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Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora
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Riots in Beirut following assassination
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Slain Minister Pierre Gemayel
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Siniora: Murderers do not frighten us
(VIDEO) Lebanese prime minister delivers speech following murder of Christian minister Pierre Gemayel in Beirut, sends message to Syria: 'Murderers will not control Lebanon's fate'; says country firm on demand to set up international court on Hariri murder

VIDEO - Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora delivered a speech Tuesday evening in the wake of the assassination of the anti-Syrian Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel earlier, and said that the killing only made Lebanon more determined to set up an international court to try the suspected killers of Rafik Hariri.


"The perpetrators' sole purpose was to stain our Independence Day tomorrow with blood. This is another casualty who dies for Lebanon, for its independence and sovereignty, another casualty along the way for truth and for an international tribunal," he stated.


Beirut killing (Video: Al-Jazeera) (צילום: אל ג'זירה)


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"The killers do not scare us, nor does the vile hand that wants to hurt Lebanon's future," Siniora said in his speech at the government building in Beirut.


"This attack against a symbol of freedom in Lebanon will only make us more determined to hold on to the liberty and independence of this homeland... and more determined to set up the international court, the tribunal that would stop the criminals and is the means to protect all Lebanese," Siniora said.


The Lebanese prime minister called on his people to unite for the future of the country, and to "stand together" in order to safeguard their country against the plots to bring about a civil war.


"I call on all the Lebanese to assume national and historic responsibility in the face of this unlawful aggression. We, as the government, will take all means in a bid to protect the interests and safety of the Lebanese," Siniora stated.


In a personal address to the murdered minister, Siniora said: "My brother, my friend and partner, the beloved Sheikh Pierre, you know that they understand nothing but the language of assassinations. They have no other means of silencing this true voice."


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