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Photo: GPO
We're not going to get another miracle
Europe is on steroids. Benjamin Netanyahu has been in power for the past six ...
Yoaz Hendel (00:26 , 12.21.14 )
Photo: AFP
Intellectuals in service of Palestinian propaganda
What exactly goes through the minds of intellectuals when they sign a petition ...
Ben-Dror Yemini (00:26 , 12.21.14 )
Photo: Ofer Amram
Why I called on Europe to recognize Palestine
There are a few weighty reasons for the initiative of some 1,000 activists in ...
A.B. Yehoshua (19:42 , 12.20.14 )
Jerusalem, where economics triumph over violence
Dozens of Arab bus drivers have stopped working due to harassment and Arab taxi ...
Danny Rubinstein (11:14 , 12.20.14 )

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A fragile calm on Gaza and Lebanon borders
Op-ed: Beyond the obvious need for intelligence surveillance of Hamas and
Giora Eiland (23:44 , 12.19.14 )
Did the Mossad do the impossible?
Analysis: If Hezbollah's report about an Israeli spy within its ranks is true,
Ronen Bergman (00:42 , 12.19.14 )
Netanyahu pulls out doomsday weapon again
Op-ed: Prime minister is failing to understand that the Europeans' sense of
Shimon Shiffer (00:41 , 12.19.14 )
Will US veto UN Palestinian resolution?
Analysis: There are three scenarios for Washington's response to UN recognition
Yossi Shain (11:59 , 12.18.14 )
Obama's chance to get back at Netanyahu
Op-ed: US president and his associates would love to punish Israeli prime
Eytan Gilboa (00:19 , 12.18.14 )
When jihad turns into genocide
Op-ed: One terror attack in a Sydney café, which left three people dead, led to
Ben-Dror Yemini (11:53 , 12.17.14 )
Empty Palestinian threats
Op-ed: Terrorists in suits are threatening Israel with a UN bid, but history
Elyakim Haetzni (00:49 , 12.17.14 )
Automatic American veto era is coming to an end
Op-ed: Even if the US vetoes the Palestinians' UN bid, it will be a bitter veto
Alon Pinkas (00:29 , 12.17.14 )
From Sydney to Rome, until Islam rules the world
Op-ed: As the Israeli-Arab conflict becomes more religious, solidarity with the
Ben-Dror Yemini (10:48 , 12.16.14 )
Islamic State campaign gave Sydney terrorist the final push
Analysis: Man Haron Monis, a radical Muslim terrorist with a criminal past,
Ron Ben-Yishai (01:00 , 12.16.14 )
Politicians talk about Judaism, but neglect Israelis
Op-ed: Instead of preaching 'Jewish values,' a responsible political system
Nahum Barnea (00:43 , 12.16.14 )
Why is Livni moving closer to the far left?
Op-ed: While Hatnua chairwoman says she is fighting for a Jewish state, she is
Ben-Dror Yemini (00:42 , 12.16.14 )
One big step for Deri, one small step for womankind
Op-ed: Israel Prize winner Adina Bar-Shalom, who could have had her choice of
Sima Kadmon (00:42 , 12.16.14 )
Surviving in an Arab-Muslim ocean
Op-ed: We may not see the attempt to achieve peace with the Palestinians as the
Eitan Haber (00:16 , 12.15.14 )
Voting on whether to stay in Israel
Op-ed: The upcoming elections are not about leadership, the peace process or the
Naor Narkis (22:12 , 12.14.14 )
Israel-Palestinian security cooperation is crucial for Abbas' survival
Analysis: In the double game he is playing, the Palestinian president complains
Smadar Perry (09:48 , 12.14.14 )
Netanyahu's self-defeating matchmaking
Analysis: Herzog and Livni, if the polls are to be believed, have created a
Nahum Barnea (00:16 , 12.14.14 )
I'll vote, but who for?
Op-ed: The days of real political thought and debate are long gone, and all that
Rafik Halabi (00:15 , 12.14.14 )
The real extremists
Op-ed: As so-called right-wing, nationalist, anti-democratic extremists are what
Yoel Meltzer (15:00 , 12.13.14 )
All eyes on the Palestinian street
Analysis: Palestinian minister's death during West Bank demonstration was
Alex Fishman (00:13 , 12.13.14 ) 
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