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Photo: Gil Yohanan
Netanyahu may be Erdogan, but Israel is not Turkey
Turkey will go to the polls in two weeks or so from now, on June 7. The election ...
Nahum Barnea (00:26 , 05.26.15 )
Photo: Reuters
Why is Netanyahu so determined to control the media?
My father was a famous theater actor at the time. He won distinguished roles, ...
Yaron London (23:23 , 05.25.15 )
Photo: Orot
John Nash, a teacher and a mentor
I am so sorry to hear of John Nash's death. I have known John for more than 60 ...
Prof. Yisrael Aumann (19:15 , 05.25.15 )
Photo: Channel 66
Online shaming: A lynch in the new city square
Racism, we must admit, has become a dangerous weapon. It's easy to dwell on it. ...
Ben-Dror Yemini (11:40 , 05.25.15 )

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Why can't Israel behave like Albania during the Holocaust?
Op-ed: Albania, whose citizens are mostly Muslim, saved all of its Jews while
Igal Harmelin Moria (14:33 , 05.24.15 )
Not everyone hates Ayelet Shaked's appointment
Op-ed: While there are still some parts of the public and the Knesset that
Daniel Friedmann (00:10 , 05.24.15 )
Labor shouldn’t bet on Herzog again
Op-ed: The Labor Party needs a leader like Amir Peretz, Shaul Mofaz or Ron
Amnon Abramovich (08:22 , 05.23.15 )
How Israel created deterrence in the Second Lebanon War
Op-ed: Two significant moves – impairing Hezbollah's rocket launching ability
Amos Yadlin (23:17 , 05.22.15 )
The communicating vessels of terror
Analysis: The more Israel succeeds in damaging the infrastructures of
Alex Fishman (23:55 , 05.21.15 )
Bus segregation decision isn't racist
Op-ed: The reality in which Samaria residents prefer to hitchhike instead of
Yifat Erlich (23:26 , 05.21.15 )
Israel scored an own goal in segregated buses decision
Op-ed: The BDS campaign leaders are finding it difficult to believe that the
Ben-Dror Yemini (09:51 , 05.21.15 )
Why is the Islamic State undefeatable?
Analysis: Every ISIS commander killed in an airstrike has a deputy, 100 dead
Yaron Friedman (00:06 , 05.21.15 )
Netanyahu showed Erdan who's boss
Op-ed: Four rising politicians who set their sights on the prime minister's job
Eitan Haber (12:29 , 05.20.15 )
Security cabinet must not turn into a debate club
Analysis: A cabinet comprised of more than half of the government ministers,
Ron Ben-Yishai (23:55 , 05.19.15 )
Our hope for peace will not be lost
Op-ed: Will the new government succeed in implementing all its plans for major
Savyona Rotlevy (23:02 , 05.19.15 )
No solution for Palestinian refugees without justice for Jewish ones
Op-ed: Some 900,000 Jews from Arab countries have fled their homelands since
Edy Cohen, i24News (16:01 , 05.19.15 )
When the government seems temporary, the system can't function
Op-ed: The great concern regarding the current government is that with the
Yoaz Hendel (13:24 , 05.19.15 )
Where is the truth and where is the act in Israeli politics
Op-ed: Who is the real Herzog, the opposition chairman who delivered a fiery
Nahum Barnea (23:48 , 05.18.15 )
Are lawmakers worthless in the eyes of the court?
Op-ed: The law is a compromise between different outlooks and parties; when
Ben-Dror Yemini (19:41 , 05.18.15 )
Ben-Gurion was right to legitimize the 'other Germany'
Op-ed: The Jews' willingness to forgive the new German generation without
Sever Plocker (11:08 , 05.18.15 )
Fake myths won’t help IDF at the moment of truth
Op-ed: The Second Lebanon War and Operation Protective Edge have expanded the
Eitan Haber (23:21 , 05.17.15 )
Jerusalem 2020: A vision for the future
Op-ed: Imagine a city that is not just the heart and soul of the Jewish people,
Nir Barkat (19:09 , 05.17.15 )
The naïve pope and his 'angel of peace' from Ramallah
Op-ed: Francis should have asked Abbas why almost all Christians have fled the
Noah Klieger (12:32 , 05.17.15 )
No one deserves the new Netanyahu government
Op-ed: The establishment of Benjamin Netanyahu's fourth government could not
Sima Kadmon (23:33 , 05.16.15 )
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