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Photo: Reuters
The evenhandedness trap
It is clear that by the end of the month the Obama-Kerry peace initiative will ...
Asaf Romirowsky (00:41 , 04.25.14 )
Photo: Gil Yohanan
The bi-national state nightmare
Here is the list of issues left on my desk after the long Passover holiday: ...
Eitan Haber (19:36 , 04.24.14 )
Photo: Gil Yohanan
Ending illusion of peace-seeking Abbas
Mahmoud Abbas' decision to join forces with the Hamas terror organization, ...
Guy Bechor (14:07 , 04.24.14 )
Photo: Reuters
Hamas wins, Abbas loses
When one examines the articles of the reconciliation agreement between Hamas and ...
Ron Ben-Yishai (01:02 , 04.24.14 )

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Jews, get out of Eastern Europe
Op-ed: As anti-Semitism grows, there is no future for Jewish existence in former
Sever Plocker (00:57 , 04.24.14 )
The troubling reality of Gaza's tunnels
Analysis: Terrorists emerging from Hamas tunnel discovered last month could have
Smadar Perry (21:00 , 04.23.14 )
World powers must reject Iranian offer
Analysis: Headlines about compromises and concessions offered by Tehran are
Amos Yadlin (13:58 , 04.23.14 )
Hezbollah's unsuccessful revenge
Analysis: Most of Lebanese terror organization's attempts to avenge its
Ronen Bergman (23:55 , 04.22.14 )
It's Israel's turn to stretch out its arm
Op-ed: Sometimes in order to reach the prize of peace, you have to imagine what
Matthew Gould (18:52 , 04.22.14 )
US mediation running out of fuel
Op-ed: Just one more day, just one more week, and Kerry will throw in the towel
Eitan Haber (12:28 , 04.22.14 )
Palestinian threat to dissolve PA could have serious repercussions
Analysis: Should Palestinian self-rule end, hundreds of Palestinians would lose
Nahum Barnea (19:24 , 04.20.14 )
Kerry's clichés
Op-ed: US secretary of state has failed in his mission, mainly due to the fact
Shaul Arieli (10:48 , 04.17.14 )
The moral case of Zionism
Op-ed: If both Jews and Palestinian Arabs start their historical narrative with
Lawrence J. Epstein (01:05 , 04.17.14 )
Lesson of Haggadah: The 'other' is me
Op-ed: From the safe and protected Seder table, we are urged to continue the
Yedidia Stern (08:23 , 04.15.14 )
Seculars, stop excluding women
Op-ed: Before lashing out at haredi sector, seculars should tackle chauvinism in
Eliezer Hayun (13:00 , 04.13.14 )
Why Abbas is worse than Hamas
Op-ed: It would be far easier for Israel to highlight evil intentions of
Rafael Castro (22:51 , 04.11.14 )
Nasrallah is just not interesting
Analysis: Israel could have gotten rid of Hezbollah leader quite easily, but at
Smadar Perry (13:30 , 04.11.14 )
Abbas' leadership has expired
Op-ed: UN has a legal obligation to declare that Mahmoud Abbas' signature as
Guy Bechor (00:03 , 04.11.14 )
Radical left sees Israel as 'small Satan'
Op-ed: Leftists scapegoat Jewish state because they hate that it has evolved
Shoula Romano Horing (18:20 , 04.10.14 )
Where is the IDF chief?
Op-ed: While condemnations over Yitzhar riots poured in from all across of
Yossi Yehoshua (11:01 , 04.10.14 )
Peace talks vs. Yitzhar: Two trains headed to a collision
Analysis: Prime Minister Netanyahu must prove to Israelis – not to John Kerry –
Shimon Shiffer (23:12 , 04.09.14 )
Middle Ages in Syria: Horrors in name of Islam
Analysis: Indescribable violence in Arab country, which includes decapitation
Dr. Yaron Friedman (15:09 , 04.09.14 )
A settlement of insurrection
IDF should put radical settlers in Yitzhar under curfew and stop its funding,
Ron Ben-Yishai (00:59 , 04.09.14 )
Poverty in Israel is a result of policy
Op-ed: It's no coincidence that Israel's leaders – Netanyahu, Bennett, Lapid and
Yehuda Nuriel (21:08 , 04.08.14 )
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