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Photo: Knesset spokesperson
Bibi's nuclear march of folly
In 2007, during the Olmert government's term, I participated in a ministerial ...
Haim Ramon (15:22 , 07.29.15 )
Photo: AP
Teaming up with Arab states for Israel's security
Beyond the disagreements over the nuclear deal with Iran, one fact is ...
Amnon Reshef (00:43 , 07.29.15 )
The Jewish 'middle way' and world events
The Jewish approach to life is based upon the "middle way." It is characterized ...
Yoel Meltzer (12:20 , 07.28.15 )
Photo: AP
Israel's Arabs don't have to be Zionists to be loyal
It's unpleasant being a Muslim citizen in Holland, where the national anthem ...
Ben-Dror Yemini (00:26 , 07.28.15 )

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The US-Israeli 'plot' to destroy Iran
Analysis: The ayatollahs and Revolutionary Guards believe Obama and the Mossad
Smadar Perry (23:56 , 07.26.15 )
World powers' moral failure
Op-ed: The Western states which signed the nuclear agreement with Iran signed it
Sever Plocker (20:48 , 07.26.15 )
Palestinians are not exempt from blame over failure of peace talks
Op-ed: Woe on us if we are doomed with a binational state. The need to separate
Ben-Dror Yemini (09:26 , 07.26.15 )
Aliyah and Tisha B’Av: The fast track to gratuitous love
Op-ed: This woeful time of year is precisely the ideal time to make aliyah. We
Avi Nachmani (22:29 , 07.25.15 )
Wanted: A diplomatic lifeline for Israel
Op-ed: In addition to security-related compensation following the Iran deal, we
Daniel Friedmann (23:49 , 07.24.15 )
Countering anti-Semitism is vital for Europe's unity
Op-ed: European leaders must follow their words with action and appoint a
Rabbi Menachem Margolin (23:13 , 07.23.15 )
French government's moves creating anti-Semitism
Op-ed: France's leaders are responsible for local Jews' grim situation due to
Guy Bechor (19:04 , 07.23.15 )
Just another anti-Israel educational conference
Op-ed: When bodies like the Education International World Congress start
Ben-Dror Yemini (10:53 , 07.22.15 )
Before we storm Capitol Hill
Op-ed: As Netanyahu tries to muster a majority in US Congress against deal with
Efraim Halevy (23:12 , 07.20.15 )
Iran deal will save Assad
Analysis: The world powers' agreement with the Islamic Republic promises the
Smadar Perry (23:56 , 07.19.15 )
Netanyahu is betting against Obama in Congress battle against Iran deal
Analysis: The prime minister is not worried that further confrontation will
Nahum Barnea (23:39 , 07.18.15 )
Settlement construction freeze as a missed opportunity
Op-ed: Why wasn't the declaration of construction freeze outside the main
Ben-Dror Yemini (23:29 , 07.17.15 )
The real Iranian threat
Analysis: While world's eyes were focused on nuclear talks, Iran expanded its
Israel Ziv (18:32 , 07.17.15 )
Three states for two peoples
Op-ed: Establishment of a state in Gaza would not solve 'Palestinian problem'
Reuven Behar (09:07 , 07.17.15 )
Jews of Ukraine need world Jewry's help
Op-ed: Some 15,000 to 20,000 Jews live in areas where pro-Russian insurgencies
Yitzchak Schwartz (21:02 , 07.16.15 )
Everyone relax, Israel can live with Iran deal
Op-ed: Agreement demands that Iran must stop enriching high grade uranium, ship
Uzi Even (09:30 , 07.16.15 )
The agreement of the brave
Op-ed: Obama proved that creative diplomacy can win, that it's possible to reach
Orly Azoulay (15:02 , 07.15.15 )
Israel will survive nuclear deal
Op-ed: The fact that Israel failed to thwart the agreement with Iran, and didn't
Nahum Barnea (11:36 , 07.15.15 )
Iran deal puts military option back on table
Analysis: The Vienna agreement does delay Iran's construction of a bomb by a
Ron Ben-Yishai (01:08 , 07.15.15 )
Reading into soldiers' intentions
Op-ed: Decision whether to prosecute IDF troops accused of wrongly opening fire
Giora Eiland (00:16 , 07.15.15 )
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