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05/30/2015 21:0305/30/2015 21:0305/30/2015 21:03

Truck bombs: ISIS' alternative 'air force'

They're easy to drive and hard to stop, can be made on a farm and destroy a city block: the Islamic State group's monstrous truck bombs are reshaping the battlefield.
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ISIS attack on Anbar province (Photo: AFP)


'Gaza road paved for attack'
Ex-Hamas interior minister says road being prepared for 'window of opportunity to attack'.
Road being paved near security fence
Will Israel follow Ireland?
While LGBT couples want gay marriage legalized, civil partnership remains a priority.
Ireland celebrates passage of same-sex marriage (Photo: AP)
'Half of jailed teens Ethiopian'
Rate of Ethiopian detainees almost 12 times bigger than rate of community in population.
Photo: Motti Kimchi
400 at 'SlutWalk' in Jerusalem
Walkers protested against sexual violence, harassment and the objectification of women.
SlutWalk in Jerusalem (Photo: Gil Yohanan)
Stop living in illusions
Op-ed: Palestinians are wrong if they think Israel will disappear within; Jews are wrong if they think they can play for time – and survive.
Photo: GettyImages
Remembering the Lebanon withdrawal 
IDF memories: Withdrawal from the Beaufort  
Photo: Eli Segal VIDEO: Inside the IDF's top secret bunker 
Photo: Gadi Kabalo Israel's hidden depths  
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Photo: AFP 
An ethnic war in Iran is only a matter of time / Guy Bechor
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Jewish World
Israelis out and about on Yom Kippur (Photo: Motti Kimchi) 
'Everyone is free to choose their own Judaism'
More Jewish World

Culture & Travel
Photo: EPA 
Hungary Cannes sensation may help country face dark past
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Solar thermal collector (Photo: Avshalom Shoshani) 
Palestinians seek energy independence from Israel
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'Israel's next battle will be over Olympics'
Itamar Eicher, Eldad Beck
Hezbollah film imagines 'liberation of Galilee'
Roi Kais  
No one is talking about Gaza 'rounds' anymore
Alex Fishman
An ethnic war in Iran is only a matter of time
Guy Bechor
UN envoy wants IDF on blacklist with ISIS
Itamar Eichner
The Ministry of Divine Promises
Aviad Kleinberg
'Hamas executed Palestinians in summer war'
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