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Photo: Gil Yohanan
Jewish nation-state law can only cause damage
In 1980, then-Prime Minister Menachem Begin led to the enactment of Basic Law: ...
Daniel Friedmann (11:36 , 11.23.14 )
Photo: Reuters
IDF's nightmare scenario in danger of coming true
In fewer than three months, Chief of Staff Benny Gantz will finish his tenure. ...
Ron Ben-Yishai (23:41 , 11.22.14 )
Photo: Reuters
Netanyahu betrays justice and Jerusalem
The decision announced by Israel’s cabinet on Thursday, November 13, to demolish ...
Rafael Castro (23:05 , 11.22.14 )
Photo: AFP
Jerusalem must be divided, now
It's possible that one of the conclusions from the terror attacks of the past ...
Ariela Ringel Hoffman (14:41 , 11.22.14 )

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No one wants to throw Netanyahu a lifeline
Analysis: The prime minister swung from fanning the flames of election fever on
Sima Kadmon (07:44 , 11.22.14 )
What lies ahead for Israel
Op-ed: The Jerusalem Intifada offers a glimpse into the future to which the
Yuval Diskin (23:07 , 11.21.14 )
Do home demolitions deter or encourage terror?
Two opposing viewpoints on the contentious issue: Terrorists should know their
Smadar Shir and Merav Betito (23:07 , 11.21.14 )
Israel can only manage the conflict, for it cannot end it
Op-ed: Both the left and the right are out of ideas: The Palestinians have
Ben-Dror Yemini (21:24 , 11.21.14 )
The Arafat era is back
Op-ed: PA has returned to the days of pretend condemnation statements,
Guy Bechor (12:22 , 11.21.14 )
Israel needs elections now
Op-ed: The person solely responsible for not providing security to Israel's
Shimon Shiffer (00:23 , 11.21.14 )
The truth must be told: Terror cannot be destroyed
Op-ed: Even in case of true peace between Israel and the Arab world, there will
Eitan Haber (00:23 , 11.21.14 )
Wanted: Smart intelligence policy to stop the 'lone wolf' terrorists
Analysis: The Shin Bet has perfected the art of foiling organizational
Ron Ben-Yishai (00:36 , 11.20.14 )
Haredi MKs are fighting for all Israelis
Op-ed: As we mark a year and a half since establishment of haredi-free
Yerach Toker (00:23 , 11.20.14 )
Global jihad's architect of incitement in Israel
Op-ed: Sheikh Raed Salah welcomes all the help he can get in order to inflame
Ben-Dror Yemini (19:46 , 11.19.14 )
An explosion waiting to happen in Abu Snan
Op-ed: The juxtaposition of patriotic Druze minority and a Muslim majority in
Yaron London (12:42 , 11.19.14 )
The 10 quiet years are behind us
Analysis: From one isolated incident to another, we've got ourselves an intifada
Nahum Barnea (12:05 , 11.19.14 )
Life in the shadow of Hebron's cave
While Hebron's Arabs may associate with Kiryat Arba's Jews, they will tell you
Elyakim Haetzni (10:19 , 11.19.14 )
How to prevent the next terror attack
Analysis: It's not easy to deter terrorists like those who carried out the
Ron Ben-Yishai (01:02 , 11.19.14 )
Radical alliance fueling renewed bloodbath
Op-ed: A handful of provocateurs on one side and a handful of incited murderers
Tami Arad (00:56 , 11.19.14 )
A stable prime minister but no governability
Op-ed: If government is incapable of making decisions and passing basic laws,
Yoaz Hendel (00:49 , 11.19.14 )
When Netanyahu changes direction, it means elections are coming
Analysis: When elections emerge, prime minister feels an unconquerable urge to
Nahum Barnea (01:05 , 11.18.14 )
It's not what the public wants, it's what Netanyahu wants
Analysis: The coalition can solve all of its disputes, but if the prime minister
Sima Kadmon (11:33 , 11.17.14 )
Israel's security organizations paying the price of endless chatter
Op-ed: Even in the social media era, an army and a security service in every
Eitan Haber (23:50 , 11.16.14 )
Israel's peace delusionists
Op-ed: Those who praised Oslo Agreement and disengagement from Gaza still have
Shaul Rosenfeld (23:49 , 11.16.14 )
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