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Photo: AFP
Al-Sisi's peace plan
During his first trip to Europe, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi gave an ...
Dr. Yaron Friedman (00:56 , 11.26.14 )
Photo: Reuters
Despite nuclear talks' extension, Iran is still on the verge of a bomb
A second extension of the nuclear talks with Iran is the option favored by all ...
Ron Ben-Yishai (00:52 , 11.26.14 )
Photo: Gilad Shai
Evil spirit taking over Middle Eastern studies
The Middle East Studies Association (MESA) has voted to protect its members' ...
Ben-Dror Yemini (17:32 , 11.25.14 )
Photo: Kobi Gideon, GPO
Coverage of Israel should be accurate and impartial, but it's not
On August 2, 1982, during the First Lebanon War, the front pages of the world's ...
Eytan Gilboa (08:56 , 11.25.14 )

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Netanyahu was fiddling while Iran became a nuclear state
Op-ed: Amid talks on Iranian atomic program, the prime minister has been busying
Shimon Shiffer (00:29 , 11.25.14 )
Lies, paranoia and superstitions
Op-ed: Before complaining about the incitement and falsehood culture on the
Nahum Barnea (21:05 , 11.24.14 )
Israeli government vs. State of Israel
Op-ed: Both Israel's prime minister and right-wing ministers know Jewish
Ben-Dror Yemini (10:39 , 11.24.14 )
Iran's ultimatum to the West: All or nothing
Analysis: Real reason for deadlock in nuclear talks that Iranians don't trust
Alex Fishman (00:35 , 11.24.14 )
Jews and Arabs can maintain good relations
Op-ed: We don’t have to hug each other all day, but we must understand that we
Eitan Haber (00:35 , 11.24.14 )
Jewish nation-state law can only cause damage
Op-ed: Proposed basic law will add nothing and solve nothing. In today's
Daniel Friedmann (11:36 , 11.23.14 )
IDF's nightmare scenario in danger of coming true
Analysis: Escalation in Jerusalem and the West Bank brings fear of religious
Ron Ben-Yishai (23:41 , 11.22.14 )
Netanyahu betrays justice and Jerusalem
Op-ed: By ordering demolition of terrorists’ homes in Jerusalem, the prime
Rafael Castro (23:05 , 11.22.14 )
Jerusalem must be divided, now
Op-ed: Israelis must admit that the dream of a united city has produced bad
Ariela Ringel Hoffman (14:41 , 11.22.14 )
No one wants to throw Netanyahu a lifeline
Analysis: The prime minister swung from fanning the flames of election fever on
Sima Kadmon (07:44 , 11.22.14 )
What lies ahead for Israel
Op-ed: The Jerusalem Intifada offers a glimpse into the future to which the
Yuval Diskin (23:07 , 11.21.14 )
Do home demolitions deter or encourage terror?
Two opposing viewpoints on the contentious issue: Terrorists should know their
Smadar Shir and Merav Betito (23:07 , 11.21.14 )
Israel can only manage the conflict, for it cannot end it
Op-ed: Both the left and the right are out of ideas: The Palestinians have
Ben-Dror Yemini (21:24 , 11.21.14 )
The Arafat era is back
Op-ed: PA has returned to the days of pretend condemnation statements,
Guy Bechor (12:22 , 11.21.14 )
Israel needs elections now
Op-ed: The person solely responsible for not providing security to Israel's
Shimon Shiffer (00:23 , 11.21.14 )
The truth must be told: Terror cannot be destroyed
Op-ed: Even in case of true peace between Israel and the Arab world, there will
Eitan Haber (00:23 , 11.21.14 )
Wanted: Smart intelligence policy to stop the 'lone wolf' terrorists
Analysis: The Shin Bet has perfected the art of foiling organizational
Ron Ben-Yishai (00:36 , 11.20.14 )
Haredi MKs are fighting for all Israelis
Op-ed: As we mark a year and a half since establishment of haredi-free
Yerach Toker (00:23 , 11.20.14 )
Global jihad's architect of incitement in Israel
Op-ed: Sheikh Raed Salah welcomes all the help he can get in order to inflame
Ben-Dror Yemini (19:46 , 11.19.14 )
An explosion waiting to happen in Abu Snan
Op-ed: The juxtaposition of patriotic Druze minority and a Muslim majority in
Yaron London (12:42 , 11.19.14 )
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