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'PM had no Iran alternative'
Obama says Netanyahu speech had 'nothing new'; Pelosi 'saddened by insult to intelligence of US' in address.  
Obama speaking after Netanyahu's address (Photo: Reuters)
Mystery of Hamas smugglers
Dozens of Israelis helped Hamas' rocket industry; so if the defense establishment suspected, why didn't they act?
Material headed to Hamas seized by Israel (Photo: IDF Spokesman)
UN envoy urges Gaza probe
Makarim Wibisono, human rights envoy, says Israel must openly investigate Gazan deaths.
Gaza destruction. (Photo: Associated Press)
Women soldiers' music video
In new viral video which has topped 45,000 views, group of over 50 humvee operators dance in southern IDF base.  
Women soldiers (Photo: Gadi Kablo/ Illustrative)
PM was preaching to the choir
Netanyahu failed to find new buyers for his snake oil; but for disingenuous GOP applause, his speech would have fallen on deaf ears.
Netanyahu addresses Congress (Photo: AFP)
Netanyahu addresses Congress (Photo: AFP)  
Netanyahu to Congress: Current deal will all but guarantee nuclear Iran  
Meir Dagan (Photo: Gil Yohanan) 'PM has done Israel most damage on Iran'
Nahum Barnea and Shimon Shiffer
Duvdevan troops (Photo: IDF Spokesman/Archive) My night with elite troops in West Bank
Ron Ben-Yishai  
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Barack Obama  
Why is Netanyahu treating Obama so badly? / Alon Pinkas
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Jewish World
Illustration: Gil Lerner 
Haredi seminary test: Woman's job is to cook for her husband
Jewish World

Culture & Travel
Purim costume  
A Purim costume of historic proportions
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Singapore (Photo: Illustration) 
Singapore fund in talks with Israeli tech startups
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Why is Netanyahu treating Obama so badly?
Alon Pinkas
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Matan Tzuri, Moran Azulay
Full text of Netanyahu's address to Congress
PM: Deal will all but guarantee a nuclear Iran
Ynet and Reuters  
Firebrand MK Zoabi attacked at election panel
Gilad Morag  
PM speech must bring something new to table
Zaki Shalom

Vote 2015
Meretz pushes for cannabis legalization
Roei Eisenberg
Shaffir supports reigniting 'tent protest'
Alexandra Lukash, Gilad Morag
Newly united, Arab parties seek more clout
Zionist Union: PM destroying US ties for votes
Attila Somfalvi  
Lapid's reaches out to olim in election video

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