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Photo: AFP
Netanyahu's Congress speech will have to bring something new to the table
If nothing unexpected happens, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will deliver ...
Zaki Shalom (15:35 , 03.03.15 )
Photo: AFP
Netanyahu speech will be tested by its effect on Iran deal
There will be no empty seats empty seats when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ...
Nahum Barnea (12:52 , 03.03.15 )
Photo: AFP
Why Boehner's invite to Netanyahu is unconstitutional
(Reuters) - House Speaker John Boehner's annoyance with President Barack Obama ...
Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman (10:52 , 03.03.15 )
Photo: AFP
Netanyahu's colossal failure as prime minister
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stood there on Sunday afternoon – his wife, ...
Shimon Shiffer (00:50 , 03.03.15 )

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It's Netanyahu's duty to address US Congress
Op-ed: All of Israel's party leaders should have escorted the prime minister to
Noah Klieger (00:10 , 03.03.15 )
Netanyahu's speech - historic or hysteric?
Op-ed: Most Congress members don’t know much about foreign policy, but they do
Nahum Barnea (12:35 , 03.02.15 )
Mr. Netanyahu, don’t go to Washington
Op-ed: Ynet's national security correspondent urges prime minister to consider
Ron Ben-Yishai (23:57 , 03.01.15 )
Is it really worth quarrelling with US president over a meaningless speech?
Op-ed: Is there anyone in Washington, Tehran or even Jerusalem who believes that
Dan Shilon (23:57 , 03.01.15 )
Head to Head: Should Israel oppose Iran deal?
Two veteran journalists present different position on the agreement with Iran
Ben-Dror Yemini and Igal Sarna (23:56 , 03.01.15 )
Iran nuclear deal will be decided by Khamenei
Analysis: While Netanyahu stands on Congress podium, American and Iranian
Alex Fishman (15:42 , 03.01.15 )
Israel will feel US rage after Netanyahu leaves Washington
Analysis: White House officials already working on plan for day after Congress
Orly Azoulay (10:20 , 03.01.15 )
The shattered dream of a home in Israel
Op-ed: Seventeen years after making aliyah from Switzerland, leaving behind a
Daniel Bettini (23:49 , 02.28.15 )
The propaganda agents for Hamas
Op-ed: There are some Israelis who support the manipulation of the facts of the
Ben-Dror Yemini (23:49 , 02.28.15 )
Stop the witch-hunt against Netanyahu
Op-ed: Seventy-five years after the Holocaust, Herzog is underestimating evil
Shoula Romano Horing (12:45 , 02.28.15 )
Government abandoned Israel's weak populations
Op-ed: The second and third Netanyahu governments are exclusively responsible
Sever Plocker (18:56 , 02.27.15 )
America and Israel: A love story
Op-ed: While Israeli public has been misled into thinking that we are in a
Guy Bechor (23:53 , 02.26.15 )
Leave Bibi alone
Op-ed: Netanyahu has made his priorities very clear: Who cares that many
Sima Kadmon (13:36 , 02.26.15 )
Why haredi women's party may get my vote
Op-ed: The brave ultra-Orthodox women of B'Zechutan are the only group being
Giora Eiland (00:40 , 02.26.15 )
Post-Zionist government leading us to a binational state
Op-ed: The Netanyahu governments, even when they include Labor and Yesh Atid
Aviad Kleinberg (00:14 , 02.26.15 )
In this election, vote for coexistence
Op-ed: Despite the difficult summer the Israeli society experienced, our
Hazar Masri-Hussein (00:31 , 02.25.15 )
Let's start focusing on the important issues
Op-ed: Elections are an opportunity for a public debate on matters pertaining to
Isaac Ben-Israel (22:00 , 02.24.15 )
Gaza war report must be published at once
Op-ed: The Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee's summary of Operation
Yoaz Hendel (10:01 , 02.24.15 )
Is this the beginning of the end for ISIS?
Analysis: Within quite a short period of time, the jihadist organization will
Ronen Bergman (00:34 , 02.24.15 )
Tiptoeing around religion and state in Israel
Op-ed: Try to invite the heads of any political party to a public discussion of
Yedidia Z. Stern (00:06 , 02.24.15 )
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