roni Sofer (14:06 , 06.22.08 )
IDF rabbi considers declaring captives KIA
Hanan Greenberg (20:57 , 06.23.08 )
Regev, Goldwasser families meet Rabbi Yosef
Ahiya Raved (10:15 , 06.22.08 )
Eldad Regev calls on ministers to support swap
Ahiya Raved (19:45 , 06.19.08 )
Report: Israel, Hizbullah close to prisoner swap
Ahiya Raved (19:10 , 06.18.08 )
Israel waiting for Nasrallah
Ron Ben-Yishai (09:36 , 06.17.08 )
Israel offers to free Kuntar for captives
Roni Sofer (20:39 , 05.26.08 )
Hizbullah: Negotiations over captives to
Roee Nahmias (18:34 , 05.24.08 )
Captive's mother: PM causing 3 more Arads
Ahiya Raved (22:59 , 03.31.08 )
45 nations hold rallies for kidnapped soldiers
Neta Sela (00:00 , 10.29.07 )

  News Updates
The Fallen
Reproduction photo: Ido Erez
Families mourn fallen sons

  • Attack and kidnapping
  • Kidnapped: Ehud Goldwasser, Eldad Regev
  • Nasrallah: Hostages in secure location
  • 8 soldiers killed in north
  • Palestinian refugees celebrate kidnapping

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