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  WikiLeaks Scandal
Special Ynetnews coverage from Israel: Hundreds of thousands of secret documents uncovered by WikiLeaks website reveal 'behind the scenes' of diplomatic world

Leaked Documents
US memo: Israel favored Egypt's Suleiman
According to leaked cable, American diplomats stated in 2008 there is no
Ynet (07:58 , 02.08.11 )
Cable: IDF officials corrupt
US businessmen accuse officials at Karni crossing of taking bribes to allow
Yuval Man (13:04 , 01.06.11 )
Cables: Israel vowed to limit Gaza economy
Blockade to keep Gaza 'functioning at lowest level possible' without
Reuters (13:01 , 01.05.11 )
Iranian hard-liners blocked nuke deal
Secret cable published by WikiLeaks reveals Turkish FM Davutoglu told visiting
Associated Press (15:54 , 01.04.11 )
Cable: Iranians love President Obama
New cables reveal rise of ayatollah influence; who you need to know to be
Yuval Mann (09:59 , 01.04.11 )
'Israel planned large-scale war in 2009'
Leaked US diplomatic cables quote IDF chief as saying army must stop Hamas from
AFP (18:01 , 01.02.11 )
Iran: Ahmadinejad was not slapped
Spokesman says WikiLeaks report saying Revolutionary Guards chief slapped
Dudi Cohen (16:58 , 01.01.11 )
WikiLeaks: US frustrated with Egypt military
Diplomatic memos show discontent with army's top brass for failing to adapt to
Associated Press (11:31 , 12.31.10 )
Assange: Info will spark Arab world coups
WikiLeaks founder tells Al Jazeera leaked documents in his possession show top
Roee Nahmias (18:55 , 12.30.10 )
Dubai asked for US help in Mabhouh probe
Diplomatic cable revealed by WikiLeaks show Dubai police asked US to check
Ronen Medzini (07:59 , 12.28.10 )
US memo: Israel bombed Syrian reactor
Cable leaked to WikiLeaks website, but yet to be published, is first and
Ynet (06:45 , 12.24.10 )
NZ politician: Ex-US envoy clueless
In response to leaked cable in which former ambassador accuses Wellington of
Ynet (20:12 , 12.23.10 )
Libya: Marks & Spencer 'Zionist'
Leaked cables reveal Tripoli authorities tried to force out British company
Ynet (14:08 , 12.21.10 )
Israel suspected in Assad aide's death
Leaked cable reveals Syria believed Jewish state was behind General Muhammad
Ynet (10:43 , 12.21.10 )
PM to US: How will you handle Iran?
Leaked document reveals that on April 2009, shortly after taking office,
Ynet reporters (07:40 , 12.21.10 )
Yadlin wanted Hamas takeover
Diplomatic cable reveals former military intelligence chief regarded 2007
Attila Somfalvi (18:38 , 12.20.10 )
'Diskin called PA counterpart psychpath'
Newly released cables from 2007 reveal what Diskin thought of 'desperate'
Attila Somfalvi (16:25 , 12.20.10 )
Ahmadinejad exploiting soccer squad
Memo sent by American diplomats in Gulf to Washington last year claims Iranian
Eyal Lehmann (11:05 , 12.19.10 )
Spielberg blacklisted by Arab League
Memo sent from US embassy in Damascus to Washington reveals 14 Arab states voted
Yitzhak Benhorin (09:35 , 12.18.10 )
US appeals to India over Syria ties
Leaked document reveals Washington asked government in New Delhi to look into
Ynet (09:24 , 12.17.10 )
A farmer named Suha Arafat?
WikiLeaks documents reveal American diplomats were puzzled by request for
Ronen Medzini (09:13 , 12.15.10 )
Ashkenazi: Hezbollah behind Jordan attack
According to leaked document, IDF chief of staff told diplomatic sources Shiite
Yuval Mann (12:34 , 12.08.10 )
'Syria refused to join war against Israel'
According to diplomatic cable, Iranian officials asked Damascus to help them
Ynet (08:13 , 12.08.10 )
Saudi plan for anti-Hezbollah force revealed
Leaked US diplomatic cable says Saudi Arabia proposed setting up Arab force to
AFP and Ynet (07:39 , 12.08.10 )
Report: Hezbollah missiles can reach Tel Aviv
New York Times quotes Pentagon official as saying Lebanese Shiite group has
Yitzhak Benhorin, AFP (08:21 , 12.07.10 )
'Iran installed telecom network for Hezbollah'
US cables leaked by WikiLeaks reveal Lebanese government's discovery of secret
Ynet (00:57 , 12.07.10 )
Clinton: Saudi Arabia funding terror
Principal American ally described in diplomatic cables revealed by WikiLeaks as
Yitzhak Benhorin (10:42 , 12.06.10 )
Iran 'dominant player' in Iraq politics
Leaked US diplomatic cable reveals Tehran using 'all means of diplomacy,
AFP (18:05 , 12.05.10 )
US cable: French FM says Abbas 'lost'
Kouchner told Clinton in 2009 that PA leader is 'completely isolated', secret
Aviel Magnezi (12:30 , 12.02.10 )
'France lauded Assad in bid to hurt Iran'
Leaked US cable reveals Paris sought to exaggerate Syrian role in French
Yuval Mann (08:52 , 12.02.10 )
'Israel promised land for organized crime?'
Leaked document reveals US ambassador's concern over Israeli crime families'
Yuval Mann (07:35 , 12.02.10 )
'Pakistan tipped off Israel on terror threat'
WikiLeaks revelation: Pakistani spy chief informed Israel of potential India
Reuters (17:13 , 12.01.10 )
Egypt: Iran tried smuggling arms to Gaza
WikiLeaks documents reveal mounting tension between two Muslim countries. 'If
Roee Nahmias (23:13 , 11.30.10 )
Netanyahu: 'Significant trade' with Iraq
Leaked document reveals prime minister told US senator of 'strong but
Ronen Medzini (22:57 , 11.30.10 )
'Senior Iranian general slapped Ahmadinejad'
WikiLeaks memo describes row between Iranian president, General Mohammad Ali
Roee Nahmias (21:40 , 11.30.10 )
Assad: Iran won't attack Israel with nukes
In leaked document, Syrian president cautions US senators against linking
Roee Nahmias (18:34 , 11.30.10 )
Leaks detail deployment of tactical nukes
NATO condemns WikiLeaks release of confidential and secret diplomatic cables
Associated Press (18:13 , 11.30.10 )
'Netanyahu endorsed land swap concept'
Siding with Lieberman? 2009 document leaked by WikiLeaks suggests prime minister
Ynet (16:12 , 11.30.10 )
Kerry to Qatar: Golan must return to Syria
WikiLeaks cable reveals US senator told Qatar leaders that Israel must make
Yitzhak Benhorin (09:50 , 11.30.10 )
Netanyahu 'badmouths' Olmert
Document originating in US Embassy in Tel Aviv reveals then-opposition leader
Ynet (22:58 , 11.29.10 )
US: Egypt 'stubborn and recalcitrant'
Document written by former US ambassador in Cairo to Secretary of State Clinton
Roi Mandel (21:09 , 11.29.10 )

