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04/01/2015 19:3904/01/2015 19:3904/01/2015 19:39

David's Sling interceptor passes latest trial

Joint US-Israeli development, intended as additional layer of missile defense, passes fourth series of tests, to be declared operational in coming months.
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David's Sling trial (Photo: Defense Ministry)


ISIS takes Palestinian camp
Radicals fight for control of Yarmouk refugee camp on southern outskirts of Syrian capital.
Militants in Yarmouk (Photo: AFP)
Boehner: 'Our ties are strong'
US Speaker leads delegation to Jerusalem; PM: 'One thing remains rock solid – our alliance.'
Boehner and Netanyahu (Photo: Reuters)
Gazan 'duped' on Banksy art
Rabie Dardouna gets just $175 for door on which British artist drew Greek goddess Niobe cowering in rubble of destroyed house.
Banksy's Gaza mural (Photo: AP)
Ancient find in Negev cave
3,000-year-old artifacts from Egyptian rule in Canaan used by tribe of Judah, only tribe of Israel not exiled to Babylon.
Artifacts found in the Negev (Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority)
Obama's virtual reality
Op-ed: While the Obama administration has failed thoroughly in Mideast, most of their criticism is still directed at Israel and Netanyahu.
Obama and Netanyahu (Photo" Reuters/Archive)
Merkel and Obama (Photo: AP) 
Merkel hopes for compromise in Iran nuclear talks
Photo: EPA Place a Pesach note in the Western Wall with Ynet
Noam Eliyahu 11-year-old fighting for his life – but you can help
Dr. Itay Gal
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Kerry and Zarif at the Iran talks in Geneva (Photo: AP) 
Israel will benefit from an Iran nuclear deal / Ron Ben-Yishai
More Opinion   |   Ron Ben-Yishai   |   Sever Plocker   |   Nahum Barnea

Jewish World
Photo: EPA 
Anne Frank museum says diarist likely died earlier than thought
More Jewish World

Culture & Travel
Chaim Topol as Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof (Photo: Getty Images) 
Chaim Topol wins Israel Prize for lifetime achievement
Culture   |   Travel   |   Lifestyle   |   Film & TV   |   Music   |   Health

The Weizmann Institute (Photo: Avi Mualem) 
Israel still world leader in patents
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Western Wall

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Israel will benefit from an Iran nuclear deal
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Moran Azulay
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