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Final election results in
Central Elections Committee says results after counting of double-envelope votes, absentee ballots, stand. Final tally gives Kadima 28 Mandates, Likud 27 seats, sees Yisrael Beitenu with 15 mandates. Labor: 13; Shas: 11; United Torah Judaism: 5; Hadash, Ta'al, National Union: 4; Habayit Hayehudi, Balad, Meretz: 3
Photo: AP
Do the right thing
Yair Lapid
Left did not crumble
Uri Misgav
Recipe for political disaster
Eitan Haber
2 prime ministers
Attila Somfalvi
Vote or shut up
Guy Ronen
Election Day thoughts
Shlomo Artzi
Why I won’t be voting
Ervin Eran Shahar
We got what we deserve
Ali Zahalka
Thank you, Tzipi
Anat Gov
Be careful what you wish for
B. Michael
Is he really that terrible?
Hanoch Daum
Livni is right
Ariana Melamad
Gimmick with a beard
Emmanuel Rosen
What about Judaism?
Yael Mishali
Confusion on the Right
Yoel Meltzer

Gaza op: Election campaigns on hold
Attila Somfalvi
Dalia Itzik wins Kadima primaries
Attila Somfalvi
Likud veterans prevail in primaries
Amnon Meranda
Herzog wins Labor primaries
Attila Somfalvi
Elections to be held on Feb. 10
Amnon Meranda

Full coverage
Habayit Hayehudi to support Netanyahu
Religious party's top three members meet with Likud Chairman Netanyahu, tell him
Amnon Meranda
Haredi parties join forces against Lieberman
Shas, United Torah Judaism leaders to meet Thursday in bid to form obstructive
Ronen Medzini
Meretz chief: Women's groups harmed us
Chaim Oron tries to come to terms with worst electoral results in party's
Eli Senyor
Expert: Lieberman can hold major portfolio
Constitutional legalist says ongoing police investigation against Yisrael
Roi Mandel
National Union may not support Netanyahu
Likud chairman meets with right-wing party's representatives, asks them to
Kobi Nahshoni
Officials: Livni should consider opposition
Political sources estimate Peres will task Netanyahu with forming next
Attila Somfalvi
Arabs fear rise of hard-right in Israel
Arab world fears rise of Israeli right will impede peace process with
Associated Press
Livni wastes no time, meets with Lieberman
Kadima and Likud fight over who will form coalition. In attempt to thwart
Attila Somfalvi
Barak to Labor MKs: We'll sit in opposition
Labor chairman tells shrinking party's MKs it will not enter any coalition.
Attila Somfalvi
Shas hints might join Lieberman coalition
Netanyahu meets Shas leader in bid to garner support for Likud-led coalition.
Ronen Medzini
Meretz shock: Gal-On not in Knesset
Many in left-wing party did not wait for election results before pointing finger
Eli Senyor
Yisrael Beiteinu doesn't rule out Livni as PM
After becoming third biggest Knesset faction, Yisrael Beiteinu knows it holds
Yael Branovsky
No clear winner: Kadima 28, Likud 27
With nearly all ballots counted, Kadima continues to hold extremely narrow lead
Parties plea: We need your vote
Experience, vision, responsibility, determination – leaders of four major
Meretz: Ballots tainted with Lieberman's name
Elections Committee receives 68 complaints of Election Day irregularities;
Eli Senyor
Party leaders cast ballots
(Video) 50.3% of those eligible to vote for Israel's 18th Knesset exercise their
Ynet reporters  
Police stop Marzel from entering Umm al-Fahm
Northern District Police orders extreme right-wing activist to stay away from
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
A treat for every voter
Twenty-one-year-old Amotz Eyal launches campaign intended to increase voter
Daniel Edelson
Police on high alert ahead of Election Day
Some 16,000 officers prepare to deploy across country Tuesday in order to ensure
Efrat Weiss
Marzel won't be barred from Umm al-Fahm
Committee's presidency says it won't intervene in National Union's decision to
Aviad Glickman
Shas: Lieberman to legalize civil marriage
Religious party slams Rightist leader's visit to Western Wall, claims he will
Ronen Medzini
Peres urges Israelis to vote
For the sake of security, economy, democracy, President Shimon Peres urges
Bibi, Yuval Rabin call for unity government
Likud chairman, slain prime minister's son hold joint press conference in Tel
Amnon Meranda
IDF soldiers cast votes on Mount Hermon
Portable ballot-box placed on thin blanket of snow to allow troops serving in
Hagai Einav
Who will Golan Heights voters favor?
Many of northern region's residents inclined to lend their vote to right-wing
Hagai Einav
Parties in last-ditch efforts to woo voters
Candidates use last day before Knesset elections to give last push to fight over
Ynet reporters
Olmert formally endorses Livni
Outgoing prime minister, in first formal endorsement, backs colleague from his
Netanyahu: We are rooted in Golan
Opposition chairman attends tree planting ceremony in northern Israel, promises
Hagai Einav
World curious about Avigdor Lieberman
Yisrael Beiteinu chairman's success in pre-election polls raise sparks global
Yael Branovsky
Rabbi Yosef: Lieberman voters back Satan
Lieberman under attack: Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef tells followers
Ynet reporters
Yaalon: Lieberman may recommend Livni
Former IDF chief and Likud candidate says Yisrael Beiteinu chairman may tell
Amnon Meranda
Mazuz: Marzel's presence risky
Attorney general asks Elections Committee to disqualify extreme right-wing
Aviad Glickman
Livni challenges Bibi to a debate
'Public demands candidates present policies on threats Israel is facing,' Kadima
Attila Somfalvi
Likud, Kadima in head-to-head race
Last poll held before voting day gives Likud 25 mandates, Kadima 23. Numbers
Labor MKs: No coalition with Lieberman
'We are losing votes due to your willingness to sit with Yisrael Beiteinu in the
Attila Somfalvi
Arab parties seek to expand Jewish electorate
Balad, United Arab List-Ta'al boast small but loyal Jewish electorate, which
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Shas' Rabbi Yosef TV ad disqualified
Central Elections Committee finds campaign ad featuring ultra-Orthodox party
Aviad Glickman
Barak: Labor will stop Likud's capitalism
Labor Party launches social-economic campaign stressing its opposition to
Attila Somfalvi
National Union candidate: Kahane was right
Dr. Michael Ben-Ari, No. 4 on rightist party's Knesset list, offers to expel
Kobi Nahshoni
Meretz activists detained near Bibi's home
Thousands of stickers against Likud chairman glued onto dustbins in central
Eli Senyor
Netanyahu gives daily online address to nation
Just like US President Barack Obama, Likud chairman delivers online daily speech
Amnon Meranda


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