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Political Deal
Bayit Yehudi's Shaked gets Justice Ministry, but with limited powers

With midnight deadline looming, Netanyahu given ultimatum by Bayit Yehudi, whose eight seats are crucial to forming government.
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Ayelet Shaked and Naftali Bennett of Bayit Yehudi (Photo: Gil Yohanan)


Child abuse victims neglected
Three-year-old beaten with a hose ignored by welfare services; comptroller's report is no surprise to those who work in the field.
Illustration photo: Shutterstock
More arrests in graft probe
Ex-Justice Ministry official suspected of leaking information to attorney Ronel Fisher detained.
Ronel Fisher and former Justice Ministry official (Photos: Mott Kimchi, Gil Yohanan)
Sudan: We downed IAF drone
Arab media quotes Sudanese army as saying it intercepted IAF drone; initial reports claimed 'foreign planes' hit targets in area.
Explosion at Sudan weapons manufacturer in 2012 (Photo: Reuters/Archive)
Or Asraf's body repatriated
Father, IDF comrades of Nepal quake victim bring him home 3 days after finding his body.
Or Asraf
Bibi's short-term government
Op-ed: There have been narrow governments that made major moves; but Bibi is not Begin or Sharon, and definitely not Rabin.
Prime Minister Netanyahu (Photo: EPA)
Glick looks out over Temple Mount in 2013 (Photo: EPA) 
Right-wing activist Glick allowed onto Temple Mount
Photo: Eli Segal VIDEO: Inside the IDF's top secret bunker 
Photo: Gadi Kabalo Israel's hidden depths  
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Benjamin Netanyahu 
A government in thrall to backbenchers / Nahum Barnea
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Jewish World
Berlin Holocaust Memorial (Photo: AP) 
10 years on, Berlin Holocaust Memorial is top tourist draw
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Culture & Travel
Cathay Pacific plane 
Cathay Pacific planning to fly to Israel
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Moshe Kahlon (Photo: Motti Kimchi) 
What are the chances of Kahlon being Kahlon?
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A government in thrall to backbenchers
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Thai court frees Israeli on death row
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Israeli ICU team in Nepal led by iconic doctor
Itay Blumenthal
Bon Jovi in talks for summer gig in Israel
Ami Friedman

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