Photo: Tzachi Dagbar
Rocket located in Haifa
Photo: Tzachi Dagbar
Police: Missile fired at Hadera
(VIDEO) Hizbullah fires Syrian-made 302-mm Khaibar-1 missile fired toward Zichron Yaacov-Hadera, lands in Haifa; two people suffer from shock. Earlier four long-range rockets fired at Beit Shean Valley region; rockets land near communities situated between Beit Shean and Afula; no injuries reported. Sources say five rockets aimed at Afula land in Palestinian village of fakua, near Jenin; no injuries reported

VIDEO - Day 29: Hizbullah failed in another attempt to strike areas south of Haifa: Just before noon Wednesday a Syrian-made 302 mm Khaibar-1 missile was fired toward the Hadera-Zichron Yaacov area; the rocket, which contains large amounts of explosives, landed in Haifa but caused no damage; two people suffered from shock.


Northern District Police Chief Dan Ronen told Ynet that “Today we witnessed an attempt to launch two long-range missiles toward Hadera. It is unclear if one or more rockets were shot. So far we have located parts of the rocket in the Haifa area."


Destruction in Haifa (Video: Orly Dayan) (צילום: אורלי דיין)


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“A direct hit by such a missile can be very severe,” he added. “Just for comparison, the rockets that landed in Haifa up until now are 220 mm in diameter and contain 16 kg of explosives; those rocket hits had deadly results, and these rockets can result in even more devastation.”


Last Friday, during another attempt to hit Israel’s coastal plain, long-range rockets were fired from Lebanon toward the Hadera area.


At around 11 a.m. Hizbullah terrorists fired four long-range toward the Beit Shean Valley region. The rockets landed near communities situated between Beit Shean and Afula; no injuries were reported.


Palestinian sources in the West Bank town of Jenin said five rockets aimed at Afula landed in the Palestinian village of fakua; no injuries were reported.


Rocket in Haifa (Photo: Oren Yifrach)  


Earlier it was reported that three rockets were fired at the Haifa area; no injuries or damage were reported. Sirens were also activated in Zichron Yaacov, Binyamina, Akko and the Krayot. A short while later a siren was heard in Tiberias as well, but no rocket landings were reported.


It was also feared that a rocket landed in Haifa’s downtown area; security forces dispatched to the scene found the remnants of a rocket, it is estimated that the remnants are those of a rocket that was fired in a previous attack on the city or were placed there by residents.


Air Force attacks 2 missile launchers


Shrapnel from one of the rockets that landed in the Gilboa area hit the external walls of several Galilee homes still housing residents. "We estimate that there are over 1,500 families in the district. It was a miracle that the rockets did not cause severe damage or casualties," said head of the Gilboa regional council, Danny Atar. "I call upon residents to heed the instructions of the IDF Homefront Command, but also to try to continue with their routine."


At the time of the barrage, Atar and members of the regional council were in a meeting regarding the absorption of Southern Lebanon Army families that will be hosted in Gilboa communities as of Wednesday night. "The Gilboa regional council will continue to host these families, despite the fact that our area, also, remains in range of attacks."


A short while after the Wednesday morning barrage, the Israel Air Force attacked two missile launchers in western Tyre responsible for the attack. These most recent rockets were Syrian-made, with an original range of 75 km, improved to 100 km. The rockets contain 80 to 90 kg of explosives and reverberations were heard in areas very far from the blast. Rockets of this sort have the capacity to cause massive damage. At this time, one rocket hit site has been positively identified in the Gilboa area. Sappers are combing the area, but are not discounting the possibility that the remaining rockets landed in Palestinian territory.


During the night between Tuesday and Wednesday eight rockets were fired at Kiryat Shmona; one struck a public building in the city, two others hit empty structures. The remaining rockets landed in open fields; no injuries were reported. At around 8 a.m. sirens were heard in Kiryat Shmona and the Galilee Panhandle communities, but no rocket landings were reported.


Sharon Roffe-Ofir contributed to the report


First published: 09.08.06, 11:45
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