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Government must act fast on growing budget chasm
In February this year, the Treasury delivered to the government an update on the ...
(23:04 , 06.13.19 )
Photo: EPA
How collapse of communism 30 years ago benefited Israel
Thirty years ago, on June 4, 1988, communism died. In the first free and ...
(08:29 , 06.04.19 )
Photo: Reuters
Netanyahu's coalition failure was really a secret success
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed indifference and disregard when coming ...
(23:11 , 06.02.19 )
Photo: Reuters
Israel stays silent as Poland discriminates against its Jews
A delegation from Israel's Ministry of Social Equality, scheduled to visit ...
(18:26 , 05.14.19 )
Photo: EPA
Independence Day for Israel's public welfare
As Israel celebrates its 71st year of independence, the country’s citizens ...
(23:41 , 05.08.19 )
Photo: EPA
Latest Israel-Hamas flare-up made Palestinian state a possibility
Since the first Gaza war in 2008 (known as Operation Cast Lead), every single ...
(15:19 , 05.07.19 )
Photo: Associated Press
Israeli election patterns defy popular theories
A theory circulating around, tries to explain why "the poor voted Likud." This ...
(23:32 , 04.26.19 )
Photo: Reuters
Who owns the Holocaust?
Russian-Israeli poet Avraham Shlonsky, having read reports of the Nazi death ...
(08:13 , 04.21.19 )
Photo: AFP
What's the point of national unity government?
After the final results of the general elections held last week were released, ...
(10:57 , 04.15.19 )
Israeli voters showed they like things just the way they are
The Israeli public has spoken. They want the Likud led by Benjamin Netanyahu, in ...
(20:18 , 04.12.19 )
Photo: Yoav D.
Israel's lurch to the right
The political polls conducted ahead of the April 9, while not predicting who ...
(23:23 , 04.07.19 )

Photo: Yuval Chen

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