Photo: Gilad Har Sheleg
Direct hit
Photo: Gilad Har Sheleg
Tzafrir Abayov
Rocket hits carpentry shop
Tzafrir Abayov
Photo: Doron Golan
Injured evacuated
Photo: Doron Golan
Rocket hits Carmiel
Photo: Tzafrir Abayov
Haifa: 2 killed in rocket attacks
(VIDEO) Heavy rocket barrage hits several places in Haifa, Nesher, surrounding areas; two people killed, 12 injured, one sustaining serious wounds. In Nesher, rocket opens hole in wall, lands in center of living room. Child lightly wounded by rocket in Carmiel

VIDEO - IDF operates in Lebanon, Katyusha fire continues: Two people were killed Sunday morning shortly after 11 a.m. in a heavy rocket barrage on the northern city of Haifa. About 13 rockets landed in the city area, directly hitting cars and two houses.


One person was killed while driving on a road near Haifa, while the other person killed was hurt by a rocket which directly hit a carpentry shop in the Haifa vicinity. A third rocket landed directly on a building in the town of Nesher but despite extensive damage no one was hurt.


The man killed on a road near Haifa was identified as Awad Habib, 48, of Aabalin. The second victim was identified as 60-year-old Shimon Glikblich, a resident of the city


A man seriously injured by a rocket that hit a car in Akko was said to be 71 of age. Dudi Zaguri, who lives near the landing site, told Ynet: "When we heard the explosion we ran home, and saw the car on fire. A man injured in the face lay on the floor. We moved from the scene and called fire fighters. We entered apartments to check for more injured. In one apartment we found an injured man and we took him out through the back door."


Car suffers direct hit (Video: Reuters) (צילום: רויטרס)


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Rescue forces attended to 12 people who were injured in the attacks: One seriously hurt, one moderately hurt, seven lightly hurt and the rest who suffered from shock.


Shortly after 12 p.m., a siren was heard in Haifa again, but no rockets landed in the city. At 1 p.m., a siren was also heard in Safed and Kiryat Shmona.


Shortly before 11 a.m., air raid sirens were activated for the first time in the Binyamina and Zichron Yaacov area, south of Haifa. There were no reports of rockets falling in the area, which is the most southern point in which sirens have been activated so far.


IDF sources later said that the warning sirens activated in Zichron Yaacov and the surroundings were the result of a technical mishap and not from identification of rockets launched at the area. The IDF Home Front Command is investigating the incident's circumstances.


Edna Zinger, a resident of Kibbutz Maayan Zvi near Zichron Yaacov, told Ynet: "I was home, we have nowhere to go. We heard a serious siren. I hid behind the wooden wall in the house. We did not hear any rockets falling and now it's quiet. People who arrived at our guesthouses here from the north will probably escape."


Ilan Palto, a Binyzmina resident, said: "We suddenly heard a siren – it lasted about two minutes. We ran to the most reinforced room in the house and did not hear any falls. This is the first time the sirens reach us."

Man killed on road to Haifa (Photo: Ahiya Raved)


Shmulik, a volunteer at the Zaka rescue service, who attended to the injured in several places Sunday morning, described a very difficult sight at the Dori route near Haifa: "Two innocent civilians driving on the road were seriously hurt by shrapnel and by the shock wave. One of them was killed."


Hurt while running to reinforced room


An employee of a carpentry shop near Haifa was killed after being directly hit by a rocket. The place suffered great damage. The other workers said that they had began running toward the reinforced room when the missiles began falling. Some of them failed to reach the room and were hurt by shrapnel. One worker was seriously injured and other were lightly hurt.


"We won’t let them break us. We will overcome and will be strong. At the end everything will be okay," the carpentry shop's owner told Ynet.


The shop owner was at the time of the hit in his office located on the second floor.


"We heard the siren, I yelled at everyone to run to the reinforced room. This is a 2,000-meter (6,562-feet) factory, everyone ran, and the worker who reached the entrance first was hit by the missile and was killed, apparently on the spot," he recounted.


The owner, whose four children work with him in the carpentry shop, began searching for them and for his workers.


"I began looking for everyone. My daughter was in shock and began crying. I understood I had an injured worker, and apart from that I saw the rest of the workers in shock but not hurt," he said.

House in Nesher suffers direct hit (Photo: Doron Golan)


Pursuant to the event, Kiryat Ata Mayor Yaakov Peretz said that he intends to reexamine the IDF Home Front Command's suggestion that city residents return to business as usual and, instead, recommend that only workers deemed critical by the local authorities continue to go to work.


"There's no reason for additional people to get hurt as they did today in Kiryat Ata and a week ago in the train depot," he said.


Rocket in the living room


The rocket that hit the Ramot Yitzhak neighborhood in the Nesher suburb of Haifa penetrated directly into Zohar Bernstein's living room, and created a huge hole in the middle of her home. The hit caused structural damage to the apartment and caused the windows to break.


"We were in an inner room," Zohar said. "We purposely weren't in the fortified room, because it is actually on the outer side of the apartment. Thankfully, I wasn't injured. My son and I were in the apartment, but we got out without injuries. I didn't understand at first that the rocket had hit my home directly."

Nesher house directly hit (Photo: Gilad Har Sheleg)


Bernstein was scared and upset and, in response to the question of whether he would remain in his home, he said: "Apparently not."


The apartment itself was completely wrecked. A security official who arrived at the apartment removed part of the rocket from the living room.


Fire at Galilee communities continues


A rocket barrage hit the Carmiel area at around 10:30 a.m. Sunday. A child was lightly injured. One of the rockets started a fire. Shortly afterwards, at 10:50 a.m., sirens were activated in Haifa and the surrounding area, and residents reported that a large number of rockets fell in the area.

Damage in Kiryat Ata (Photo: Tzafrir Abayov)


Hizbullah continued to fire rockets at the Galilee communities since the early hours of the morning. A rocket barrage hit an open area near Rosh Pina at 6:40 a.m. Sunday. There were no reports of injuries or damage.


A Katyusha barrage also landed on the western part of the northern border. There were no reported of injuries or damage in this incident as well. At around 7 a.m., a rocket barrage rocked the Upper Galilee communities, near the northern border. There were no reports of injuries or damage.


At around 10 a.m., a loud explosion was heard in the Nahariya area, and security forces were checking whether rockets landed in the city. A falling site has yet to be found.


A massive barrage of 25 rockets hit Israel's northern communities Saturday evening. Two people were seriously injured in the attacks, one sustained moderate wounds and many others were lightly hurt. Some 35 people were evacuated to the Nahariya hospital.


The northern communities faced a heavy barrage of rockets throughout the weekend. At least 150 rockets hit the area Saturday, 54 of them hitting Nahariya, 34 hitting Carmiel, and 26 hitting Kiryat Shmona.


Sharon Roffe-Ofir, Raanan Ben-Zur and Hagai Einav and Keren Natanzon contributed to the report


First published: 23.07.06, 07:25
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