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Photo: AFP
Jews in the service of Israel's enemies
According to the polls, England's Jews will vote in the upcoming elections for ...
Elyakim Haetzni (08:15 , 04.28.15 )
Photo: AP
It's a different story when it's on Europe's doorstep
Europe is in shock. At least 800 people drowned in the Mediterranean Sea when a ...
Sever Plocker (23:44 , 04.27.15 )
The young Arabs who have chosen to be part of Israel
I don’t envy Lucy Aharish. It isn't easy and isn't simple to be avant-garde. She ...
Ben-Dror Yemini (21:25 , 04.27.15 )
Photo: Associated Press
With a score to settle, Hezbollah will not give up
The attempted across Israel's border with Syria on Sunday night would not be the ...
Ron Ben-Yishai (14:14 , 04.27.15 )

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How to prevent the next fallen soldier
Op-ed: Rocket fired at southern Israel on Independence Day served as a reminder
Shimon Shiffer (23:44 , 04.26.15 )
Israel's secret cooperation with Hamas
Analysis: For several weeks now, official representatives of the Israeli
Alex Fishman (23:44 , 04.26.15 )
A ticking bomb awaits Israel on its northern border
Analysis: Even if the alleged Israeli strike in Syria destroyed a missile
Yossi Yehoshua (12:25 , 04.26.15 )
Yemen crisis: A war for the survival of the Saudi monarchy
Analysis: With a small, weak and inexperienced army waging its first war in
Yakub Halabi, i24News (00:47 , 04.26.15 )
The Jihad to come in Europe
Op-ed: Some of the refugees who fled to Europe have become far more radical
Ben-Dror Yemini (23:43 , 04.25.15 )
From Delhi to Jerusalem
Analysis: With his insistence on economic growth (and neglect of the issues at
Sever Plocker (14:55 , 04.25.15 )
Ticking time bombs: Hezbollah in Gaza and Palestinians in Syria
Analysis: Hamas betrayed Iran over Syria and then Yemen, finding a new patron in
Dr. Yaron Friedman (00:09 , 04.25.15 )
A very Turkish coup
Analysis: The Erdogan-Davutoglu duo has concocted an ambitious plan to expand
Smadar Perry (00:08 , 04.24.15 )
I have a dream of Israelis and Palestinians celebrating side by side
Op-ed: We cannot continue to be prisoners of the mentality of enmity. Even if
Nazir Mgally (19:27 , 04.23.15 )
The miracle of the State of Israel
Op-ed: In every decade, we seem to think that the Zionist dream is in danger,
Ben-Dror Yemini (08:15 , 04.23.15 )
Zionism, not cynicism
Op-ed: The biggest miracle is the miracle of our co-existence, our ability to
Yoaz Hendel (00:27 , 04.23.15 )
Eliezer's last letter from the front
Op-ed: Shortly after his death in the Yom Kippur War, the family received a
Goel Benno (00:21 , 04.22.15 )
They are all children of Israel
Op-ed: It matters not if they were killed storming an Egyptian military post or
Eitan Haber (23:29 , 04.21.15 )
The enemies of commemoration
Op-ed: Those who call for erasing the Israeli memory of the Holocaust and of
Ben-Dror Yemini (23:53 , 04.20.15 )
Israel's most important strategic interest still lies with US
Analysis: Russia's ambition is to put down roots in Damascus alongside Iran and
Efraim Halevy (23:53 , 04.20.15 )
Netanyahu's political persuasion
Analysis: From the start of the election campaign and even beyond his victory,
Yuval Karni (00:21 , 04.20.15 )
Remembering the genocides of the 20th century
Op-ed: The commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide and
Raz Segal (19:25 , 04.19.15 )
Labor must raise security banner again
Op-ed: Ever since it lost power to Likud in 1977, Labor Party has abandoned
Michael Bar-Zohar (10:50 , 04.19.15 )
US alienation leading to Israeli-Chinese renaissance
Analysis: Relationship between Jerusalem and Beijing is blooming due to China's
Yoram Evron (23:39 , 04.18.15 )
Netanyahu must wake up to the new reality
Analysis: With an American president who is losing patience with the insults
Nahum Barnea (16:04 , 04.18.15 )
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