WikiLeaks exposes Obama
Yoram Ettinger
Welcome to reality
Moshe Dann
Does truth endanger world peace?
Melody Sucharewicz
Obama’s Iran failure
Shoula Romano Horing
Turkey is like Iran
Guy Bechor
The art of doublespeak
Eitan Haber
The human bug
Yisrael Wolman
Apocalypse now
Eitan Haber
Assessing the damages
Ron Ben-Yishai
No alternative to America
Ron Ben-Yishai

Assange promises info on Mabhouh, Lebanon War
Roee Nahmias
Opposition leader: Cables show Iran 'vulnerable'
Associated Press
Barak: WikiLeaks affair delayed freeze
Roni Sofer
Assange: Netanyahu said leaks would help peace
Yitzhak Benhorin
Turkish official: Israel initiated massive leak
Canadian PM's ex-aide: Assassinate Assange
Erdogan calls WikiLeaks docs 'gossip'
Interpol seeks Assange
Associated Press
US severs access to diplomatic files
Associated Press
Turkish FM: We don't hate Israel
Associated Press
Ashkenazi: Intelligence looking into leaks
Hanan Greenberg
Barak: Diplomacy will not be the same
Hanan Greenberg
Sneh: Leaks a blow to democracy
Nir Cohen
UN slams US over 'espionage' revelations
News agencies
Clinton: Leaked memos attack world
News agencies
Iran: Leaks psychological warfare
News agencies
Netanyahu: Let Arabs say the truth out loud
Attila Somfalvi

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