'Jews hurt me.' Hadil
Photo: AP
Photo: AP
Injured carried from scene of explosion
Photo: AP
Girl orphaned in Gaza: Jews spilled our blood
(VIDEO) Seven-year-old girl who lost her parents, five of brothers in Friday’s Gaza beach explosion tells Ynet: I did not know what was going on around me, but my sister Huda said I had blood on my neck. I asked her where blood came from, and she said ‘from Jews’

(VIDEO) GAZA – Hadil Ghalia, the 7-year-old girl who lost her parents and five of her brothers in Friday’s Gaza beach explosion, tells Ynet, “I want my mommy and daddy.”


A funeral procession for the seven family members killed in the incident was held in Gaza on Saturday.


Funeral procession for Ralia family (Video: Reuters) (צילום: רויטרס)


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We meet Hadil at the Al-Awda Hospital, where she is being treated for a neck injury caused by shrapnel.



“The Jews hurt me,” she says. “They threw a bomb at us. I did not know what was going on around me, but my sister Huda said I had blood on my neck. I asked her where the blood came from, and she said ‘from the Jews.’”


'Dad could not hang on and died'


Hadil says she was having a good time before the blast occurred: “I was swimming with Marim, the daughter of my father’s friend; we didn’t play in the sand because it was very dirty, even though we wanted to build a mountain. Then we heard the boom. My mother, father, brothers and sisters were all hurt.”


When asked where her parents are now, Hadil says, “they are at home, and I want to go to them.”


Hundreds of neighbors and locals arrived at the Ghalia family home in Beit Lahiya, along with dozens of TV crews who came to interview 12-year-old Huda Ghalia – a photo of her crying over her father’s body was published all over the world. 


Huda sits on a few mattresses in the neglected garden outside the mostly empty home, tears flowing down her face.


She tells of how her father had promised to take her to the beach if she does well in school - to swim and have a picnic - and again she recounted how he slowly began to lose consciousness.


“I saw him breathe, but he could not hang on and died,” says Huda.


Huda’s aunt, Umm el-Abad, says as she holds her niece “I say to all the countries in the world, not just the Arab countries, and also to Israel and the Jews: Does this picture not affect you? Does in not bother you that an entire family has been eradicated? Can anything be done to stop this killing? I pray and beg that Huda and her family will be the last victims.”


The aunt asks that Hadil not be informed of her parents’ death.


“She is beginning to understand and is asking those around her ‘if my father is alive then why is he not coming to see me? He loves me; you are lying.’ Then she screams,” the aunt says.


'Were we fighters as we sat on the beach yesterday?'


Another aunt yells at journalists who ask Hadil where her father is.


“Have pity on the girl; have pity on us, leave us alone,” she says. “You’re killing us.”


The women begins to scream “Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar (God is great), and in another part of the home 20-year-old Iham, who was with his family during the explosion, says “I was planning to study this year, and I even passed an electronics course, but now my plans will have to wait.


“I cultivated our land with my father, and he pressured me to continue with my studies. This year I decided to realize his dream, but it will have to wait. Perhaps with the help of Allah I will succeed in studying while helping my family,” he says.


“I say to the Jews: Were we fighters as we sat on the beach yesterday? Were we carrying arms or rockets? I say, even with a little shame, that there was not one fighter in our family. We are simple farmers; a family destroyed. Now we can only pray that Allah will be with is.”


First published: 10.06.06, 13:03
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