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The enemies of commemoration
As always, the days between Holocaust Remembrance Day and Memorial Day for ...
Ben-Dror Yemini (23:53 , 04.20.15 )
Photo: AP
Israel's most important strategic interest still lies with US
In the past week, the attention on the Iranian issue focused on the conduct of ...
Efraim Halevy (23:53 , 04.20.15 )
Photo: GPO
Netanyahu's political persuasion
If one were to go back through the history of Israeli politics, one would be ...
Yuval Karni (00:21 , 04.20.15 )
Remembering the genocides of the 20th century
The 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, in which the Ottoman Empire ...
Raz Segal (19:25 , 04.19.15 )

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Labor must raise security banner again
Op-ed: Ever since it lost power to Likud in 1977, Labor Party has abandoned
Michael Bar-Zohar (10:50 , 04.19.15 )
US alienation leading to Israeli-Chinese renaissance
Analysis: Relationship between Jerusalem and Beijing is blooming due to China's
Yoram Evron (23:39 , 04.18.15 )
Netanyahu must wake up to the new reality
Analysis: With an American president who is losing patience with the insults
Nahum Barnea (16:04 , 04.18.15 )
Can Hillary secure US Jewish vote?
Analysis: Clinton's possible weakness among the Jewish community is her close
Aryeh Mekel (23:42 , 04.17.15 )
A message to Israel's left
Op-ed: Aligning with the global left and going to Washington to join in with the
Ben-Dror Yemini (14:35 , 04.17.15 )
Obama's lies about Iran framework agreement
Op-ed: After failing desperately for months to convince Iranians to agree to any
Shoula Romano Horing (00:37 , 04.17.15 )
There is no alternative Holocaust
Op-ed: Memorial ceremonies which deny the national lesson because of the
Ben-Dror Yemini (23:39 , 04.16.15 )
In honor of the fallen heroes
IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Gadi Eisenkot delivers a special message
Gadi Eisenkot (12:18 , 04.16.15 )
The 'inferior' children who defeated the Nazis
Noah Klieger was one of the few Jews who survived Auschwitz; Rabbi Israel Meir
Noah Klieger (10:51 , 04.16.15 )
Israel saving its anger for White House, not Kremlin
Analysis: Israeli officials have realized that Putin's decision to lift ban on
Alex Fishman (00:15 , 04.16.15 )
The soft power of diplomacy actually works
Op-ed: American sanctions led to the rise of a pragmatic regime in Iran, which
Aviad Kleinberg (21:23 , 04.15.15 )
Russia gave US and its allies a hard slap in the face
Analysis: Putin's decision to lift the ban on sales of S-300 missile defense
Alex Fishman (23:35 , 04.14.15 )
Is it the ice lady's turn to lead America?
Analysis: After George W. Bush's emotional presidency, which led to an
Baruch Leshem (23:35 , 04.14.15 )
Günter Grass, the preacher who forgot his own past
Op-ed: Only three years before his death, the writer who was raised on
Eldad Beck (15:28 , 04.14.15 )
Why Putin is playing friendly with Iran
Analysis: Putin's decision to provide Iran with the S-300 air defense system has
Ron Ben-Yishai (12:19 , 04.14.15 )
Humiliating Obama on Iran could fuel anti-Semitism
Op-ed: Netanyahu can defeat Obama in battle over nuclear agreement, but
Ben-Dror Yemini (23:29 , 04.13.15 )
Secular-religious status quo no longer exists
Op-ed: Rules regulating relationship between state and religion in Israel have
Nahum Barnea (23:29 , 04.13.15 )
S-300 will not prevent potential Israeli strike on Iran
Analysis: Should Russia give Iran the advanced missile defense system it will
Ron Ben-Yishai (23:28 , 04.13.15 )
Erdogan has chosen a bride
Analysis: Following a slew of mistakes that increasingly isolated Turkey,
Alon Liel, i24 (09:41 , 04.13.15 )
Why Khamenei prefers sanctions over an agreement
Analysis: If the economic race into Iran gets out of control, a new generation
Smadar Perry (23:45 , 04.12.15 )
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