Girl taken to hospital
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Photo: AP
Palestinian children injured in attack
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Gazan after IDF attack: Dad died in my arms
(VIDEO) Wiham Ghalia lost his father, a stepmother, 3 sisters and a brother in IDF artillery strike on Gaza beach; in interview with Ynet he and his sister speak of their ordeal from a Gaza hospital

VIDEO - Story of family eradicated in strike on Gaza beach: Wiham Ghalia, 20, and his two sisters, Latifa, 11, and Hadil, 8, stayed alive after the rest of their family vanished in Friday's shelling strike on a Gaza beach.


Video: Reuters (צילום: רויטרס)


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"Soon after the explosions cries were heard and there was a terrible smell of death. My father died in my arms," Ghalia said.


Photos of his sister Hadil weeping by her father's body touched of condemnation worldwide. "When the shells landed, everyone cried and ran away," Hadil told Ynet.


Ali Ghalia, 48, his wife Raisa, 30, her one-and-a-half-year-old daughter Hanadi and her 5-month-old toddler Haitham, and his daughters from a second wife Alia, 24, Elham, 15, and Sabrin, 4, died in the strike.


Ali took his two wifes and his children to the beach Friday afternoon. Ali's second wife Hamdiya, 42, was severely injured in the attack and was taken to the Shifa hospital in Gaza.


Hadil threw herself on the sand near her dead father and cried: "Dad, Dad." A Kuwaiti family who saw images of Hadil weeping in a live news broadcast offered to adopt her.


Hadil was hospitalized in a Beit Lahiya hospital, where doctors allowed this Ynet report to interview her.


Doctors told reporters not to tell her about the fate of her family because she seemed to have forgotten the traumatic incident.


Hadil weeping by her father's dead body (Photo: AFP)


"There was a big boom and screams when the shells landed and I started running. I remember my father lying nearby, and now he is waiting for me. I saw everyone running away and I ran away too. I searched my family and I ran to find mum and dad. Then they took me to hospital. They told me I am a little ill. But I want to return to my family. My parents and my brothers are home waiting for me. I want to return to them," she told Ynet.


Baby trams, tables, and ripped umbrellas stained with blood, were evidence of the horror that took place on the beach.


"All the people started running away as they looked in all directions for their relatives. It was an upsetting scene. Screams and bodies were everywhere. I wanted to reach my father, who was badly injured. I tried to get close to him to tell what we Muslims say in a moment of death. I tried to tell him, 'There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is his prophet,' but he couldn't breathe or open his mouth," Wiham said.


"I saw my father dying in my arms and the bodies of my brother and sisters dispersed everywhere. They took me to hospital, thank God, I am lightly injured, but I lost everything. My family was around me but no one was alive. Four sisters and a brother, my father and a stepmother, but no one was alive. The Israelis ruined my life and my future. I have nothing to say and I have no energy to speak. They said they didn't fire. I don't know what to say. They kill and lie."


Wiham sat in the family's mourning tent in Beit Lahiya when he spoke to Ynet. "I hope Allah will have mercy on them and avenge their death. In a moment we became nothing, with no taste for life. We were by the beach and we tried to find a little happiness and rest and this doesn't happen to us a lot, and until we had the chance to live in this atmosphere; everything was blown away because of the Israelis who don't let us breathe and live. There is no point in living."


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