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Photo: EPA
Military aid, but at what price?
A recent letter signed by 83 US senators willing to support a long-term ...
Amos Yadlin (23:55 , 05.02.16 )
Photo: AFP
A life in denial
“As a young boy,” wrote Stephen Pollard in last weekend’s Telegraph. “I used to ...
Ben-Dror Yemini (00:11 , 05.02.16 )
Photo: Shaul Golan
Freedom and enslavement on Passover
Passover originates from a pagan holiday celebrating the coming of spring. The ...
Yaron London (16:12 , 04.29.16 )
Photo: Motti Kimchi
From freedom to enslavement
We just celebrated Passover, the holiday of freedom. Democracy, human rights, ...
Ben-Dror Yemini (09:28 , 04.28.16 )

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Revisiting the Jordan option
Op-ed: The Palestinian leadership has proven itself averse to actively running a
Sever Plocker (23:36 , 04.27.16 )
The unwritten security constitution
Op-ed: In place of a written constitution, Israel has its security interests. As
Yoaz Hendel (00:01 , 04.27.16 )
The Eichmann trial's cataclysmic effect on the world
Op-ed: 55 years ago, the architect of the "Final Solution" was tried in
Noah Klieger (23:12 , 04.26.16 )
The loss of deterrence, the loss of the way
Op-ed: There's a direct connection between the knife attacks, Hamas's attack
Ronen Bergman (17:05 , 04.26.16 )
What happens when you let the Shin Bet do its work
Analysis: The moment politicians stopped turning a blind eye, and the legal
Alex Fishman (16:01 , 04.23.16 )
The world according to Bibi
Op-ed: As Israel grows increasingly boxed in, radical Islam mounts and Europe
Eitan Haber (23:41 , 04.22.16 )
Saudi Arabia's subtle hints
Op-ed: The kingdom's moves in the Straits of Tiran point to a policy of Iranian
Smadar Perry (17:03 , 04.22.16 )
An Israeli initiative is needed now
Op-ed: Fighting BDS is a right and good thing to do, but we can’t do it by
Ben-Dror Yemini (00:35 , 04.22.16 )
An empty threat
Op-ed: Education Minister Bennett need not fear the PM’s threat to fire him:
Sima Kadmon (00:05 , 04.22.16 )
Don't mess with Putin
Op-ed: If there's reason to believe Israel will pay a price as part of an
Giora Eiland (12:21 , 04.21.16 )
The Saudi's aren't yet Zionists
While there appears to be some communication between Israel and the Saudi regime
Eitan Goldstein and Roi Kais (23:57 , 04.20.16 )
Who's advising Netanyahu?
Op-ed: The prime minister has a pattern of preferring discreet security advisors
Alex Fishman (23:41 , 04.20.16 )
Jerusalem bus bombing has imprints of organized attack
Analysis: The explosive device detonated on a Jerusalem bus on Monday appears to
Ron Ben-Yishai (15:17 , 04.19.16 )
An underground breakthrough
Analysis: Hamas probably didn't plan on invading an Israeli town, and is more
Ron Ben-Yishai (15:56 , 04.18.16 )
No need to panic about Hamas tunnel
Op-ed: The mounting panic about Hamas and imminent war is misplaced; the
Alex Fishman (23:30 , 04.17.16 )
Fighting oppression, inequality and injustice on Passover
Op-ed: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton offers a few thoughts
Hillary Clinton (20:45 , 04.17.16 )
The interesting case of the British soldier that opened fire
Op-ed: In 2011, Sergeant Alexander Blackman shot a terrorist who was lying on
Ben-Dror Yemini (17:29 , 04.17.16 )
Not every Arab is an enemy
Op-ed: Inciters are trying to rip the coexistence between Arabs and Jews apart.
Elyakim Haetzni (23:28 , 04.16.16 )
The comfort of the herd
Op-ed: If Israel’s political opposition continues to accept the Netanyahu
Aviad Kleinberg (18:48 , 04.16.16 )
Israel-Turkish relations and their implications
Op-ed: While Turkey and Israel begin to thaw their relations following the
Eldad Beck (17:32 , 04.15.16 )
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