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Photo: EPA
Nationality law supporters see Arabs as a problem
The nationality law is not the problem. The problem, as the bill's promoters see ...
Aviad Kleinberg (23:58 , 11.26.14 )
Photos: Ohad Romano, Alex Kolomoisky
Yes to freedom of expression, no to freedom of incitement
Don't go shouting "freedom of expression," nor "freedom of art" or ...
Ben-Dror Yemini (22:51 , 11.26.14 )
Photo: EPA
Israel will still have a friend in the Pentagon
In the past year, the Pentagon operated like a railway station. When Chuck Hagel ...
Alex Fishman (12:35 , 11.26.14 )
Photo: AFP
Al-Sisi's peace plan
During his first trip to Europe, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi gave an ...
Dr. Yaron Friedman (00:56 , 11.26.14 )

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Despite nuclear talks' extension, Iran is still on the verge of a bomb
Analysis: Decision to extend Geneva interim agreement holds several advantages
Ron Ben-Yishai (00:52 , 11.26.14 )
Evil spirit taking over Middle Eastern studies
Op-ed: The source of hostility toward Israel can be found in the American
Ben-Dror Yemini (17:32 , 11.25.14 )
Coverage of Israel should be accurate and impartial, but it's not
Op-ed: The reporting on the attack at a Jerusalem synagogue last week was only
Eytan Gilboa (08:56 , 11.25.14 )
Netanyahu was fiddling while Iran became a nuclear state
Op-ed: Amid talks on Iranian atomic program, the prime minister has been busying
Shimon Shiffer (00:29 , 11.25.14 )
Lies, paranoia and superstitions
Op-ed: Before complaining about the incitement and falsehood culture on the
Nahum Barnea (21:05 , 11.24.14 )
Israeli government vs. State of Israel
Op-ed: Both Israel's prime minister and right-wing ministers know Jewish
Ben-Dror Yemini (10:39 , 11.24.14 )
Iran's ultimatum to the West: All or nothing
Analysis: Real reason for deadlock in nuclear talks that Iranians don't trust
Alex Fishman (00:35 , 11.24.14 )
Jews and Arabs can maintain good relations
Op-ed: We don’t have to hug each other all day, but we must understand that we
Eitan Haber (00:35 , 11.24.14 )
Jewish nation-state law can only cause damage
Op-ed: Proposed basic law will add nothing and solve nothing. In today's
Daniel Friedmann (11:36 , 11.23.14 )
IDF's nightmare scenario in danger of coming true
Analysis: Escalation in Jerusalem and the West Bank brings fear of religious
Ron Ben-Yishai (23:41 , 11.22.14 )
Netanyahu betrays justice and Jerusalem
Op-ed: By ordering demolition of terrorists’ homes in Jerusalem, the prime
Rafael Castro (23:05 , 11.22.14 )
Jerusalem must be divided, now
Op-ed: Israelis must admit that the dream of a united city has produced bad
Ariela Ringel Hoffman (14:41 , 11.22.14 )
No one wants to throw Netanyahu a lifeline
Analysis: The prime minister swung from fanning the flames of election fever on
Sima Kadmon (07:44 , 11.22.14 )
What lies ahead for Israel
Op-ed: The Jerusalem Intifada offers a glimpse into the future to which the
Yuval Diskin (23:07 , 11.21.14 )
Do home demolitions deter or encourage terror?
Two opposing viewpoints on the contentious issue: Terrorists should know their
Smadar Shir and Merav Betito (23:07 , 11.21.14 )
Israel can only manage the conflict, for it cannot end it
Op-ed: Both the left and the right are out of ideas: The Palestinians have
Ben-Dror Yemini (21:24 , 11.21.14 )
The Arafat era is back
Op-ed: PA has returned to the days of pretend condemnation statements,
Guy Bechor (12:22 , 11.21.14 )
Israel needs elections now
Op-ed: The person solely responsible for not providing security to Israel's
Shimon Shiffer (00:23 , 11.21.14 )
The truth must be told: Terror cannot be destroyed
Op-ed: Even in case of true peace between Israel and the Arab world, there will
Eitan Haber (00:23 , 11.21.14 )
Wanted: Smart intelligence policy to stop the 'lone wolf' terrorists
Analysis: The Shin Bet has perfected the art of foiling organizational
Ron Ben-Yishai (00:36 , 11.20.14 )
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