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Photo: Gil Yohanan
Labor shouldn’t bet on Herzog again
One of the portfolios tossed like a tennis ball during the negotiations for the ...
Amnon Abramovich (08:22 , 05.23.15 )
Photo: Yaron Brener
How Israel created deterrence in the Second Lebanon War
In September 2007, a year after the Second Lebanon War, as head of the IDF ...
Amos Yadlin (23:17 , 05.22.15 )
Photo: Police Spokesperson's Unit
The communicating vessels of terror
The rise in the number of lone wolf terrorists – those who wake up at dawn and ...
Alex Fishman (23:55 , 05.21.15 )
Photo: AFP
Bus segregation decision isn't racist
I only passed by it on Wednesday evening. The excluding sign, white writing on a ...
Yifat Erlich (23:26 , 05.21.15 )

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Israel scored an own goal in segregated buses decision
Op-ed: The BDS campaign leaders are finding it difficult to believe that the
Ben-Dror Yemini (09:51 , 05.21.15 )
Why is the Islamic State undefeatable?
Analysis: Every ISIS commander killed in an airstrike has a deputy, 100 dead
Yaron Friedman (00:06 , 05.21.15 )
Netanyahu showed Erdan who's boss
Op-ed: Four rising politicians who set their sights on the prime minister's job
Eitan Haber (12:29 , 05.20.15 )
Security cabinet must not turn into a debate club
Analysis: A cabinet comprised of more than half of the government ministers,
Ron Ben-Yishai (23:55 , 05.19.15 )
Our hope for peace will not be lost
Op-ed: Will the new government succeed in implementing all its plans for major
Savyona Rotlevy (23:02 , 05.19.15 )
No solution for Palestinian refugees without justice for Jewish ones
Op-ed: Some 900,000 Jews from Arab countries have fled their homelands since
Edy Cohen, i24News (16:01 , 05.19.15 )
When the government seems temporary, the system can't function
Op-ed: The great concern regarding the current government is that with the
Yoaz Hendel (13:24 , 05.19.15 )
Where is the truth and where is the act in Israeli politics
Op-ed: Who is the real Herzog, the opposition chairman who delivered a fiery
Nahum Barnea (23:48 , 05.18.15 )
Are lawmakers worthless in the eyes of the court?
Op-ed: The law is a compromise between different outlooks and parties; when
Ben-Dror Yemini (19:41 , 05.18.15 )
Ben-Gurion was right to legitimize the 'other Germany'
Op-ed: The Jews' willingness to forgive the new German generation without
Sever Plocker (11:08 , 05.18.15 )
Fake myths won’t help IDF at the moment of truth
Op-ed: The Second Lebanon War and Operation Protective Edge have expanded the
Eitan Haber (23:21 , 05.17.15 )
Jerusalem 2020: A vision for the future
Op-ed: Imagine a city that is not just the heart and soul of the Jewish people,
Nir Barkat (19:09 , 05.17.15 )
The naïve pope and his 'angel of peace' from Ramallah
Op-ed: Francis should have asked Abbas why almost all Christians have fled the
Noah Klieger (12:32 , 05.17.15 )
No one deserves the new Netanyahu government
Op-ed: The establishment of Benjamin Netanyahu's fourth government could not
Sima Kadmon (23:33 , 05.16.15 )
What Labor Party needs is an electable general
Op-ed: Instead of drawing conclusions after losing elections, Labor leaders use
Arik Henig (09:18 , 05.16.15 )
The folly of the international community on the Palestinians
Op-ed: Pushing both sides into a forced settlement will lead to disaster, and a
Ben-Dror Yemini (23:26 , 05.15.15 )
Leaders' excuses won't rewrite history
Op-ed: Nine years after the Second Lebanon War, its three architects – Ehud
Ariela Ringel Hoffman (19:55 , 05.15.15 )
Germany can keep its 'friendly advice' to itself
Op-ed: Will the German foreign minister come to Israel's rescue when dangerous
Guy Bechor (00:10 , 05.15.15 )
The Likud MKs' humiliation parade
Op-ed: One by one, the Likud faction members arrived at the corridor leading to
Sima Kadmon (11:59 , 05.14.15 )
Anti-Semitism in a liberal disguise
Op-ed: 'Liberal' activists from Europe's political center are leading efforts to
Yitzhak Eldan (23:55 , 05.13.15 )
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