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Photo: Elad Gershgoren
An investment in school books, not schools
1. In almost every poll conducted in Israel that asks "What is the most ...
Ben-Dror Yemini (13:25 , 09.01.14 )
Photo: Mark Neiman, GPO
'To my dear grandson, on your first day of school'
To my dear grandson Shai and to the children of Israel, The moment has ...
Reuven Rivlin (11:34 , 09.01.14 )
Photo: EPA
The stagnant and the whiny
As soon as the fighting stopped in Operation Protective Edge, the questions ...
Sever Plocker (14:07 , 08.31.14 )
Photo: Amir Cohen
Holocaust deniers in 'B'Tselem'
There is such a thing as Jewish anti-Semitism. Those involved in it are good ...
Ben-Dror Yemini (01:15 , 08.31.14 )

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No victory photos from Gaza Op
Op-ed: Hamas is left with some 6,000 rockets, a functioning military wing and
Shimon Shiffer (18:39 , 08.29.14 )
Making a weakened Israel into a political powerhouse
Only by shrugging off its inertia and going full steam ahead on a diplomatic
Yuval Diskin (01:12 , 08.29.14 )
Gaza ceasefire is too little, too late
ANALYSIS: Operation Protective Edge has left behind several poisoned chalices:
Nahum Barnea (00:35 , 08.28.14 )
Who's afraid of the big, bad boycott?
Anyone seriously seeking to boycott Israeli products would have a hard time
Adam Reuter (00:17 , 08.28.14 )
The victory of Hamas
What drives Hamas to attack, even though in doing so it suffers heavy losses, is
Rafael Castro (15:09 , 08.27.14 )
The end of the operation: Hamas blinked first
No one should be deceived by the rather ostentatious displays of victory on the
Ron Ben-Yishai (00:59 , 08.27.14 )
An ill-judged ostrich policy
Given the essentially political nature of its decisions, Israel's Supreme Court
Ben-Dror Yemini (18:28 , 08.26.14 )
We're all James Foley
The images that will sear into our memories following this war would not be of
Yaron London (01:28 , 08.26.14 )
The road to a ceasefire is via Rafah
A drawn-out war of attrition would be worse for Israel than Hamas, which has
Ron Ben-Yishai (22:17 , 08.25.14 )
An open letter to the Ummah
Op-ed: Facebook is riddled with unintelligent remarks, and Google only reveals
Rafael Castro (00:26 , 08.25.14 )
Don't look for logic in terrorism
Analyzing some pseudo-scientific, pseudo-realistic and outright fallacious
Sever Plocker (00:26 , 08.25.14 )
How to lose friends and execute people
Hamas gave the order for the execution of 'collaborators' as soon as Israel hit
Smadar Perry (14:14 , 08.24.14 )
A new paradigm For Muslim-Jewish dialogue
Alliance of moderate Mideast nations, including Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia,
Rabbi Marc Schneier (13:06 , 08.24.14 )
Israel should face the truth, and deal with the war of attrition
Analysis: The sooner Israel recognizes it's been forced into a war of attrition
Ron Ben-Yishai (01:15 , 08.24.14 )
The war for hearts and minds
Even when we think that we have crushed them with unbearable blows, Gazans'
Baruch Leshem (01:31 , 08.23.14 )
Old-fashioned anti-Semitism for progressive thinkers
There is one community in the world, which according to the British newspaper
Ben-Dror Yemini (14:58 , 08.22.14 )
Israel's targeted killings are a Gaza game-changer
It is not clear what has led to this successful shift in Shin Bet and Military
Ron Ben-Yishai (01:17 , 08.22.14 )
Hamas is not a terror organization, but a state in the making
Op-ed: Whether we like it or not, Hamas is slowly but surely establishing itself
Ariana Melamed (00:19 , 08.21.14 )
Israel must make a decision on Gaza
There is a range of options for Israel to end the conflict in Gaza, and the
Ron Ben-Yishai (16:53 , 08.20.14 )
Following new rocket strikes, Israel has a clear message for Hamas
By recalling the delegation to Cairo and striking targets in Gaza, Israel is
Ron Ben-Yishai (18:19 , 08.19.14 )
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